How Do We Feel About the Faux Locs Trend!? Is It Cheating? [Video]



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  1. Chimwemwe Ndele

    Nope, I think its an excellent alternative for those of us who can’t do the real thing. If anything people should promote faux locs instead of debating over them.

  2. Sandy Black

    That’s a dumb question cheating whom?
    It’s your hair do what you like to make it look nice and keep it manageable for you not what others think!!!!

  3. Dominique Mayfield

    I don’t think it’s cheating. It’s a good way to see how you would look before making that commitment or a good way to temporarily wear dreads without the commitment. Nothing wrong with that!

  4. Artra Veal

    Their is nothing wrong with faux locs! Why are people trippin’? It’s just like getting box braids, micros, etc. Of all the things in the world to trip about, this isn’t it.

  5. Pauline Grant

    They look awesome…who gives a rats ass whether its seen as cheating or not…its your hair & your choice isn’t it?

  6. Chanette Staton

    Absolutely not…just like weave…plastic surgery and any other face…hair or body alteration!

  7. Idyllic Sha Nay

    Bol why is this even a discussion this is so silly. People should do what they want with there hair. Geesh! I’m getting some, & I’m excited #bloop! Have a good day Queens!

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