Easy Feed-in Cornrows with Kanekalon Hair [Video]



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Gail McNeill


Nyree Moore


Chelsea AJ


Bella Withda Goodhair

She needs some tea tree oil on her scalp

Derya Güney

Bella Withda Goodhair my daughter 12 years old, has very bad afro hairs and can’t handle it.. her hairs are very dry, I use oil but still dry.. sometimes I smooth her hairs so she can brush and braids

Lisa James

This is nice!!!

Lydia Briggs-Sparks

Latanya VC Hall these are too cute

Dominique Kay

Tilandra Jones who can do this

Kateesha Thompson

Shante White you should get this

Shante White


Princess Wilson

Ladii Sher I want ASAP

Jamaica Catherine


Kenyatte N Stowe

Kennisha Rene’ Stowe get your hair like this

Kennisha Rene' Stowe

Saw this earlier. Soooooo pretty

Stacey Parrish

That’s beautiful

Desweetpea De

I like this style

Pryncess Fifita

Anaja Nailah state hair? Lmao jk jk but this is so nice TBH

Teyaa Anderson

Layaa Baee you have some pretty hair .. try this

Teyaa Anderson

It’s still pretty… I think you can pull it off if you get the right person to do your feed in braids

Teyaa Anderson


Yahaira Jada Medina

I’ve done these before . They r hot tho

Teyaa Anderson

Tanika Blackmon can you do this?

Pashaa Jarresee

They fye

Leon Massey


Gert Whittaker

I like that style

Aaliyah Denae

I like this one

Leann King

That’s not cute. Lol

Angela Harden

I Love it

Aries Johnson


Kaylaa Denise

Meme Mcgowan I want this

Sarah Williams

Jessica do you see how much jam is in her part??!

Karla L. Mercado Nava

Tatiana Babbitt i want this next

Tatiana Babbitt

Fasho !!! This is too bomb !!!!

Jessica Griebel

That looks painful oO

Quiana Snorden

Lakyria Snorden that’s cute

MsAni Love

Mercedes Monroe Think you can do something like this to my hair?! 🙂 I really need to get it done!

Mercedes Monroe

You know I can!!!!! Whenever your ready this is so dope!

MsAni Love

Mercedes Monroe where can I get the hair from? I want length, but I’ve never bought any before

Kellie Joyce

Lalethia Black luv these

Lalethia Black

I can do this

Tonya George

Very cute!

Diane Puller

Where can I have that done and for how much

Nay Nay Thomas

I want this Earlnishia Moore

Tracy Redd Bunny Bridges

Love it!

Embre EmbraceBraids Jones


Lenka Goromoedo Kopoui Fiori

Ouiiiiiiiiii ????????????♥️

Tanner Halligan

I don’t even like cornrows, but this looked amazing. Approved!