Cornrow cap for weaving [Video]

Cornrow cap for weaving - Products:  


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Arielle M. Edmonds

Ci Ci Williams we was just talking about this

Sarah Dunning

Wanna try that

Cyré Olivia

Yes! Journie Nae Sureatha Pinky Coleman Nicole Cartier

Carmen Rosario

Not for me

TN Houston

Carmetrice Meche White look!

Kymberlee Barnett

All YOU need is this wig I need to give you!

Jade MaKeeva

Well, chu waitin on?!!

Nicole Y. Slater-Yarbrough

I swear NOBODY got time to sit in a chair no more ……we want IN and OUT!

Nicole Y. Slater-Yarbrough

Nichole Nicki Askew….whaaaatttt?!?

Aaliyah Ingram-Jones

What would you ladies do with your natural hair beneath this? Because I would still cornrow it. Unless it’s just a short term install. Oh and for making a wig I guess.

Kay Melt

I just did a few braids underneath.

Keyana Red

Iesha Munroe you can use this and make a wig right

Iesha Munroe

I guess so ????

Sio Morgan

It’s not good. Makes the weave too poofy.

Kay Melt

Made a crochet wig with this. It’s a little awkward the way it’s shaped but way more convenient than crocheting my own hair.

Corey Bruce Chick

Wht is this

China Jones

Stupid just get a damn wig cuz this is just that!! You sew on hair on a cap with cornrows what do u call that? Damn wig…cut the time buy one that’s already made simple

Ashley Taylor

I made a crochet wig with it and I LOVE it!

Tasha Duran

Ashley Black look i saw this at the beauty supply the last time u went what u think

Ashley Black

Yeah I saw that too. But my big ass head and all this damn hair would still have to be braided to go under it. Do you so it down to your head first? Let me watch the video

Marla Dawniel Putman

Love girl my wigs really bought to be on fleek