Color, Straighten, Cut – Vibrating Flat Iron [Video]




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Nickyunstoppable Greggwest

Delano Majestic Duhaney I want to do this

Dee Dee Martin

Wow beautiful.

Vanessa Tasara

She had the audacity to cut that beautiful long hair like does she not know the struggle for us to grow it Nyasha Mutsengi lol

Anne Marie

I’m glad I don’t have that issue and have been taking care of my own hair for years. I wear my hair about 3-4 inches in the summer and it’s grown out before the summer is over. I think the key to healthy growing hair is cleanliness and keeping the ends clipped at all times. I shampoo at least twice a week but never more. Not saying you don’t have clean hair but a lot of black women hair grows very fast! By the way…your hair is cute.

Calandra Webb Back

I was thinking the same thing like,
“did she just cut her hair?”

Josie Graves


Michelle Brewington McCoy

she must be a hairdresser.

Anne Marie

Oh yea I’m going to do this!

Kahssia Hills

Oh she’s a savage KaKahri Hills

Angelia Tolbert

I’m dying

Betsy Fernandez

She made it look easy

Evana Flournoy

Pretty but she shouldn’t have cut it

A.T. Thermond


Janice Griffin-Mathews

I love it

Mariah Blackburn

Regina HottCoco Blackburn I want this done

Regina HottCoco Blackburn

How the hell she do that ????????????

Kendra Reynolds

I wouldnt have cut my hair off like that though

Mbiko Mayaka Grey


Aangela Green

Please don’t try this at home Kay Rose look at this

Aishara Raydiantly OneofaKind

It’s good to start over sometimes. It’s just hair.

Keosha Petite

I was not expecting that, lol. Turned out cute though

Nea Rivas

Ceé Londòn Should I do this ?

Ceé Londòn

Brooooo omg

Ceé Londòn

Yes yes

Nea Rivas

???????? I love it omg son around March or April will you come with me to get it done ?

Tantara Stevens

I just had a mini heart attack when I saw how far she went up. But I do like a cute bob, though. ^_^

Sandra Williams


Kerry Williams Allen

That look good

Katerra Moore

I screamed when she cut it

Jasmine Rai'Kele

Cesar Campuzano Allizea Horton new hair cut ???

Allizea Horton


Jina Harris

Y when i cut my hair i look like Brittany spears when she had her melt down and this lady just made it seem easy as

Stacy Williams

Betty Hairstyles Luis can you do this for me please with my natural hair

Katina McNulty

Della Tina McNulty I want my hair cute like this