Color, Straighten, Cut – Vibrating Flat Iron [Video]





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  1. Vanessa Tasara

    She had the audacity to cut that beautiful long hair like does she not know the struggle for us to grow it Nyasha Mutsengi lol

    1. Anne Marie

      I’m glad I don’t have that issue and have been taking care of my own hair for years. I wear my hair about 3-4 inches in the summer and it’s grown out before the summer is over. I think the key to healthy growing hair is cleanliness and keeping the ends clipped at all times. I shampoo at least twice a week but never more. Not saying you don’t have clean hair but a lot of black women hair grows very fast! By the way…your hair is cute.

    1. Nea Rivas

      ???????? I love it omg son around March or April will you come with me to get it done ?

  2. Tantara Stevens

    I just had a mini heart attack when I saw how far she went up. But I do like a cute bob, though. ^_^

  3. Jina Harris

    Y when i cut my hair i look like Brittany spears when she had her melt down and this lady just made it seem easy as

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