Beyonce’s REAL HAIR is LONG and is revealed in NEW Vogue video! Blue Ivy, the twins, and MORE!

Beyonce’s Vogue Magazine video shoot has been released and Beyonce looks AMAZING! She shows behind the scene footage of her children and shows off her amazingly LONG CURLY THICK HAIR! Comment your thoughts!

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  1. Britt Deleveaux

    Pretty cool. I CARE
    I don’t know why there’s a hate on Beyonce trend

    Then when our female artists hit a decline in numbers they’ll cry about us not being represented anymore #humans

  2. Que McCullough

    YES, her natural hair is LONG! She has a whole professional team to keep it healthy and growing….DUH!

    1. Ay Dee Em

      RIght? And it’s ALWAYS in a protective style, so why wouldn’t it be?? lol!

    2. Badlands Boho

      it regularly.
      Changing of its color.
      Hair Extensions.
      Most, celebrities that do that much to their hair do Not have ‘healthy’.
      ‘Natural’ hair.
      Black or white.
      Or perhaps it is coincidental, that most, celebrities of any, race have jaw length to shoulderlength hair . .

      Hummm . .
      I wonder what her ‘m
      ‘whole team’ is doing?
      What the ‘big secret’?
      That no one else
      seems to know of?
      Allowing for one to chemically
      process their hair.
      Change hair color.
      Wear Braids & Extensions.
      And still . . have ‘Healthy’.
      ‘Long’. ‘Natural’ hair? . . . . .

    3. Sharii Russell

      My hair is long and so is my daughters. Take care of it and it will grow. Dont need a hair team for that.

  3. Chyenne Ridge

    I may receive a little heat for saying this but I think it has to be said. In a country where African American children are disregarded disrespected and treated poorly because of the color of their skin why is it so important to point out that beyonce has long hair? Yes her hair is beautiful but what we need to be teaching our young girls is that whether you have a head full of hair or you are bald as a brand new baby your beauty comes from within and you are not defined by the color the length or the texture of your hair. But more so by your character. by your actions, and by your abilities.

    1. Sathiyyah Tai Nichols

      You are correct in that being a need, but this post was simply purposed to show that her hair is thriving underneath all of the wigs. Considering the tone of the narrator, children weren’t the intended audience.

    2. Preye Dolly Pere-Sinclair

      This is a page about black hair for adult women. That’s the target audience. When you get home, teach your child about self confidence. This is not their job to train children. They are running a business. Why do we black people have to turn everything into a speech? Can’t we just live?

  4. Besie Bennett

    I love Bey I really do I have so much respect for her craft and creativity and work ethic. But who really cares that she has long hair??? How is that relevant or beneficial to anyone??? Is that gonna remove a psychopath from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave? Is it going to stop racism or abolish police brutality or the senseless killings taking place in many of our communities or put food in a hungry belly or fix public education?? I could go on but you get the point.

    1. Charity Wright

      It’s a hair page…hair… page. Seriously. We understand we got issues to be resolved but on a hair page????.

  5. Estralita Givan

    Oh my God I forgot, DON’T TALK ABOUT BEYONCE! THE PITCHFORK BRIGADE STARTS TO FORM! ???????????????? NOOOOO ????????????????

  6. Karen Bryant

    Tahlleea Widow Why should I skip over it ?? its stupid!
    And I wanted to express that & I did..

    All these effing FB Post Police. ..SMDH..

  7. Deidra Wilson

    Whuuddd!! ????????????……. Omg I didn’t realize this. Caught me by surprise….. I’m totally SHOCKED ????????????…. (sarcasm)

  8. Mika Sheehy

    Ummmmm so alot of black women have long hair. What’s the story here or am I missing something?

  9. Malika Long

    People are so length obsessed. As long as its healthy… This isn’t news ????????????????????‍♀️

  10. Love Ieasha

    Damn why must everyone be a hater on every post about a celebrity. Yall really hate people doing better than y’all. Smh

  11. Tamarrin Lovie Woods

    This was probably made because of the post that showed pictures of her real hair and so many people doubted it now when this is posted it seems as if those same people are the main was saying they don’t care???????????????? people get on my nerves…just stop talking ish about people

    1. Channi Joi

      Maybe she don’t go outside as much as she used to … maybe she stays in the shade. Maybe that’s always been her complexion and she was just young & in the sun.

      Same thing happens to me and I’m brown skin … but I’m pale AF in the winter. I’ve gotten lighter as I’ve gotten older and I’m not famous. I’m a black girl who actually uses bronzer!

  12. Hannah Joseph

    So what so is mine big deal. I don’t know why ppl make such a big deal about black women with a good grain or it being long? It’s as if it’s unnatural to have length. Get a grip and carry on.

  13. Brittney Holland

    What’s with all the blonde hair though? That’s what I’m confused about. I’ve seen her real hair plenty of times but it’s always a blonde color. Her hair was a medium brown back in the day now it’s blonde. Is she dyeing it, if so why? Why dye it blonde just so it could be put under a wig? Especially when dyeing dark hair blonde is so damaging.

  14. Latisha Cody

    Beyonce a few years ago cut all of her hair off and started her hair growth process all over again. It’s a lot of women who are scared to do it, looks like it worked wonders for her though ❤️

  15. Kourtney Johnson

    Why is this important? She is not the first African American to have long hair and she Definitely will not be the last, post something that is REAL news….????????‍♀️

  16. Tahlleea Widow

    Kourtney Johnson feelings??? What are those?? But I see you was so bothered that u left a comment…… bless your heart

  17. Brayhna Blasingame

    um.. this WHOLE PAGE is about BLACK HAIR. Beyonce isnt the say all be all about being black or hair but the have info on her hair and shes black. Its not important, but its interesting. WHY YALL GOTTA BE SERIOUS ALL THE DAMN TIME. CAN WE JUST ENJOY ONE THING!! Are you REALLY changing anything by commenting WhO CaReS? ThIS AiNt ImPoRtAnT. Did you end world hunger? did you stop police brutality? Did your singular comment build the self confidence in a young black girl. no
    you were just looking on your phone, just like me. get off your high horse.

  18. Brittany McGriff

    I don’t understand why ppl don’t believe her hair is real she has only been rich and taking care if it forever

  19. Channi Joi

    All that money she pays for a personal stylist … her hair should be long and healthy. DUH !!

    If I were her stylist, I’d be mad at people saying it was fake too … that’s his work ! ????

  20. Patrece Ford

    Who cares if her hair is long are short she’s still beautiful. Is this because she’s black

  21. Jai Trineice

    Why would it be unbelievable that she has long healthy hair? She’s been wearing it protected all this time. When you leave your hair alone it grows.

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