Alopecia Sew-in done by 3 Girls and a Needle [Video]



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    1. Felicia Perry

      Alopecia is a scalp/skin disorder. The real reason behind wigs and weaves is to help women with conditions such as alopecia, cancer etc…

    2. Ashley Martin

      Weaves and see-ins did not do this to her hair. It’s a disease that causes you to lose your hair.

    3. Kia Lindsey

      Alopecia does not come from sew-ins please do your research before making an ignorant comment

    4. SeQuoia Williams

      Many hair can grow back if treated corrected. I had a client who had alopecia. A senior stylist had to educate me on it. We stop the weaves and began scalp treatments. Working with her dermdermatologist we was able to grow her hair back.

      1. Julie R Salazar

        So true, some people feel that once they loose their hair that’s it there is no hope but on the contrary there is. Just as you stated, I started loosing mine until I became more educated about my hair, health, products and vitamins. Especially the scalp treatments I did myself. My hair is growing and getting thicker and I’m not so concern about length, it’s the health of my hair that I’m most pleased with.

    5. Tynesha R. Crawford

      Even if it’s a skin condition, how will a sew-in help to grow her hair back? Seems much more harmful than helpful. A wig (not sewn on) would be so much more gentle on her delicate hair strands.

    6. Tiffany Greene

      Traction alopecia comes from sew ins and tight braids, there is more that one type we don’t know which type she has but she sure isn’t helping it out none

  1. Natasha Johnson-Collins

    Her hair loss could be from a number of things. For any woman to feel good she has too look good in her eyes. I commend this woman for showing us how she deals.

  2. Beatrice Miller

    Dang! I wish this salon was in New York. Perhaps the three girls would consider expanding a bit. They would do very well in NY, Chicago and Los. Alopecia is not a look it is a disease. Thank you for helping those people who trying to save their hair from becoming as acute as the lady shown. I am deep conditioning and moisturizing and washing hair without shampoo. I am using coconut and olive oil daily.
    I appreciate this site and you. You are doing good work.

    1. Lilian Adesheila

      @Karen Nelson…relax. This isn’t about you. I’m simply responding to an article that was posted, which is my entitlement. I’m not sure why you are taking it so personal. I didn’t call you out. For the record, I didn’t say I was a doctor, but I am educated. The article says she has traction alopecia. Look up traction alopecia and what causes it. Things like sew ins, weaves, tight braids and other tight hair styles make it worse because it creates additional tension and makes the hair follicles even weaker, which can lead to additional shedding. Allowing the hair to breathe in it’s natural state is often recommended to prevent further damage.

  3. SeQuoia Williams

    Why is a sew-in service is still preformed. Im a cosmetologist who believes in nature hair care. Soon she will not have any hair if she continues with sew-in.

  4. Pame Peyton

    This is why fake hair is need 2 help people feel better about themselves, we where, wigs, weaves, extension, and have hair… SWEET ladies, handle yo business… THING BIG!!! listen 2 Beatrice Miller… $$$…

  5. Tynesha R. Crawford

    But how will her hair ever be repaired if she gets sew ins on top of her skin condition? I don’t think it’s helping grow her hair back. I know there are ways to try to grow hair back after having suffered from alopecia, but pulling on the little hair she does have seems so harmful.

    1. Tynesha R. Crawford

      Right. But they can’t see her scalp in order to determine what she needs to do to regain any length of healthy hair.

  6. Janelle Barrett

    She’s better off with a wig. ..that’s doing too much in my opinion. I don’t wear wigs nor weave, it all looks complicated and damaging to the hair

  7. Lynn Mitchell

    Not all the time, a woman’s hair falls out because of what she does to it, i.e. sew-ins or perms, it could very well be because she has an illness that causes fall-out. Or she could be on medications that makes her hair fall-out. I, myself, have two contributing disorders that makes my hair strands thin and makes my hair very weak—prone to easy breakage. My hair doesn’t grow at a fast rate, like it did before I developed these disorders. But whatever makes this woman comfortable or satisfied with how she looks, that’s on that woman.

  8. Joy McLaren

    Its her hair, her choice for how she wishes to deal with her alopecia. This is an option this lady has chosen to take for HER hair situation and she looks great !!! 😉

    1. Chelby Johnson

      Thank You!! I kick myself sometimes for “reading the comments” lol just enjoy the article and keep it moving!

  9. Nefeteria Moore

    Some of y’all need to take a seat. F*****g haters get on my Damn nerves. Some people can ruin a wet dream. Just shut the f**k up already.

  10. Zeri N Zaire

    It says ALOPECIA sew-in because that’s what she has! I have a Aunt that has this and her hair can’t grow beyond a mini fro. It affects everyone differently! That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t wear weaves!

  11. Zeri N Zaire

    Alopecia areata is a type of hair loss that occurs when your immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles camera.gif, which is where hair growth begins. The damage to the follicle is usually not permanent. Experts do not know why the immune system attacks the follicles. Alopecia areata is most common in people younger than 20, but children and adults of any age may be affected. Women and men are affected equally.

  12. E.J. Bernard

    I would have just plucked the closure a little bit to make it look more natural and no so full.

  13. Jasmine J Jackson

    Is this a thing that’s common with sew ins? I’m sorry if it’s a stupid question but I’ve never had one and planned to get one but idk now

    1. Sierra Wright

      It depends on how you care for your hair underneath the weave and how tight the braids are. If your hair is braided too tight, the tension will make your hair break off. The same goes for if you don’t moisturize your hair and scalp underneath the weave. Some women respond very well to sew-ins, but others (myself included) do not. Try it out for a while and see how it suits you and your hair regimen.

  14. Chevy Genous

    Maybe she should wear a wig instead. Having a sew-in seem like it would do more harm than good.

  15. Ashley Jena'

    Reading Is So Fundamental & It Takes Little To No Time To Research What Alopecia Is If You Don’t Know What It Is. Which I Would Recommend Before Commenting Saying This Sew In Is The Root Of All Her Is Issues.

  16. Rhonda Jean Tyus

    She would probably do better with a lacefront wig, because weaves are horrible strain on your hair,and with a wig she can take it off everyday

  17. Michelle Langaigne

    Why people bashing the young lady she has Alopecia..look it up before you judge her. Jeez people why the negativity

  18. Kita Howell

    Those braids look too tight…. Smh… she might have pulled her hair out with those tight braids..

  19. Tina Waters

    Everybody’s a doctor!
    Damn can’t this woman do what ever she needs to to make HER feel better about herself while dealing with HER medical condition.
    If y’all have something against weaves, hell start a blog! This is one woman’s choice based on her situation.

  20. Karen Nelson Kelly Leonard


  21. Alisa Renee Green

    Alopecia is no joke. I had it when I was little. I’ll never forget… I was in the 3rd grade with bald spots in the front of my head.

  22. Cassandra Anderson

    They did an amazing job, I have been to both Hair Club and Bosley. There is no gurantee that these procedures are fool proof, it takes a year too see results.

  23. Tavatha Francis

    This problem was caused by sew ins too tight. Remember you look for cheap weaves and you get a lifetime of baldness. Weave gone bad. If it is too tight take ut down asap, Everything that is too tight either breaks or cause damage.

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