8 Year old gets sew-in weave!

Hey loves, This video is to show that children can get installs, too. My 8 year old has a sew-in install to protect and grow her hair. This style is very versatile and child friendly. xoxo

Editor’s note: My daughter is also 8 but I would never let her have a sew in. Still different strokes right? What are your thoughts?



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  1. Anonymous

    Stupidyour child’s hair will grow on its own and doesn’t need the help of a weave.

    1. Anonymous

      Did you stop to think that not all people have the type of hair that grows long? I don’t and my daughter doesn’t. Out of 5 girls, My mom always had the hardest time growing and styling my hair. I was just different and I never had the length my sisters got, not mater what she did.

    2. Anonymous

      Why does an 8 year old have to have long hair? And what’s wrong with short hair for that matter? Wouldn’t it be better to teach your daughter to love what they have before imposing your ideals of beauty on her? I’m sorry but this is just stupid.

  2. Anonymous

    These kids are growing up fast,I didn’t get my first weave until I was 18. I honestly didn’t need it hair pass my shoulders but 8 her hair still growing.

  3. Anonymous

    This is nothing…I know a one year old with a relaxer and with weave pigtails…ppl need to stop this mess!‍♀️

    1. Anonymous

      a 1 yr old with a relaxer. wow! that’s just too much
      I have natural hair and I had hoped my daughter would inherit my hair type, but she got most of my husband’s African genes LOL. it’s so thick, coarse, and dry OMG bit I will not put in a relaxer. she can decide that once she is on high school. I hope to teach her to embrace her hair. I may even allow weave in middle school

    2. Anonymous

      Good job! I applaud you! It should be the kid’s decision when they’re old enough

  4. Anonymous

    I’m guessing I’m supposed to be upset I could see if the hair was down her back looking like an adults weave but, that hairstyle is what lil kids used to wear to church on special Sundays as long as the lil girl’s natural hair is taken care of, her style is age appropriate and she’s staying away from chemicals…I say go ‘head! When she gets to middle school/high school she will have naturally long hair wish I had a sew in, I wouldn’t have ever relaxed my hair and my hair would be tailbone lenght now ‍♀️

    1. Anonymous

      ummm hair isn’t that complicated ???????? I don’t usually be mean and try to be nice but, you sound real ignorant with that comment ????????‍♀️ The type of hair has nothing to do with this protective style. HOW you do the protective style and how you maintain your hair is all that matters. Now plz go somewhere else with your delusional thinking ????

    2. Anonymous

      Lonique 1. No way ???? hair grows on it’s own???!!! Lawd I thought I had to get a permit for it to grow.

      2. No one said she NEEDED a weave ???? who said that??? ????

      3. You just wanted to comment SOMETHING, even though it adds nothing to the conversation ????

      Fyi: Ur body creates its own oils…You don’t need to put oil on it ???????? since we saying pointless things ????????‍♀️

  5. Anonymous

    Fantastic. Teach these little girls at such a young age that being themselves isn’t good enough

  6. Anonymous

    It’s sad how a child with weave causes such an outrage yet the moms walk around all day, every day with European hair down to their butts, but tell the children to be happy with the hair God have them. How does that work? Some kids were not blessed with long hair, my daughter included, and it makes them sad. There is nothing wrong with her hair, it’s not too grown and no different looking than any other kid who wears there natural long hair straightened. The day my 11yo old asks for a sewin will be the day she gets it, as long as it’s appropriate length. Some of y’all need to worry about the other “grown” stuff your kids are doing. Because wearing weaves is the last thing to worry about with these millennial kids.

    1. Anonymous

      Because the goal is to teach your child to love everything about them selves. And when they get older and decide that they want to get weave then that’s cool. But giving them weave at such a young age is teaching them that their hair is not good enough

    2. Anonymous

      I tell my daughter all day everyday that she is beautiful, however it doesn’t matter if she feels inside that longer hair would make her feel more good inside. For me as a parent it matters that she believes she is beautiful no matter what, however it also matters what she feels makes her fell pretty. If longer hair is her desire then it should not be frowned upon. People like Beyoncé have hair down their back and STILL wear weave, and her daughter does too. It’s not as big of a deal as the world makes it. ????

  7. Anonymous

    And I just told my 9yo daughter she doesn’t need weaves to be beautiful, she already is without it. 8 is too young to have a weave, let their natural hair grow healthy.

  8. Anonymous

    Smdh there is nothing wrong with a child having hair added culturally it was something our ancestors did with hair,yarn, string etc as adornment an head dress egyptian royalty as well im not understanding the issue as long as its kept up properly

  9. Anonymous

    Come on that’s way too young! A weave!!? Just take the baby to the hair salon and get it done in a cute style!

  10. Anonymous

    I mean…black dudes are getting them too XD also let us not forget the infamous man beard weave from cycle 22? Of America’s next top model that Tyra forced that extremely handsome black man to wear even though it suuuuucked . You guys think way to hard into this. Let kids be who they want to be ffs.. letting them choose to get fancy long princess hair weave or a relaxer doesn’t suddenly mean they are freaking turning on their own kind or feel insecure.. lol omg WTF kind of mind set is that even? How does one feel insecure about something… they want to do. Something they want to try for any number of reasons, it doesn’t matter the reason! Let them try it and see how they like it. Something they made the decision to do. Its really sad because… to Force on them everything that is “black culture” and give them funny looks when they wanna try a different approach. It’s sad and I see it so much in the black community…and now it’s about hair. Something that probably won’t harm the child in any way… but it’s bad? Something that might make them feel better… but it’s bad? I honestly do not understand. I don’t have children, but like i got my first relaxer when I was like in first grade up until like 3 years ago (I’ll be 30 in August)because I succumbed to the pressure that is going natural (and you know what? my hair freaking sucks now… so you know… natural hair isn’t necessarily a God send unless you got the money, a hair stylist on speed dial or the time). You’re not your children ! let me say it again for those who didn’t hear in the back , YOU ARE NOT YOUR CHILDREN. Also, really freaking tired of this natural hair trend. Just freaking do what you wanna do if it’s not hurting anyone.. asnd you know… just hair. It’s ok guys. Stop being so toxic over hair. Geeze.

  11. Anonymous

    I’m an 80’s baby and most of us had VERY long hair growing up , just like all of the other races of girls . What message does this send to a young black girl?!?! I’m guessing, the child begs for it since her non black peers have long free flowing hair that they mostly wear down . As we know it’s expensive and can damage their hair , even worse , their hair line.

    1. Anonymous

      Her mom appears to be wearing weave also, so she could get the concept from her also…It looks like her edges are already struggling. Wishing her the best outcome ????

  12. Anonymous

    That child already don’t have edges and when she lifted the back, broken hair at the nape as well. I don’t see this as a healthy alternative but to each his own. I’d never allow it on my kids.

  13. Anonymous

    There is absolutely no reason a child needs weave! Period! Aside from medical reasons to wear a wig…

  14. Anonymous

    I’m not having the excuse of protective styling. Her hair was protected in cornrows without the weave on top. So unnecessary.

  15. Anonymous

    Unless this girl got alopecia or cancer why in tf she got a sew-in. Last time I checked aren’t children’s hair follicles more susceptible to breakage? Which means she could be fucking this child head up. Smh

  16. Anonymous

    My concerns: her hair is already broken every where she has leave out. This hair isn’t being protected.
    2nd How often will she have to get her leave out straightened again? If she’s anything like my active girls, it won’t last long. This will cause additional damage to already broken hair.

    Her kid, her choice…but covering up the problem doesn’t make it go away .

    Wishing them the best…

  17. Anonymous

    I’m older and remember getting our hair greased and braided, straighten comb that burnt our ears, perm that burnt the scalp. Now the hair is going back to the natural and making that transition is hard for any female at any age. If your hair isn’t fashionable you get bullied and made fun of. I just hope the mother take very care of her hair. Everyone lady no matter what age wants to look beautiful even if enhancing with additions.

  18. Anonymous

    This is some crazy shit! Why are we still doing this bullshit to our children?

  19. Cosmo Highness

    This is my daughter. My 3 year old cut her hair off when she was asleep and that created a massive problem. She still had school and her hair was cut in obvious places where I couldn’t style it as I usually did without it being super noticeable. Notice in the video on one side when hair was cut off to almost a taper?? Sad.
    Anywho, I decided to install hair in her hair to not only leave it alone and let it be, but to let her be confident in herself even after going thru what she did. She doesn’t wear sew ins regularly and her hair has definitely grown and did exactly what I intended for it to do. To each their own for sure, but we are happy.


  20. Pauline Grant

    This is madness… “Sew in For kids”?? What child need sew in ?.At 8 yrs old her hair is healthy, Natural and growing….(if her momma is doing what she should be doing)…. why would you need to put a WEAVE on such a young head?…. let your child be jus that…”A child” instead of puttin weave,hair extensions,relaxers and all sorts on their heads..They are babies not grown women…smh ????????

    1. Cosme Highness

      Wanna know why?
      My 2 year old cut her hair off, (to the scalp in some places) while she was asleep..There wasn’t any other options that would make MY CHILD feel comfortable and secure enough to go to school with bald spots. I’m just curious.. What would you have done with your child, let her go anywhere with bald spots? Give her a wig? Or maybe a sew in that looked as natural as possible? I don’t really care what you would do with yours in real life, but I am VERY CURIOUS as to how you would handle a situation like this since you were so vocal about ME AND MINE!

  21. Melanie De Bruijn

    Why not make her be proud of her own natural hair? Learn her how to handle ger own hair. Let it be healty. When she is old enough to do her own hair she will know how to take care of it. It’s not that difficult as it seems.

  22. Jennifer Scott

    Why?? What is she being taught about her hair and how to care for it? What next tattooed make-up?

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