Yes top knot via @the_rose_affect





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Tynisa Tanisha Teneesha


Stephanie Chandler

Kendra Bacon they did a front and back

Lanisha Mathis


Wilson Nilah


Candace Williams

Destiney Oglesby this should be your next hairstyle

Makeitha Lee


Amara Arroyo

That’s nice but I can’t wear that where I’m going lol

Rivers Rosett Freda

Monique Driver-Johnson

Amanda Ashley cute huh

Amanda Ashley

I like it

Latoya Evette

Jameelah Blackwell I can see this style on you

Jameelah Blackwell

Im just seeing this ????????????

Angela Sanders

Cute but kiddie

Ieasha Mcmullan


Roslyn Jackson

Now that’s cute.

Ashley Weatherspoon

Makes me think of the gear shift in the car

Mimi Fine China Clayton

I love it

Tiffney Littlepage

Renata Littlepage…. love this!

Renata Littlepage

That is to cute

Beonka Hunni B

Iresha Dorsey this different but I like

Iresha Dorsey


Marshay Stanley

It’s kinda cute

Yulanda Gupton

Kinda cute!! I wonder how it would look on a 48 year old?!!! LOL…IJS…JK

Porscha Bene


Chenelle Lewis

Love love

Honey Daniels

Brandy Taylor try this one

Nicole Jefferson

Keona Woods you like??

Keona Woods

I don’t like the side view for some reason, but yes its very pretty!

Kendra Ware

Bri Welch this uglyy huh ?

Kiaraa Anderson


Rochelle Johnson

Tyresha, cousin this hairstyle would look hella cute on you!

Teatra Jones

Christy Westmoreland this is so cute

Christy Westmoreland


Tyresha Brown

Yes ????

Martene Mcmillian


Dee Harris

I like that!

Lissa Glenn

Really cute

MsMarnicia Nicole Phillips

Loll its pretty

Talysa Robinson


Mrssaudi Hart


Mrssaudi Hart

Very pretty

Jala Campbell

Its cute

Evee Jeann

I should try this… But I’m going natural tho

Lydia Miller

That’s cute

Marcia Edwards Ammon

Tiffany Edwards something about this I like ❤️

Melissa Gravely Ross

Chelsea FlockaWife’ Mills Ashlie Moore Shanese LeShaun Rhonesha Marie cute cute

Shanese LeShaun

That is cute!

Chelsea FlockaWife' Mills

???????????????????? it really is

Diamond Summerset

I like this Shonna Powell

Shonna Powell

It’s cute

Diamond Summerset


Keyfonda Grissett

Omg this is bomb

Angie Ankica Buffa


Dolly Deyja

Yesss I love it I just screenshoted this picture earlier I swear you know my taste I guess u got good taste Kyrah

Dolly Deyja

Yesss I love it I just screenshoted this picture earlier I swear you know my taste I guess you got good taste Kyrah ????????????????????????

Kyrah Amore

Lol ???? I was wondering if u think it’s a cute style, I never seen it! It’s pretty ???? & yk ???? that’s totally you!

Dolly Deyja

Kyrah Amore yessssss I would slay this shit I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it would be pretty on you to you should try it be the first in grille to bring out this style

Kyrah Amore

I just mightttt ???????? but yk ain’t nobody gone slay this style like y’all cousin do it, can’t nobody down here do hair???? I’m going to Jax Saturday JUST to get my hair done????

Yanique Letts

This is hottttt

Damechala Harris

Ooooooo omg soooo freaking cuteee ‼️‼️‼️I’ll rock that lol????????????????????????

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