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    1. Shanelle Anderson

      Well there are some jobs who accept it. I work for my city and I have tattoos. Tattoos don’t define anything.

    2. Kia Johnson

      I know someone who teaches they asked her to change it so she has to wear a wig because it’s distraction to the students who are younger and love the colors she wears

    3. Aisha D. Crawford

      the drs office i work for doesnt have rules about Hair tattoos etc – one of our employees would have blue and purple hair. just depends on the place

    4. Kay Brown

      You asked where do they work… Not you’re looking for certain professions… My hair is blue currently. It’s been brown, red, green, different hues or blonde and auburn, etc. & ive worked for the city & mainly in the medical field.

  1. Joyce Davis

    I love the hair style,but I can’t use to all the loud colors that the young people and some seniors are wearing today I guess I’m just getting old!!lol

  2. Ronniee Miller

    I love her every time she brings a bold colour last time it was this shocking blue Limara Love Harvey

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