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  1. Theresa Marie Bryant

    That’s how I wish it could be but honestly I usually get ignored, attitude, or wierd looks from other black women whether they are natural or not

    1. Cb Sampson

      You be strong sis cause they are just so afraid of being themselves and loving themselves They are caught up in being excepted I smile at my natural sisters most of the time they smile back and even have a short convo it is getting better stay strong and beautiful

    2. Msjayunique Mason

      Sad to say but some women are just hateful and jealous don’t matter how nice you are to them they might admire you but to simple to say you look nice or you are pretty or whatever I don’t care how they stare I hold my head up high and keep stepping and you are pretty just to let you know so don’t worry about what they think just be you ………..

    3. Asha Jamia

      Same here girl. Then they ask me “dang girl why you always smiling” “why you always happy” like dang I can’t be happy or can’t smile.

  2. Goddessweaves Virgin Hair Bundle Deals

    I have noticed alot of natural ladies look down on permed or weave wearers ,have any permed or weave wearing ladies notice any talks as they pass by naturals especially in groups… LOL I have, just shake my head…

    1. Sophronia Sang

      Lol Justin. But yes, I have seen and heard weave wearers and permed hair girls make comments about naturals. They are the first to call someone nappy. Even at work I’ve seen a high ranking black woman, with a perm, question another high ranking black woman about her decision to wear natural hair.

    2. Kelly White

      So… I’ve never had a perm or relaxer in my life . Sometimes I wear my hair out, sometimes I wear weaves… I’m still natural. Just because I don’t wanna wear a 80’s Afro doesn’t mean I’m not natural

  3. LivingintheSpirit Gordon

    People aggravates me with the saying, “when you gonna straighten your hair”, my response is if I wanted straighten hair I would’ve kept the perm. Which I stopped doing two years ago. Now carry on with your business.

  4. Afrodite Au Naturel Lioness

    I don’t care if your on hair crack! Or if you have a weave down to your ankles do you if you like I love it…going natural isn’t for everybody. .it takes a strong woman to rock her natural hair in white amerikkka!

    1. Kelly White

      I don’t get why y’all who wear your hair in Afros think ppl who don’t aren’t natural enough. Lol. I’ve never had a perm or relaxer in my 29 yrs of life, but. Because I wear weaves from time to time I’m not natural enough

    2. Jamila Kelly

      Justin Case you are mistaken, the ignorant part is “white amerikkka” >_>
      Also, to answer your question…
      So if you say that you pretty much call out ever single person who has ever changed their appearance wether it be drastic like plastic surgery or simple like make up. Not only is it no one else’s business, but you asking that question like you did is ignorant XD

    3. Blaque Chyna

      In my opinion blacks who have non kinky 4c hair arent usually considered “natural” in comparison to those with kinky Afros. Many ppl which have 4a/4b been natural it just took a long time for 4c to accept their hair and wear it natural.

  5. Kelly White

    So… I’ve never had a perm or relaxer in my life . Sometimes I wear my hair out, sometimes I wear weaves… I’m still natural. Just because I don’t wanna wear a 80’s Afro doesn’t mean I’m not natural

  6. Afrodite Au Naturel Lioness

    So blank face did not respond! !!! Non factor…we are talking about Natural people that see other natural people what’s up fam your hair is you crown and glory!!! I rock it my kids rocks it in all styles not just in afro’s…

  7. Jamila Kelly

    I’ve just learned to accept that a lot of black females don’t really give me the time of day based off my appearance.. which is fine with me because I’d rather not be friends with someone who puts automatic judgement on me by my hair or skin XD lol please don’t even associate with me unless you plan on actually opening your mouth and speaking to me

  8. Cb Sampson

    Smile at each other at least I have noticed since these shooting have happened black people talk to each other more Sorry it took all this for it to happen but at least its happening Loving each other makes us stronger

  9. Darlene Waller

    Maybe it’s where you live but I feel baby girl 100%! It’s always a good word and warm smile from the other naturals and some non naturals too… 🙂

  10. Sade Gordon

    Smh i swear this team natural vs team relaxed garbage is just as stupid as team light skin vs team dark skin. Stop trying to create division

  11. Aliyah Morrison

    The only thing I hate I when girls with relaxers /weaves give me evil looks laugh at me talk trash about me just because I’m natural and I smile and try to be nice but they judge me on my hair before I can speak . I get happy every time I see a natural hair woman and many times I smile they smile back sometimes we start talking about hair . It’s nice when they can relate too and unlike some people not judge you harshly
    This is another reason why I keep my hair braided now and pinned up in a braided updo especially in this awkward stage length I’m no judged harshly or get evil stares or laughed at anymore

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