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  1. Crimson Beretta

    I see we have a lot of Type 3 hair worshippers in the comments. Her hair is gorgeous!! I absolutely ADORE it.

  2. Celest Williams

    I love it! I’m 4c as well and it is beautiful to see another embrace it without trying to add curls and etc to look like what society says is good hair. It looks detangled and thick. For anyone saying pure lazy. I think it’s the complete opposite. You try washing, combing, and growing hair of this texture that long and thick. True hard work! I know!

  3. Sita Weekes Hall

    I dont know how do you manage that type natural hair? I love natural hair and have that type of hair I had mines natural for 15 years but when it became way to much to manage I made a hard decision and cut it off instead of relaxing it my family thought I was crazy. : ) I am now my 2nd hair journey and loving it. Love your hair.

    1. Tia Mitchum

      Educate yourself on how to take care of your real true haur texture. Try youtube and natural hair pages. There’s a lot of info out there.

  4. Superd Moore

    I use to hate wen time to wash mines. Look pon trouble n if u ain’t comb them out more problems when ur mama ready to plait

  5. Raynisha Renee Jackson

    The affects of the 1950’s are still in effect today.

    On another note; damn! I’m jelly! I’m currently growing my hair out and its taking so long! Lol

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