Taraji P Henson Looks Fab After Debuting Her Natural Crop Cut [Pics]


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Tarshia Davis

Its awesome. Love it

Marie Bell

I freaking love it

Katina Billingslea

Looks good on her, go Taraji

Robbin McelroyGreen

Love the new do!

Valencia Rawls

A great look for her

Carla Layne

loving the look.. hate all this weave

Armelda Johnson


Melody Ms-International Cargill

let’s see how long this lasts.

Ietrice Ellis


Nickole Mingo

Love it

Jamila Kelly

Not a huge fan :< . I can't be the only one who doesn't think going natural really means a whole lot.. she looked better with long hair even if it was fake. Idk, I'm just not a huge fan of it on some women, myself included. I habe natural hair, but i mostly wear wigs. Doesn't really work on me ^^;

BD P. Billups

I like your pink hair try it pink, embrace your own. I do where weave every once and a while.

Tori Monique

I absolutely LOVE IT! Especially the color and grade of hair you have…

Shiretta Johnson

Nice looks good

Aprille Burroughs

Beautiful!!!!! Go Taraji!!!

Tlynn Daws

Wow I love it!

Samara Howard

Love this

Sandra Mack

Love it, looks good on her to me

Ffys Johnson

Cool I ❤️it

Chanda Douglas

Yessss and it looks good

Linda Manning


Julia Freeman


Alisia Todd Daniels

I LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE it ????. I feel so free and sexy with no hair. I just left the barber shop. Quera Amor Williams is the BEST barber in town????????????????????????

Felicia McKay

I’m loving it!!

Tessa D Jones

All that weave I think was stressful on the tresses had to chop
Is what I think

Jessica Best

Love, she looks much better without the fake hair that looks like it belongs to another race.

Robins Nest

Love love love love it

Robins Nest

She’s fabulous and it looks like she finally got her eyes done she looks so much younger she’s glowing

Jones TeeandMe

LOVE IT!!!!!

Kandi Renee

she looks older

Imogene Clark Reddick


Cindy-Ann Ryan-Myers

U really can’t please everybody. Natural or not she will always look hotttt. Don’t hate….appreciate!!!!!

Deonae Shackelford

Looks good on her, it actually softened her.

Mzree Itsmytime

Yes she does and I’m going to copy this look simply fabulous

Darlene Hinton

People expect too much of you..next they will be asking women to go as far as going barechested..

Ana Santos

Don’t be afraid to show you’r natural beauty this is what she is ,BE PROUD OF YOU’R AFRICAN BEAUTY EN SHOW IT !!!

Carla Bunche

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT… ❤❤❤❤ Taraji P. Henson YOU look absolutely BEAUTIFUL the color is amazing… I’ve been trying to get a firey color what color/number is that? It keeps coming out golden

Saki Tome

She showed her natural hair a lot. It was long and beautiful. Maybe she just wanted a different style.

Mis Breezy Gorgina

Love it ❤❤❤❤❤

Elaine Reed-Anderson

She looks fabulous!!!!

Cindy Young Cushion

Love the look on her !!! She’s gorgeous

BD P. Billups

I have been wearing my hair like this for years, it is so easy