Styled Child’s Natural Hair




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  1. Deansha Edwards

    she’s cute <3 and got beautiful hair 😀 <3 hair was that long ..and it got cut up ,,,how do i grow bk my hair quick,,natural hair tho ?

  2. Donna Chesser

    Ah look a look little mama. Proud of your hair. Soo beauitful with that beauitful skin, smile. Take care of that skin while you young. Bless you cutie

  3. Donna Chesser

    Also I collect baby dolls with eyes like that, now if I see you in the store I hope I don’t mistake you for a doll and take you home!!

  4. Oody Witherspoon

    I think itll look betta & probly last ling with twust in to each pony tail then the twist hanging in the ends these twidt r realy huge for all the wirk on straightening or jus doin it this wont last it an ok look

  5. Chanelle Singletary

    Ladies!! This is how you style a young child’s hair…. Not with weave or yarn or a thousand beads. Thanks for posting. This is how it’s done…

  6. Leah

    She is adorable . So nice to see little black girls with gorgeous healthy natural hair instead of long weaves losing their edges and burnt damaged chemical relaxed hair . I want my daughter to look like that !

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