Solange Rocking Fulani Style Braids [Pics]


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Joi Davis

Go take them out.. t**t.

Jonita Randle

Hot a** mess.. Just plain UGLY

Lovely Stonie

I could have done that better. Someone messed her head up for a whole lot of money.

Sunshine Seals

Like the top

Vanessa Hoye

Why they look like they been in for years?!

Elle Marie Johnson

Oh no baby what is you doin

Shevanie Chin Townsend

The outfit and hairstyle look horrible. The hairstyle is poorly done and the color is not for you.

Lorraine Hillhouse

She needs to get her money back for that hairstyle

Amy Bannerman


Cam Isaiah

New role for star trek?

Nisa Mathurin

Omg what a ting

Michelle Bailey

She looks dumb

Sharanda R McPhee

Home gal looks a hotttttttt mess

Snooty Li

Aw man I coulda did those better for her

Candace Nicole Golden

This goes to prove that being Beyonce’s sister doesn’t mean everything will be a hit. This is a total miss

Jennifer Dé Michael

Ooooh pls help me out
I cant even

Jennifer Dé Michael

Good radiance ????????????????

Sheleya Campbell

She should have slapped whoever played in her hair because it look a mess

Shonda Simpson


Leslie Crosby

No ma’am!! Try again!!

Iyami Aje

Liars will say this is black girl magick

Laila Montana

She got her own style and doesn’t seem to care what others think ….I applaud her for that

Estella Richardson


Erica Butler


Tammera Garrett


Lonique Renee Brooklyn Ryan

no just no

Tiki Triplett

I love her but she cuts her hair to put braids in… ??? And these braids look a mess, maybe she practicing doing her own hair

Cris Evers

I’m done. ????????????

Sandy Dorsey

The hair not so much, outfit nice

Icesilver Eze

This people will just be wearing rubbish clothes…. what kind of mumu hair is this !!!! Celebrity does not mean you should wear anything you see….. The person that made this hair for her need to be locked up asp!

Sharquita Claybrooks

????????then got the nerve to call the hairstyle FULANI braids,, plz they basic ass braids nothing fancy ????????‍♀️

April Lee Summers


Tracie Lambert-Gray

Just wrong. No way anyones hair should look like that.

Melissa L Jones

Smh. Beyonce help your sister

Angelia Tolbert

Those braids are a mess! I’m hoping she has the funds to do better!

Sharii Russell

No ma’am

Daisy Dacobb

Seems to be getting her the attention she must crave.

Katchy Egbulem

I think it looks nice on her

Ogonnaya Ibeogu Amamasi

Hair is so poorly done. Sorry Solange

Shirley Graham

I like the outfit.

Felicia Marie

Dang..time to re-up already?

Susy Millard

I totaly NOT feel her strange swag, she is nothing like B!

Jacci Moore

Love the outfit, but the hair is a total mess.i like the color but not the style.

Maddy Gee


Virginia Horton

Pretty young lady…..but..NO

Sarah Spencer

I Love her music. She looks ridiculous

Barbara God'schild

Hell no!!!

Sophronia Sang

Hehehehehe….how about no?!

Tiawuana Walker Lpn

Now everyone is gonna go and copy. She is a CELEBRITY

Shamecka Smith


Paula Banner

Why is solange so controversial, is it that she dresses this way to prove a point or prove that she’s different, her dressing is atrocious.

Cassandra Dawkins

Love it…

Kadeja Alston

Love it !!

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