No-Slip Jumbo Twist Shared By Lucretia

jumbo twist

I did my daughters hair!!! This was my first attempt at doing this style. My version of jumbo twist.
The foundation was actually cornrowed in the manner you would prepare a sew- in weave. Using pipe cleaners I incorporated the interlock method to weft large portions of Kankelon hair under the cornrow, and then twisted over it to the ends. The ends are slight dipped in boiling water. Each individual twist is 100 % slip proof!



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    1. Lucretia Bailey

      thank you, I’m her mom and I did the style myself

  1. Korea Lugo

    Gorgeous. Please tell me you have a video tutorial of this No-Slip Jumbo Twist. I’d love to have this style as a protective style.

  2. Kimberly Champion

    anybody know how to make these things stay together? even after doing 2 strand twists really tight and sealing them and the ends w/ curling rods in boiling water, they still will unravel here and there every single day. its so annoying

    1. Tamara

      Did you pull or taper the hair before you installed them? Most twists that use kanekelon hair will unravel if their ends are left blunt out of the package or cut after they are installed. Also bigger twists will most likely unravel more than than the smaller twists. Maybe curling the ends will keep them from coming loose.

  3. Azure Nefertari

    I read the article, sounds like she basically crochet the hair in and then twisted it? Might try this out. Looks very nice and I’ve always wanted the jumbo twist look. 🙂

  4. Lucretia Bailey

    Thank you ladies, I will do a tutorial!!!

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