Serious Shrinkage – And henna is the bomb too!

Shrinkage - And henna is the bomb



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  1. Carla C. Whyte

    Is the chick in the picture on Facebook? I’m in west Africa and was thinking about using henna to dye my locs….I heard it works well as a conditioner as well

  2. Shaketta Shannel Singleton

    I am a master cosmetologist and i feel i should say Before everyone starts coloring their hair with henna please note that henna cannot be mixed with any other coloring chemicals because it contains metallic dyes and pieces no matter how natural its said to be.
    When it is mixed with other color products the chemical reaction makes the hair smoke and will cause breakage.
    So if you plan to use henna you need to make sure you dont use any other coloring products or it will lead to breakage. It works well alone.

  3. Daiquiri A. Holland

    Better off just dyeing your hair, henna is not worth all that. Just like ammonia-free is not necessarily better than regular dye. To each his own though.

  4. Chloe Robert

    I wish everyone would read the post before asking what’s in her hand or hair and for the love of God use your internet and research instead of asking frivolous questions. DICTIONARY GOOGLE #USEIT

  5. No More Jahiliyyah

    Henna can loosen your curl pattern. . So be cautious.. it should not be used im conjuction with professional colouring products as they are not compatible

  6. Chala M. Brooks

    Shaketta Shannel Singleton, thank you for the informative information from your professional experience. I have wanted to use henna for a while but wanted to gather all the information I could first. I mainly want the healthy hair benefits. The minimal color change is somewhat important to me. Thank you again.

  7. Shaketta Shannel Singleton

    Chala M. Brooks no. You would need to grow all of the other color out of your hair.
    Mixing henna and color that has an ammonia base will cause a chemical reaction.
    Sometimes its immediate and sometimes its I er a period of rime but 99% of the time its immediate.
    Let your hair grow and start cutting out the amonia based color once its all gone you can safely use henna.

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