Ridges Mohawk – Artistic Style Shared By Tomeka


By molding the hair down, putting a cap over the molded hair and proceeded to add the tracks.



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    1. Denise Bennett

      Sooo let me be clear are you saying the women down south are not classy? I am from the south, born and raised. Don’t know a woman who would were their hair like this. Many of us southern women prefer beautiful sexy hair huni and let me tell you this is not it! To each their own what she may perceive to be beautiful who am I to judge her!!

    2. Tk Tatum Richey

      Who tf lied to you and told you southern women do their hair like this this chick might be from up north thats a very basic ass response there are un classy ppl every where not just the south and judging off your pics you might wanna be slow to throw shade or shots ug mug

    3. Drina No'MoreLyes Phillip

      Stereotypically southern women do wear there hair kind of wild. I lived there & witnessed it. Southern PERIOD is more laid back on everything…. Not all though .. #andthatisall

  1. Lock & Key Secrets & Confessions

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  2. Marilyn Alexander

    That look like hard work. Only reason i cant wear that is because i sleep wild. Its creative and different u put thawte into it so congrats.

  3. Myrtle Githinji

    If the hair do up top was a lot less and subtle it would be just right. Somewhat exaggerated. The face beautiful. Just tone it down a touch.

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