Meme Makes An Attempt To Make Fun Of Black Women For Wearing Fake Hair


I’m going to keep this real short, because I don’t want to risk giving this odd attempt at a joke any sort of legitimacy. This meme like many meme’s was created a while back but you may have noticed it hitting your time lines because it has resurfaced recently and causing quite a stir. Unlike the Kermit ones, alot of us do not find it very funny and see it as a lame attempt at taking shots.

On one blog the writer made the point that any time anybody buys anything from anyone you could be potentially sending their kids to college so why the ‘attack’ on the black woman and where she chooses to spend her money.

We wont make this a Korean versus Black thing, because frankly nobody wants to see that, but we are so tired of everybody watching our pockets and what we like to do with our hair.

If you open a business, the first thing you ask for is support, you want people to purchase your products, that is what the economy is built on. The great thing about the American economy is that other people from other countries who probably would not have the same opportunities can come here and live the American dream.

They can even send a child or two to college so they can also have even better opportunities, making our economy better as generations pass. We know that immigrants appreciate what they create on foreign soil so this meme is probably not worth a second look.

But I will say this, while we would like to see more beauty supply stores being black owned, and don’t worry we are working on it, we all know that you should never bite the hand that saved feeds you…sips kermit tea.

What do you guys think of this meme? funny in an SMH kinda way, right?


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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    1. ashley

      Basic truth? What if I wear weave and can somehow manage to also send my kids to college? What if I don’t wear weave but still can’t afford college? Basic is the only thing truthful about that assessment.

    2. swergirl

      In what universe can you put your child through college with the amount of money it takes to buy weave hair? No, there is no basic truth there. It was a cheap shot from somebody who hates black women.

  1. Sheliah Mchargh-Bonds
    Sheliah Mchargh-Bonds

    We take shots at ourselves and other races with these memes everyday. But as soon as another races takes a shot it’s a problem..or am I missing the point? I’m not going to make a big deal about it.

    1. Alexia Johnson
      Alexia Johnson

      And even when black people do I don’t like it I will block someone really fast or tell them how their post is offensive no matter what race they are.

  2. Carmella McCoy
    Carmella McCoy

    i dont wear i so it dont bother me. Our ppl DO need to stop making asians rich by eating dog and cat from their restaurants after buying their hair. Their stores are the ones that black ppl buy weaves wigs and colored contacts from.

    1. swergirl

      I don’t wear weave but I still don’t like cheap shots at black women. Has nothing to do with what kind of hair I wear.

      White women were tons of weave–excuse me, EXTENSIONS. There’s a reason why they never get crap for it though.

      1. Deka

        yea thats only because white women weaves looks like there actual hair. See white women don’t rob weave stores to sell. See why black women are targeted because the weaves that they get (some) look nothing like there hair. If im walking down the street and not know a person i should not be able to say ‘hey i like that brazilian, how much?”. most black women just say ‘i know other races that have weave’ its normally a personal relationship.

  3. Stacey Renfro
    Stacey Renfro

    White people wear wigs and weave too… i even know some korean and asian girls that do… so this meme is ridiculous and people really need to stop.

  4. Lisa Imunique Price
    Lisa Imunique Price

    When will you ever detach yourself from others opinion and just live your life as you please. This is something I just don’t get. You get so emotional with every blow of the wind of someone else opinion of you but yet -you’re proud to be black and who you are. Really? As Kermit the frog says-yeah right but that aint none of my business.

    1. Tia Wilder
      Tia Wilder

      Most of us are MERELY responding to “What do you think of this meme?” It really isn’t that deep. Just voicing our opinions.

    2. swergirl

      It sounds like you’re outraged at other people’s outrage. People can speak on what they want to. You are not the arbiter of what people are allowed to have a problem with. Maybe you just aren’t enough of a critical thinker to understand why this is not cool.

  5. Miranda Fonville
    Miranda Fonville

    So what. We make memes making fun of other races all the time but it’s not funny when they make fun of us?

  6. Ash Ta Ji
    Ash Ta Ji

    Who cares weave can’t kill you yet the Caucasian people have products (drinks,shampoo you name it out that we use on our bodies every day that cause cancer and every thing that can destroy a black woman body do some research my hair not gone get me in heaven or hell so I care less

    1. Ash Ta Ji
      Ash Ta Ji

      And yet you have to understand I am a Christian woman I DONT HAVE TO DEPEND ON THE WORLD KNOW THAT! You should go to every hood and confess your concern one post not gone help you do so there is families that make their own clothes and who is satisfied with themselves but this is AMERICAN you have to depend on stores to buy clothes and food yet a racist person could own that store but you shop there every day it’s not gone change my mother owns her clothing store and she donates clothes she actually made my clothes as a child she refuse to give her money to anyone not deserving as said my soul is more important than what the world is on I’m in college sorry other people don’t want to go I’m not going to be punish for it by the way your making Facebook money and whatever device your using it is what it is let that be the reason

  7. Jordann Allen
    Jordann Allen

    lol people who really think wearing weaves stems from insecurity. also money put in the hair business should be allocated to black people that it caters too. more black hair businesses.

    1. sarasefree

      for some ppl it is… co worker once told me she don’t know how i walk around “looking like that” meaning my own hair and she would’t be caught dead out of her weave because she doesn’t like how she look without it…..and it’s really funny because the answer i gave her kind of ties nicely with this meme….i told her 1st am not a weave person because i like to constantly touch my hair (bad habit i know:)) and second i would like to be able to afford my daughter a much better opportunity academically than i had.

  8. T-anne Fal
    T-anne Fal

    Says the same Chinese or korean cah even tell the difference between em no offence asians…..says the pple having plastic surgery to alter there original look to look like white barbie…..bleaching hair n wearing colour eyes contact lenses. O I sed too much ooops.

  9. Nesha Declares Victory
    Nesha Declares Victory

    People can’t handle the truth….that’s why they’re mad. But we can make fun of each other though and it not be a problem. SMH.

  10. Artra Veal
    Artra Veal

    Those people that continue to support them are stupid. My natural hair, do my own hair, my time – priceless. Ain’t making these bastards rich.

  11. Alexia Johnson
    Alexia Johnson

    I could care less about this ignorance. There are plenty black owned hair businesses that I do support. I will wear extensions because I want to and my bills are paid…I don’t have any children to support and when I do, my hair will no longer be a first priority over their needs and education.

    Idc what race the person is who makes these it’s disrespectful and ignorant. Most likely it was a dumb ass black person who made it anyway.

    1. Megan

      Not every woman that wears a weave is insecure. It’s called protective styling ppl

  12. Adrena Shenet Luster
    Adrena Shenet Luster

    That’s so stupid! Any business that is selling something, clothes, hair , shoes, food whatever profits no matter the race! Im sure the founder of McDonald’s Wal-Mart, nail salons etc. kids are set bc we give them business, but we arent going broke doing it smh

  13. Tammie Faulkner Taylor
    Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    I’ll bet this was created by a Black person, probably a Black man. It’s interesting that other races, especially Asians, wear Blue contacts, bleach their skin, get plastic surgery to look more White, but everyone is up in arms about a TEMPORARY weave install. White people are getting boob and butt implants, lip injections, tanning like crazy, doing things that require general anesthesia and possible skin cancer, same as the Asians, but everyone jumps on the sistas for getting a HAIR WEAVE?? The usual Black women bashing. Nothing new

  14. Zuri Moja
    Zuri Moja

    Offensive or not it is REALITy therefore it bothers me none, bor more than those who stand outside if closed stores for a pair of sneakers.

  15. Erica Atara Jones
    Erica Atara Jones

    I wear protective styles often but that’s not because I don’t love my natural hair. It is because I want to take a break. Lol Most natural women know, It is an ongoing thing caring for your hair. You can’t just leave it alone and expect to act right… no… I’m an engineering major and I love not having to keep ‘as much’ maintenance in my hair for a certain time. For those that are insecure, instead of bashing them, let’s spread the love. The discrimination within our race and other races need to stop…

  16. Aleshia Cannon
    Aleshia Cannon

    Let’s not forget the weekly nails and feet work, cheap clothes, shoes and furniture, oh and the cars that get us back and forth to work for those who have cars! So, let’s be clear it’s not only the hair!!!

  17. Besie Bennett
    Besie Bennett

    Well that’s there is the truth plain and simple. I’ve been saying it for years. People have worn fake hair for centuries this is also true. But at this point where black woman can’t face themselves in a mirror without weave cascading down their back or if little girls can only see their worth in the length and silky texture of fake hair… We have a problem! My problem is more so that the Asian ppl have found every way to come in our neighborhoods and try to get every single dollar out of our pockets. They own every industry in the hood. Laundry/ cleaners, corner stores,hair stores,nail salon and breakfast store. You however can’t sell them a damn thing they won’t buy black they only believe in furthering their race. I say all that to say be mindful how you spend and where you spend and on what you spend. Money is power and black folks give all theirs away. It’s sad!!! Keep yo stanking ass weave and inferior chemical processes and that Mekong river fish y’all sell in your stores i don’t want it.

    1. lilly Moore

      Well Said My Curl Friend! Especially the point that they would never take their money and purchase anything from a Black person. In many of their stores they won’t let you touch a wig or weave and if you do they say you bought it.

  18. Nena Sepulveda
    Nena Sepulveda

    People get offended to easy..who cares I wear it take it out my natural hair is beautiful too so I don’t see the big deal…but black people women are not the only ones who wear weave other races do to that’s why I’m not offended it’s a hairstyle at the end of the day.

  19. Tammie Faulkner Taylor
    Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    Ralph Lauren, Nike, Coach, Dooney & Burke, Dereon, etc make $ off Black people that need to feel that “designer” labels give them importance. Same could be said of manufacturers of big rims. It’s a whole bunch of stuff that companies are making $ of that Black people tend to purchase the most, but why is only the things that Black WOMEN chose to buy the one that’s always criticized??

  20. Ashleigh McLucas
    Ashleigh McLucas

    Why is it that when black women wear extensions it’s because we are insecure and hate ourselves. But when women of other races wear weaves which a lot of them do it’s to enhance their beauty?

    1. Chyna Mon
      Chyna Mon'et

      I wear weave but to be honest us black women love to wear weave that isn’t even close to our texture. What black person u know has brazilian remy texture?! When other races wear weave it matches their texture.

    2. Trina Reid
      Trina Reid

      But when your natural texture is altered, you have to get what matches it.
      But that’s slowly starting to change as more people are wearing their natural hair texture.

    3. Timilehin Adunni
      Timilehin Adunni

      it is called “enhancing” probably because the weaves matches their real hair…unlike we black people that wear waeves that look nothing like our real cant call it enhancing’s transformation into somethig u r not..both ways they are fake…just one side is way too fake…

    4. Tia Wilder
      Tia Wilder

      Transformation into something you’re not?? You do realize that even black women who wear their real hair can wear their hair straight too, right? By flat ironing it and if this is “being fake” then call women of other races out on it too because they flat iron their hair as well, as well as color it.

  21. Daily Juice
    Daily Juice

    That’s the whole point. They can come here and get business loans. You were forced here beat and lied to and still can’t get a business loan…maybe a few tokens.

  22. Fatrina Philasofe Nicholson
    Fatrina Philasofe Nicholson

    I dont wear fake hair but its not only black women so they need o hush up with that much. However its true that the insecurity needs to stop. WE should appreciate who we are naturally no matter what color. This meme is actually very ignorant but has a very small partial truth.

  23. Demetria Echeji
    Demetria Echeji

    i dont take offense. One, all races wear fake hair: research b/c they have websites and stores loaded with fake hair. Two, there is some truth here on some level.

  24. Tammie Faulkner Taylor
    Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    Let me say this, I’m not slightly offended. But I wonder if women of other races get beat up on about their choices in beauty as much as Black women? Asians & Whites and even those beautiful Brazilians STAY tanning, bleaching, implanting, getting their eyelids and noses done (Asians), and it’s understood/applauded. But Lawd, let a Black woman wear a weave. End of the world, the most tragic thing EVER. No one beats down Black people like other Black people. And no one beats down Black women better than other Black women. A white girl can get breast and butt implants and lip injections and her friends/family applauds. No one mentions “self hate” .A Black woman puts in a dayum weave and LawdhavmercyJesus, it’s the WORST thing ever!

  25. Steffanie Scott
    Steffanie Scott

    It is time to bankrupt them-no more patronizing to their hair shops, restaurants, and laundromats. It is time to support our own.

  26. Tammie Faulkner Taylor
    Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    A Black person made this. I’d bet the farm on that. No one criticizes Black people more than other Black people, whether it’s truth to it or not.

  27. Erica Holloway MrsNewsome
    Erica Holloway MrsNewsome

    I hate to say it….. nah I don’t. I just don’t care about this. I mean, they set up nail shops, liquor stores, quick marts, etc in black neighborhoods. Hair is NOT the only thing getting them paid. Nice try though.

    1. Trina Reid
      Trina Reid

      Then again, I think that reveals a deeper truth that this meme was intended to put BLACK WOMEN specifically on BLAST!

  28. Chelly Chell
    Chelly Chell

    I wear weaves and I’m far from insecure.. I’ll wear my natural hair out when I’m good and ready.. I’m not offended by the post and my white friends have been wearing tracks/weaves for years. Why must blacks continue to be our own worst critics.. We continue to think and promote that we have to fit a certain mold..

    I’ve heard other black women say “If you have a relaxer, you’re not proud of your blackness..” I don’t hear any of my white friends with natural hair color making comments to their dyed blonde friend.. We always talk about sticking together but be so quick to criticize another for their personal choices..

  29. Bernadette Abah
    Bernadette Abah

    Internet troll at it’s best. It’s really not that deep. Weave vs no weave is getting really boring now *Yawns*

  30. Lianaa Lee
    Lianaa Lee

    Why is everyone sounding like a revolution is about to take place against Asians ? Lmao just don’t wear weave or extensions , wear your beautiful ,natural hair. Doesn’t mean you have to stop buying from Asians altogether. African Americans hate on each other even on mixed/mulattos and acts racist without even noticing it. But are always the first to complain when another race does it back. People mainly look at African Americans to wear weave because they are known the most for wearing weave and extensions

  31. Monique Scott
    Monique Scott'Office Williams

    Sorry to say but 20% of females who wear weave aren’t insecure. Most females are insecure about their own natural hair. I have heard it multiple multiple times. Alot of black women hate their hair bc of being brainwashed. We are the only race who tries to prove our worth with material things to other race. Sad but true. Im not saying dont wear weave (I wear it sometimes BUT my priorities are met first) I’m saying black people need to get it together. If your weave is more than whats in your bank account you have a problem. Same with those Jordans . And it all comes down to we are trying to prove ourselves to others

  32. Tanisha Watkins
    Tanisha Watkins

    White women wear hair weave almost as much, as a matter of fact, even Joan Rivers has fake hair extensions. ..

  33. Ifonia Gelin
    Ifonia Gelin

    Black people get attack for everything we do as if you should be super human and not human at the same time. If anyone finds a group of humans and animals who can pull that off please let me know. We are too hard on ourselves people. While we’re busy pushing ourselves to crazy the other peoples are busy being happy with themselves knowing as human they’ll always make mistakes. Shouldn’t we know that as well? Cut the bull shit and love ourselves and each other

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