Raven Dyes Her Hair Grey. Do We Like It?

Raven goes grey



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Crystalloveme Ray

Very becoming #beauty#

Crystal Williams

No, but the style is cute

Kesha Keysha Keisha

Looks better than the other style she had.

Sharonda Monae

It’s ok. I’m trying to find out what color is her lipstick lol

Charishe Hamilton

Looks like Ruby Woo lipstick by Mac, the lip primer by Mac makes it go on smooth and keep the look.

Sharonda Monae

Thank you so much. I’ll be going to the Mac counter today!!

Carolyn M Tojo


Enez Laurendine

Anything is better than that pastel pink and green she had

Clevetta Drake

It’s cute !!!!

Briana Thomas

I think the gray hair thing looks cute but on her it make her look like she’s in her 40s

Stacy Jones

Everyone in their 40’s don’t look like this (hint)…… She looks wayyyyyyyy older!

Briana Thomas

I didn’t say they did.

Reasha BrooklynDa Brickhouse

She look older

Marva Burke-Ingleton

Face tough!

Pasty Andrus

It make her look older.

Joyce Baker

She’s still a igot

Lida Wallace

she’s soooo confused smh.

Tameka Ferrebee

Clever look its good ! With her action and all….n

Linda Young


Dabney Ross Jones

I don’t like her.

Ladlili Williams

looks mean nothing if you don’t have common sense.

Susan Cartwright


Charonda Hicks-Jones


Regina Robinson

Its Ok

Bunnay Jordan

She has no fashion sense… Why ask lol

Antoinise Labelleprecious Noel

She looks so old!

Shondra Lemon


Orange Moon

She looks good. I like that she is celebrating gray hair. Most people fill their heads full of chemicals just to make gray hair disappear; as if we think they are still kids? SMH…

Stephanie Macklin

It ages her but the style is hot.

Rosalene Marc Celestin

N to the o NO

Fatima Ross

Makes her look mature I like..

Alicia Lawson

It actually looks good on her

Bob Davis

Why say it’s her hair, when it’s a weave? Let’s give props to real sistas with real hair! Duh!!

Barbara Rene


Chanel Greer

If she likes it I love it but in other news they are putting a woman on the $10 bill in 2020 I’ll be 54 yrs old

Sheena Campbell

She just needs a hug. Go and sit down

Pamela Smith

She still is an airhead. Maybe she thinks it will make her “look” more mature. It won’t work. Her words make her immature and slightly foolish.

Cori Wilson

More than slightly!

Pamela Smith

Ain’t that the truth.

Dee Willis Turner


M Evonne Blanton

I love gray hair on people out of there 30s.. Gray is beautiful when deserved. Hmm not good look 4 her
.sorry rae.. luv ya

Joan Mckinnie-sanders

No makes her look too old!

Kim Young

She look older

Tina Lane

Loveeeee this ..now that’s what I’m talkin about….now this is her .

Telena Tarrent-El

She looks old

Pricedhigh Michcole

Yes, its the thing i like about her

Chantese Shaw


Endenezjia Graham


Mars Marie

No she look old sorry

Dee Dee

She looks too old (for her real age) and why so much make up?

Stacie Flin


Ťhə Ňăđ'žš Čťķ

No it makiing her look old

Patricia Lucky

Beautiful boo

Brianna Barksdale

Well she certainly looks like a 50 year old who aged gracefully

Cherique KaVonne Swanagan Smith

I love it. Makes her look mire mature

Sheliah Lynn

I like it..whether it’s real or fake