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  1. James Moore

    when will people just be grateful and love themselves. too much paint and hair. just fake. love yourself for who you really are don’t hide behind all of this stuff.

    1. Nichole Davis

      Yes caked up with make up and fake eye color. Take all that off and the hair and you have a completely different person smh

    2. Alice Broadway

      I’m natural . Have been for a long time I had my hair twisted like this for about 2 months . First time actually . Loved it . You know what I was the same person before and after the braids .Makeup yeah I wear it too . Right now I’m not wearing it everyday , to dang hot ! I wear it to church and if I’m going out somewhere with friends . I say this because I’m fully aware of who I am . It’s just cosmetics . Some people like it and some don’t . All good I’m me regardless .

    3. James Moore

      the look would make a good bank robbery mask because once you remove the fake to reveal the real, no one would ever notice that it was you that robbed the bank. to each their own. kudos to you and all the other fakes out there. i’m keeping it real. now leave me a lone.

  2. Carla Tyner

    All that hair is very, very heavy on one’s head and neck. It can affect ones entire body. The impending consequences are not worth it just to be cute and look nice.

  3. Victoria FromTexas
    Victoria FromTexas

    Like a doll! We need more beauties like these diversifying our shelves. Our babies need to see ALL of God’s glory, in ever skin tone

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