Nice sew in by @the_rose_affect




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Latoya Smith

You like this style Darrius Twin Beats Davis ❤

Staceyann Williams


Rosa Nelson

I like your hair style.

Elaine Reed-Anderson

That is really cute!!!

Kimberly Lockett

Tomeka Curb this is hot I can see you rocking this

Antionette Gray

Super cute.

Kendra Conwell-fuller

How perfect are those conrolls dang….

Renieka Jones-Patterson

That’s what I said!! Bomb af

Candra Barnett

Letisha Gildersleeve u should do this

Letisha Gildersleeve

It’s beautiful!

Robyn Davis

Thats a dame good job

Paulette Honore

I likes this also

Bisila Kilian

Sophia Brazille look at this

Hyacinth A Yorke

very nice

Shy Ward

I like this ????

Adrienne Coney

Maieshia Martin yassssss! Next time I see Dana this is it lol

Terri Tisdale

I love it

Tonisha Lewis

YOOOOOO Let’s do it!!

Veronica Days Bynum

I love tht

Myrna Harris


Jus Qui

Yea thats fly my hair is really cut like that. I might let it grow back

Christina Christina

Cute. Very cute!

Celestra Collins-dates

You know what I like that’s me.

Lydia Danielle

Taniesha Williams can you do this or something similar?

Lola Pearl


Taniesha Williams

I haven’t but that’s dope!!

Miranda Sanders

Celestra Collins-dates yesss!!

Willemien Awuku


Belinda Prempeh

Leuk he love it

Bj Crank

Wow! Amazing!

Jus Qui

Shaq Will ……..natural. Im natural now…..

Dyane Dixon

Fiona Neal ik you can rock this

Kriesha Shanta

Te’rra Mcgee ❤

Tanya Battle Survia

I like that

Renieka Jones-Patterson

I Luv this!!!

Carol Stembridge

I like it ..looks great..

ChillWill Johnson


Natasha Givens

Tamika Watson Ciarra Bozeman Shawntae Bryant …amazing

Tamika Watson

That’s the one girl page I showed you on ig she so cold

Natasha Givens

Yes she’s good

Ciarra Bozeman

She cold for that. It so natural though

Britnie Hutcherson

Toya Dorsey, can I get this?

Desha Samuels

Angella Evans u can rock this style girl

Avis Trent-Johnson

❤️️Maya Johnson

Ling Jackson

Looks gooodddd

Jasmine Hill


Diana Phelan


Sarah Edwards-Harris

Nakedra Rogers…..this one???

Abi La Grâce Divine

J’aime c ou le salon de coiffure svp

Elanda Jefferson


Bren Bren


Linda Powell-Williams

I like that hair style

Akili Glass

Adrianna Pressley wHat you should do

Chanda Williams Robinson

Stefanie Williams let’s do this!

Frankie Thurmond

Beautiful I like

Denetra Miles

That’s beautiful

Bianca Dianne Butler

Yea that nice as hell