Nice sew in by @the_rose_affect




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Monica Harper


Jean Douglas

I love this hairstyle.

Nascha Wanza

Monica Daniels this is cute!

Jasmine Crew

Kris Hall Mccall I like this

Kris Hall Mccall

I like that, too classy for everyday tho, for me. Lol

Olivia Gross

Need this style soon

Monica Daniels

You sleep pretty so this will work for you

Alicia Glover

Dejah Glover I want

Dejah Glover

Cute cute

Kris Hall Mccall

I wish my hair looked like that when you braid it on a circle.. Smh

Jasmine Crew

I might get something like this

Jasmine Crew

Symmone Relentlezz McKinney can u do this one for me

Trimm Lovely Browskin

Kiki Kiera try this

Renae Miller

Deshonda Tucker I like this

Deshonda Tucker

That is cute

Shalikh Williams

yea . I wanna try to do it ! it looks easy

Joycelyn Lane


Neshia Alexandria

I don’t like sew ins !!

Lisa Sadler

Luv it

Kira Dukes

Ashleigh Adams…I love this

Ashleigh Adams

Nice. My co-workers suggests i do this. But I’m skeptical

Kira Dukes

I think it would look cute

Shaunte Ramsey

Tiny Love, this would be cute on you.. Just cut the bangs up more

Tiny Love

Shaunte Ramsey hell yea I want this style for my bday

Jeanette QueenNetty Choisis

Catherine Murph I like this

Catherine Murph

Looks easy to do

Fee Bacon

Tynika Turbin-This is next

Tynika Turbin


ButterflyRenee Shepherd

Mimi Lee pretty haircut

Cynthia Mzcoldhearted Myers

Can u please do my hair like this Janorra Oohlala Frieson I love u long time

Sonya Benton

I love this…maybe one day I’ll get the courage to do it.

Gene Henry

I like that too

Renee Aintnochoosingthis Way

Without that bang

La'Tasha Howard

Ashh Kashh this would be cute on you

Ashh Kashh

yeah this is cute .

Snoes Wiebers

Bubbalz Sabajo this

Bubbalz Sabajo

Yesssss!!! Dit wilde ik mannnn

Mary Gazia


MissNikkiibabyy Coleman

Too cute !!!

Tracy Lynn

I like

Delilah Grant

Ok, I want this NOW!

Cherie Scott

Raquel Carpenter yes

Cionna Mckenzie-Scott

Karen Certified Whiting now I. Can do this. .. Let me hook you up

Cionna Mckenzie-Scott

8 or 10 will be perfect same color too

Cionna Mckenzie-Scott

This will look really good on you most def

Julie E McDowell

This is you Norma Boylorn

Lyn Tempest


Lyn Tempest


Atiya NofucArounds Robinson

Larissa Young this cute

Norma Boylorn

Yaaaasssss that’s me!!!

Pashun Philpot


Alison Strachan Witter

Leonie Witter Strachan love this

Jenise Faulkner

Hey! It’s Nicki Minaj circa 2007!

LaCondra Antoine

Nice, I want a nice bouncy bob

Nadine Ellis-Warner


Tajanae Denise

Phancy Luvshair I want

Dianna Lovejoy


Melony Abubakar

That’s cute!!

Marsha Allen

Who can do this

Anderson Tina

Your hair looks nice

Blessing Nikki Rotimi

For a second.. I thought Dat was Nicki minaj

Chanell Stevenson

Janae Motley this would be cute on you