Nice Nubian Twists @lyricfitthemelody




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DiSha Culpepper

Elle Christine love love love. What you think?

Elle Christine

Beautiful but too hard on my wrists

DiSha Culpepper

Kk keep your thinking cap on lol

Tammie Odle


Des Tiny


Pat Hammond

Nice twists

Latrisa Iluvmesumme Nettles

Omg B Jazzy Celestin I need these in my life!

B Jazzy Celestin

It’s crochet with the spring twist boo

Latrisa Iluvmesumme Nettles

B Jazzy Celestin that’s what i thought

Shamee'l Lovesherminimes Williams

These cute Sun Sunn can u do these?

Jamie Carter-Bailey

My next protective style

Larraine Young

LaShanda Cuthbertson Price I want for summer

Kristina Danielle

Sonya Seabrook these are cute!

Antonaya Nay-Nay Garner

Jasmine Chambers this is way too cute!

Jasmine Chambers

I love it! I’m trying this when my sides get long enough

Antonaya Nay-Nay Garner

Shouldn’t have cut it lol ???

Jasmine Chambers

??? I was waiting for that comment!

Antonaya Nay-Nay Garner

You can always count on me ?

CeeCee GotHer Own

Ambrianna Jones I thought of u wen I seen this

Ambrianna Jones

Omggg I love it

CeeCee GotHer Own

U would Def rock it

Carmina Weatherspoon-Kirkendoll

I LOVE this!!!!

Rachybaby Williams

Love this

Rissa Ward

On IG it says spring twists. Are they the same? Cute though!!

Keishel Burrell

Afro kinky twists too

Akoyé Simpson

I think I want this for my birthday Janea Alston-Goggins

Sandra N'diaye

Vrry nice

Robert Tyus


Krystal Sanders

Really cute but my hair needs to grow out more Frannie Hill

Petty Mayonnaise

You like these babe? Dale Cochran

Carlene-Marie Roberts

Lakezha Gardner oh my gaaaaad

Lakezha Gardner

She’s so cute I want this hair.. I need help with my baby hairs.. I don’t know how to rock it like this. . Lmao

Carlene-Marie Roberts

The alcohol free gel and the boar bristle brush and a head wrap/band

Tamiko Lockett

Amber Patton that’s cute

Thaireek Slayreek Flint

They are beautiful ?

Aasha Smith

hell yes lol

Nae Shanova

Carlita C. Jones I want this!

Carlita C. Jones

You on FB could only mean one thing???

Cylinda Shenise

Her eyebrows have a very different shape to them than what you normally see, but I really like them!

Cretia Cretia

I was going to say that too.. I like, I like!

Ramzy Gross

ArTyna Donay cute

ArTyna Beaulahfullchild Granger

I hope you talking about twist and not the hairstyle!!? But i love the Nubian twist

Ramzy Gross

The twist guh , lol … her eyebrows too

ArTyna Beaulahfullchild Granger

Lo…i thought so

Jordan R. Hawkins

Fish Denisha Robinson im living.

Denisha Robinson


Tracey Melody

Shadarra FlyGirl Gadlen You look like her

Mihaily Pieternella

First thing that comes to mind: the hairstyles in the music clip: “No Scrubs – TLC”
Love it

Myriah Moore

Libby love these crochets

Libby Carter Pritchett

Omg too cute!!!!!

Myriah Moore

Kandis these are crochets too

Kandis Newton Archie

I’m getting them next time!

MrsEstella Bell

These are gorgeous

Benenia Cox


Nickey Reddix

She is a doll

Kayla Stafford

Ikr I thought of u when I saw them

TinkkaLove Penn


Veronika John

Samantha Angel Baptiste Kwai Kwai…i love this alya

Kwai Kwai

Yea that two burn thing going now but I don’t think I cud rock it lol

Veronika John

I aint talkin bout the bun….how they do d kinky is cute n different!! Not regular 2 strand twist

Fatima Ross

Brandy lil sis

Endenezjia Graham

Super cute

MrsEstella Bell


Cherri Black

Are these braids?

Kyra Bray

Cammie Alston Lee I need this

Jeannie Regina Hall

I really love her look

Nacobi Lewis

Got my hair braided and as I was leaving I saw the nubian twist hair. I thought it was for crochet but it’s not. I’m going to try these.

Chanica Robinson

Britni Gonzalez she favor you just a lil bit

Bernice E. Johnson-Griffin

Is she a real person?

Vanessa Themuffinisyours Texidor

I Came to the comments just to see if anyone though her face looked painted on, literally.

Riquee King

If anyone knows the actual name of these twist or crochet twist PLEASE post!! Thank you from one natural to another!!!

Lovely CoCo

Nicole LaPearl this style is beautiful

Nicole LaPearl

It is!! Thats the length I wanted

Jamie Hawkins

I love it. These would be so pretty on you!

Nicole LaPearl

Thnx sis I think so too!!!!!

Shelly-Ann Sergeant

Yes indeed I will be doing this on myself real soon.

Zhane Irreplaceable Austin

That’s hella cute j