Natural Hair Cut And Pressed @michrich2





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  1. Nakia Boone

    Omg she cut all that beautiful hair… But how do u press it by it bein so short in the back… I like it tho. I want it.

    1. Nakia Boone

      I was just wondering because that would be kinda hard for someone who is not a stylist to keep doin that daily or every other day. Is this like a keratin treatment

    1. Destiny Cha'Nelle Smith

      B****h shut up like where u come from .. grow up and mind ur business stop tryna start fb drama … worry bout ya own bald head ! wtf

  2. Kelly Jamila

    would this be a lot of up keep since this is a strait style and she has natural hair ? its pretty.

    1. Kelly Jamila

      I know but that’s something id like to know 😛 I mean I’m kinda lazy when it comes to my haIr when getting ready for work or whatever. .. it just seems tedious.

    2. Kelly Jamila

      I don’t think you understand what I’m saying.
      More like. .. compared to someone with already relaXed hair having this hair style wouldn’t be as difficult as with someone with natural hair starting with the obvious that you wouldn’t have to flat iron or hot comb your hair every day to get it strait. ..because it already would be 😛 might only need to use one to style it a bit but that’s what I meant by tedious

    3. Jacinda Hardy

      I would also like to know if it’s a lot of up keep, I would love to wear that style…..natural hair too

    4. Loka NoLabel Jackson

      Yes I understood what you meant & what you described is exactly what you have to do to keep it straight looking like that.. now some others know how to keep a style straight without the heat styling I.e. wrapping it up at night & such. so everybody is different but again both processes on both sides have alot of upkeep to do .. just because its relaxed doesn’t mean it will be simply means that it would not be necessary to Press the hair very often…

  3. Nadia Whitis

    Wish my hair was thicker like hers. Love the cut though.

  4. Loka NoLabel Jackson

    I was talking to her negative ass..insinuating that she knows how this person feels about her own hair like “shes going to miss it” that’s none of her ever loving business any damn ways!

  5. Chris Irresistible Triggs

    I got dreads so hey

  6. Loka NoLabel Jackson

    Lol if you don’t have nothing nice to say that supports this woman decision to chop it off, why say anything? She could care less on how you feel about her long hair… some people just like throwing shade all the Damn time!

  7. Jacinda Hardy

    love the style, I wish I can find a good stylist in san antonio to do me a cut like that….but im natural and I don’t know if every two weeks will be enough to maintain that style

  8. Joi Tillman

    And her hair is beautiful, I’m sure it’s going to grow back healthier and lovelier than the first time!!!

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