Natural Hair Blow dried And Flat Ironed Shared By Deneen


Low air blow dry and low heat flat iron



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  1. Vedejah Scroggins

    Oh wow I wish I could grow mine out like that lol it will stay in a pony tail because id never feel like doing it hers is so pretty

  2. Charyleen Codjia

    Putin mais pire non mais elle vient d’où elle !? Obligé elle doit avoir du sang polynésien ou dans ces délires avec cheveux épais et super long !!! OMG I want it mais elle doit quand même galère

  3. Akire Goodridge

    Nice but to much for me. If I was her stylist she’d pay me $300 or better, that’s a lot of time, product and work. Sheesh!

  4. Tina Ishman

    Her hair is beautiful. But my hair is very thick. I saw they used a low heat flat iron and that doesnt work for me.

  5. Tina Ishman

    Nice hair. But i have very thick hair and I have to relax it to do anything with it. Even with a relaxer I cant use a low heat flatening iron. I hate using high heat because it might break my hair off. Any suggestions?

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