Natural Hair Blow dried And Flat Ironed Shared By Deneen


Low air blow dry and low heat flat iron


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Jessany Maldonado

Oh wow that’s a ton!! 🙂

Yemina Thomas

Whew wee, looks beautiful and very hot, lol.

Hazel Haskins

Her hair is so beautiful

Monique Bigbee

That’s the norm for pepo in Richmond CA everybody have long Black hair like that no mix!!!!

Marsha Foster Will

That’s a lotta hair!!!

D-Ann Jones

That’s pretty wish mines was that long.

Sylvia Ruffin

That’s crazy would not want to do that head

Pamela Denise Turner-Anderson


Nikki Hopson

That’s a lot of hair! I wouldn’t want to tackle it!!

Maria Hart

She’s Blasian.

Sharon Vanterpool

Beautiful !!!!

Christine Crutcher


Titania Pride

That’s my goal!

Machelle Masters

Just gorgeous!! If my hair grew that long, I would have only one are maybe two styles. I LOVE IT!!

Michelle Dickerson

Omg that’s a lot of hair!!!

Joy A. Scorpian

That’s some good hair

Davida Hann Brotherton

Hope she’s not tender headed!

Nicole James

Very nice but too much for me

Nikki Cole

Dang! Jealous 🙂 Beautiful!

Mekastayfab Steele

Beautiful just beautiful

Vedejah Scroggins

Oh wow I wish I could grow mine out like that lol it will stay in a pony tail because id never feel like doing it hers is so pretty

Dee Dee Priscilla Martin

Damnnnnnnnnnn gorgeous.

Millie Stokes


Tushiya Phelipa


Honeybee NY Queen

God blessed her with alotta gorgeous healthy hair! Adding to my wish list, lol

Fe Ovathabs Bunton

Well damn..long hair definitely dont care

Felissa Chasley

My goal

Lydia Beck-Thomas

wow that’s a lot of hair to deal with

Alesha Clayton

wow , i thought i had alot of hair

Areith Stokes


Cileane White

GOOD LORD! That must take hours!!!

Charyleen Codjia

Putin mais pire non mais elle vient d’où elle !? Obligé elle doit avoir du sang polynésien ou dans ces délires avec cheveux épais et super long !!! OMG I want it mais elle doit quand même galère

Sarah A. Pegourie

Mais c’est juste magnifique !!!

Akire Goodridge

Nice but to much for me. If I was her stylist she’d pay me $300 or better, that’s a lot of time, product and work. Sheesh!

Debdie Harrison Hudson

Omg beautiful hair

Broadstreet BlkGurl

Now that’s Hair!

Ocasio Brittany

im jealous but then again i just cut all mine off

Sonya Blake


Tanya Foster

Wow so beautiful !!

Kashmere Noel

Reminds me of the first time I ever had my hair blown out and flat ironed #nostalgia

Rayronda Rush

beautiful love her hair

Tonya Williams

Wow!, that’s just too much natural hair for me!

Kara Tar


Edwige Donis

OMG !..

Heather Norris


Bethany Jo

You did a great job Daddy 🙂

Kaneise Luvinmylife Reid


Kamilah Mandisa Stapleton

oh my.

Tina Ishman

Her hair is beautiful. But my hair is very thick. I saw they used a low heat flat iron and that doesnt work for me.

Deneen Goodbread

Try using a blow dryer with attachments (comb) or use a hairbrush when you are blowdrying your hair.

Tina Ishman

Nice hair. But i have very thick hair and I have to relax it to do anything with it. Even with a relaxer I cant use a low heat flatening iron. I hate using high heat because it might break my hair off. Any suggestions?

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