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  1. Tracy Loyd

    Can anybody help me please my daughter has natural textured hair… I have been getting it braided for the last 3 years but for the last 2 years she has been pulling it out from the scalp so now its really short at this point I think the hair pulling Is habitual… I’m done with putting the braids I like this natural look can any one recommend hair style products for growth & enhancing texture to her hair please

    1. Tracy Loyd

      Nothing, I’m trying to do Away with the braids , she has pulled her hair out so bad that it looks horrible, she is embarrassed of the shortness , I have tried EVERYTHING as far as hiding it but she just keeps pulling it out … So now I’m tired of. Wasting $$ on the braids more so tired of yelling at her and punishing her becuz she can’t control the pulling I want her to get comfortable with her natural hair becuz I don’t see any other options….

  2. Cora Milton

    Maybe try leave in conditioners and twist it at night like the two stand rope twists nothing fancy just enough to stretch her hair at night and to add texture Tracy Loyd

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