Look at That Length Retention! @coco_nanh

natural hairstyles @coco_nahn



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    1. Jasmine Hazzard

      If you have instagram you can probably find out on her page since her ig name is on top of this picture

  1. Shirley Winters Harris

    Why you blessed young lady, Lord I want my thick hair back. My hair thinned so bad from diabetes, and I’m on two blood pressure meds.

  2. Sirap Cm

    Who wants to walk around looking like they have a blanket on? It’s a lot of hair, but……meh

    1. Sirap Cm

      Does NOT look good at all.
      Having hair is one thing. But walking around looking like zamunda the lion is a hot mess!

    2. Sirap Cm

      Not. I have , what’s called “pretty hair” with long coils, loops and it cascades in soft whimsical bends to my shoulders. And if needed, should I allow it to grow withoit a weekly manicure, it will tickle my lower back. There is absolutely no hate. I have a silk blanket on my head-not a long bath sponge. Sorry, see pic for reference:

  3. Vicki Campbell

    Yikes. I can’t handle it. My hair as a child look very much like that. I remember cutting off a big fat braid lol. It was torture getting my hair done. I keep short hair and I will for my life. This lady enjoys her hair and I say that’s great. Keep on loving your hair.

  4. Alisha Davis

    That is an awesome mane, this is where I hope my hair journey can take me. #realblackbeauty #goddess #beautifulblackwomen

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