Little Bella shared by Tiffany – Cute little style and age appropriate


She let me detangle wash and comb her hair today with out crying lol. Cute little style and age appropriate.


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Candy Flynt Bearor

How adorable is she? 🙂

DA White

Soo Cute!

Natrice Babineaux

Yes this is very neat and I’m tired of puffs on little girls you can already see damage from puff all the time

Lavern Johnson

Very cute

Connie Sherice Mills

Aaaww she’s so cute

Tonya Ivey


Sandra Morris

Aaaaaw so cute!

Fayerene Washington

Cute as she wanna be:)

Destiny Brown

Soon as I saw the pics I said,”aww look at da baby.”

Tammie Faulkner Taylor

I love simple styles like this. Never been a fan of those 50-11 ponytails with those godawful plastic white and clear barrettes or beads.

Tiffany Wright

Thank you ladies!!!!

Alyssa Stewart-Anderson

Alright Tiffany and Drae! Bella going viral… Lol.

Tiffany Wright

Lol Alyssa i know right!!!

Renee Platinumstandard Allen

That’s my Bella boo :-)!

T.m. Jones

Look at Princess Bee!!!!

Francesca Wright

Tiffany Wright my little cuz famous now lol

Rochelle Corilette Liyah Warner

I love that. “age appropriate”
I don’t know why mother be trying to double the age of their child then moan when shes in her teens and you can’t keep track of what tom dick or harry is strolling through your home.

Anywho, adorable little girl!

Chasdity Randle

Bella 🙂

Candace L. Coleman

#BELLA getting them votes in! I see ya, ‘Yella’! Lol

Sequoia Murphy-Adekola

Look at my Bella boo boo.. Her such a pretty princess

Cynthia Towns

She is such a cutie pie!!!!