Flawless braided pony via @amourjah





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Lovely Monica

I need that

Catherine Njeya

Hoshalah N Misodi this style for neenee

Hoshalah N Misodi

Let’s do it

Sangerla Brown

Charles’Tasha Brown this is cute

Krystal Brown Brooks

I love it…I wish my baby will sit still long enough for me to do this

Amie Jackson

April Thomas You would rock this!

Nicole Johnson

Mya Michelle this will also suit Mya

Mya Michelle

Yep Nicole Johnson im gonna get this done for mya. this will defo suit her. thsnks x

Divine Mapitshi


Ciara Chapple Sullivan

Too pretty.. I like this to the t of things

Demba Aladje


Kenyetta Eubanks-Lindsey

That’s Cute Boo ????

Kenyetta Eubanks-Lindsey

That’s what I’m talking about… ????????

Sharita Lashae


Shanta Mitchell

This is FRESH.

Jazmyne Santiel


Sugamamma Jackson

Lovely n i can braid that up for my sister

DuuhhIts Ariee

Khiddoo DeeThisss Cutee

Jennifer M Barbee

Moochie Ms’YoGotti Horn how much for this and what kind of hair I need to get

Aisa Thomas

this is hella bomb, I want this in the summer Shamara Robinson

Shanika Talford

Michelle NoStress Nofilter look at this

Michelle NoStress Nofilter

I love it

Michelle NoStress Nofilter

I like it to

Lely Martina


Shala Harris

Jayla Rodrigue-Harris since u have edges u should do this itll look cute on u

Jayla Rodrigue-Harris

Yeah that’s cute

Tee Long

Nay Moche nice!

Kadejah Lanier

Lmao go to the shop it’ll be cute on yall

Constance Tamarah Pharr

LeAnn Crump this is what i should get for the cruise

Londa Dunn

Yesssss I

Allysa Mccoy

I love braids but I will past Olivia you get’em

Tiffany Ledford

That is so cute

Steph Snead

Yasss! That’s cutee

Calais Reshawn Veland

That’s cute

Jessica Hawkins

That’s real cute!!!

Ora London


Nancy Vixamar

Cute, but them edges though.

LaTonya Bradley

Amia Nicolee LaKevia King ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

LaKevia King

I like that!! And you know I’ll kill it!

Shakeira Nash

I loveeeeee this ????????

Alesha Leelee Owens

Aaliyah my favorite hair style

Alesha Leelee Owens

Lol when I first saw this pic I was like Ooh this is cute I should get this.. Then I remembered

Aaliyah Sullivan

Wore that mf style out

Alesha Leelee Owens

But I still want it

Aaliyah Sullivan

Wtf it’s not even an adult style

Alesha Leelee Owens

It can be

Aaliyah Sullivan

And it only last like 2 weeks

Alesha Leelee Owens

That’s Gud… Keep it simple

Aaliyah Sullivan

I freakin hate that style

Alesha Leelee Owens

I think its super cute

Aaliyah Sullivan

Of course you do it was your go to style everytime we was getting in some water

Alesha Leelee Owens

My daughter gone be rocken this every day of her life and if I don’t have a girl then I’m gone grow my son hair out

Aaliyah Sullivan

It’s not even cute!

Alesha Leelee Owens

Lol yes it is

Christy Lincoln

Chanel Altman Chailendra Pipkin MsHottie can one of yall do me this

Wa Simo

Nice one for muroora wangu

Toni Brooks


Michele Florczak

Love it

Alisha Davis

Chanda Nelson.. Nani would look cute with this style

Rea Ellis

You want it Andria Denise

Marcia Chase


Con Con

Ajailah Ogiemwonyi this is cute

Evelyn Powell

Very nice

Kathleen Curate


Tracey Roberts