And This Is What The CWK Plates Look Like On A Full Head Of Hair


More on the CWK plates here and here.



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  1. Alycia M. Ward

    I would use it. It would be nice to get the hair straight with no heat then follow up with a little from a flat iron to make it more sleek.

  2. Whisheika Chissell

    Saw it last year. I don’t believe it’s a scam. The owner/inventor was raising funds I think to develop more units. I would try it. However, just wondering about the drying time without heat.

    1. Chala M. Brooks

      Yes they are real but not sure if they are still available. Saw something last year that wasn’t good on the inventors part. Hopefully it worked out.

  3. Latoya Aaliyah Small

    I got way too much hair almost 17 inches I would need like 100 of these. But I use heat often never had heat damage and it’s been over 3 years natural. No thanks

  4. Tiana Clayton

    I’m curious, but in all honesty, I’d just walk around while they’re drying making the Transformers sound while I go from standing to sitting. Plus I’m concerned that they won’t go the full length of my hair and get it straight enough, which results in me using heat anyway.

  5. Jenny JackJack

    This is such a waste of time …. Long Hair would require tons of these to complete the process. Grab a flat iron and get over it.

  6. Tasha Nash

    I need these Rashawnda Chevon look Ebony Hazelnhercoils Mason Patrice Fuquay Cherie Styles

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