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    1. Jineane Latroy

      I work in a city library. We have a business casual dress code. There are several people with purple hair and one with pink.

    2. Kourtney Brene Williams

      What’s consider a professional setting? Because I work in a corporate office as a technical designer and have purple AND pink hair. Everyday I have someone stop me in the hallway and ask what colors I use.

    3. Aisha Bruce

      Professional means having a profession. It has nothing to do with appearance. It’s all about your attitude and character when dealing with whoever you deal with on a daily basis. Teachers are professional, athletes are professional, lawyers are professional. They all have different ways of dressing in their work environment. Your attitude sucks. I feel sorry for the one who has to deal with you on a daily basis. ?

    4. Sindy Lucas

      Maybe where you work, but not where I work. Where I work and where a lot of people work appearance matters and she wouldn’t cut it based on that alone. Don’t like it? Complain to someone else. And I don’t know one teacher or real professional with purple or pink hair. And you realize you didn’t have to comment on this. You chose to. So chose not to deal with me. Not that I would be deal with anyone like you anyway. And I wouldnt deal with the purplehead monster either. Move on with your life.

    5. Aisha Bruce

      The fact that you called this young lady a monster speaks volumes about you as a human being. Professional? I think not. ??

    6. Jineane Latroy


      Again, I work for the city in a major Library there is colored hair. Teachers have tattoos and piercings as well. Your concept of professional doesn’t matter if you aren’t doing the hiring.

      Your passion on this subject is far reaching, but you should understand that being right for you doesn’t make it right for the world.

    7. Kourtney Brene Williams

      Honey I work in the fashion industry as a designer for a company who’s clothing is sold world wide so if that’s not professional than I don’t know what is.

    8. Porsha KB Dinkins

      I worked for the state board and they allowed me to express my self freely. I’ve had red hair. I’ve even had rainbow hair. I got most of my negative comments. From ppl in the church

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