Ceramic Phusion On 28 Inch Natural Hair


The before pic is after the blow dry before the Ceramic Phusion which is the art of straightening natural hair with a 100% ceramic iron. He clients hair was measured at 28 inches long. @scissorhappychante



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  1. Rona Leake

    My daughter has very thick hair and it was long till she came back from camp. I noticed her hair had broken off horribly. I thought it was from her braids but it was brought to my attention that she probably wasn’t washing the chlorine outta her hair. Well its camp time again and so far I’m sending her with a leave in conditioner n some oil for her scalp. Am I taking the right approach.

    1. Mzjairenee Monroe Momon

      Yes but make sure when she returns home u shampoo her hair with a good chair-flying shampoo and deep condition her hair. There will be some shedding don’t be alarmed but also make sure she rinses her hair when she showers after the pool to get the chlorine out off her hair

  2. Hixie Carr

    How do you keep your hair from getting heat damage? I use low heat and heat protectant sprays and I blew out my hair professionally for the first time 18 months post chop and now some of my curls are loose. What’s you’re secret?

  3. Hannah Okorafor

    Now this is what you call a blow out! Stupid hairdresses be using rubbish tools on your head!
    Who you get to do your hair is just as important as how you maintain it… #lessonlearned!

  4. Shauna Garvin

    wow that beautiful I know it must took her hours to dry her being that long when u take good care of your body it show will your hair

  5. Porter Novelli

    Wow- is an understatement. She’s living proof folks don’t need to wear other people’s hair on their heads. Grow your own. Beautiful.

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