Bows, Cornrows And Curls




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Kelly White


Teresa Wheeler

A Lil too much going on

Selena McQueen

No smh

Pam E Pam

I would like it with a bun instead of the curls

LadieFace AlwaysOnher QueenStatus

Im confused….

Meandmytwopiece Smith

Too busy

Sherri Jean

To put that little girl through all of that is so painful…just let the be.

MizTrie Glin

Too busy

Jamie Carter-Bailey

Why must we be so extra smh. Less is more people

Ugaaso Mohamed

LOL so true, less is more. Nonetheless, pampering yourself for occasions doesn’t hurt.

Jamie Carter-Bailey

I agree to each it’s own

Vanessa White

Sorry far “too busy” so it’s a no from me!

Chandradaughterof Janettegranddaughter Ofjames

Too much going on

Sandra Ifeoma Orimilikwe

Sorry but this is ugly

Courtney Esther

Way too much going on here. Less is more ✌️

Sandy Lou

Too much!!!!

Jessica Nicole J

This something you’ll see in the south, too much going on

Dee Dee Imworkingonme Staley

Ok …This is a lot for a little head…let her be a child…smh..

Essence Ssenceofbeauty Douglas

I Like little bows they are cute ♡

Pamela Traeye

Waaaaaaay too busy!

Sharma Bryant

Too much going on.

La Toya Taylor

Alittle to tacky.

Amma Debrah

All I see is the aftermath…..tangled hair.

Dreana McCall

I think it is very unique and proves the artistry of the one who did all the work. Can we at least celebrate someone;s raw talent??? I think it’s a great work of art

Tangela Cobb

Not for me…way too much going on. Not Cute!!!

Chyenne Ridge

That’s too much. .

Kris Humphrey


Paris Evans

Ratchetttt lok

Denise Freeman

Too much going on.

Nikki TaylorMade Taylor

That’s way to much going on for a little girl….

Stephanie Montalvo

Ah man

Stephanie Montalvo

Good work though 🙂

Gina Mcgee

Uhhhhhh ?

Maria Johnson


Ni-Ni Patterson

I did that as somewhat of a two-toned (dark brown and brown) “hairband” behind a pompadour, but there were more bows and less space in between. Looked like a very professional up do , and it lasted two weeks, which is good for me since I tire easier than most of hairstyles. Very easy to do.

Monique Ceasertho

It’s way to busy and not practical for a little girl.

Denna Harrison

Going to damage her hair when taking it down

Alicia Huffman

MsMahogany Towns this cute, I bet you could do it.

HeatherTruly BlessedTaylor

I wonder how long it’s going to last? Don’t look like it will

Sheena Campbell

It’s alot going on…

Whitney Tyrell

I feel like I should hang christmas ornaments on her head!

PoisonIvy Wright

Tangies Starfive Braids. Now this is cute and different!

Tangies Starfive Braids

very creativeee

Chanèl Renee

It could do without the bows .

MsMahogany Towns

Alicia Huffman Sure can

Lynn Lydia Ferguson

Very nice

Britini Chaney

Not my cup of tea

Melissa Meli Mels


Monique MzMoney Woods-Burse

Hell no

MacKangela Willis

That’s too much, how is this baby suppose to sleep? ????????‍♀️

Kalia Clausell

Looks messy did she sleep on it already ????????