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  1. Fatima Ross

    Is it me or her photoshop job is messed up she got hair growin out her eye and it’s stretched hmmmm anywho cute

    1. Chevy Red

      It’s not photoshopped and her hair is not growing from her eye in this pic. Her hair just so happen to be in her face.

  2. Sarah Nicole

    Some of y’all need to get a instagram and go look up these women before you try and call their hair fake. Always somebody.

    1. Fatima Ross

      No one call her hair fake I didn’t i was speaking on the way her eye looked honey so bye and any photo can be photo shopped prior to being placed in IG we all say she beautiful don’t come with the katty #AlwaysSomebody

    2. Sarah Nicole

      I’m not being catty. If you weren’t tryna say her hair is fake then why you mad? It wasn’t directed specifically at you I stated my comment because every photo the post somebody always says something about it looking this and that. They give you the IG name just go look it up. Hahaha. Yea. Hair length appears different from braid outs to twist outs to blow outs and angles the photos are taken. So what? Doesnt make them photoshopped or fake. Lol

    3. Fatima Ross

      Girl bye you hella mad Boo it’s written all over your comment and when you posted your say it was only two comments saying it was Photoshop not like it was 200.. these days a lot is fake or tampered with can’t get mad at ppl for stating an opinion lmao like I said my daughter 8 has just as much hair as that lady anyone can have long hair boo boo don’t get mad at us bc she altered her photo smh

    4. Fatima Ross

      Anything can be photo shopped prior to being placed on ig honey lmao! And I mentioned my daughter bc she’s a kids with so much hair so Yes we all know anyone could have lots of hair.. I’m Happy you chose your words wisely Good Day

  3. Jamila Kelly

    It’s probably her real hair but lbh, if you can’t tell the picture is warped to possibly make her hair look bigger then you are in this horrible denial XD I can’t get past people like that. I’m mostly here for the comments

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