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  1. Tay Lindsay

    I’m not cutting my hair unless it very damage, she could have got a Tera cap done the same way as the cut

  2. Ra Wilson

    I did this before and will NEVER do it again. Get a short weave with a natural part and leave your length alone! It’s all good until your ready to rock a silk press for the summer with your length blowing in the wind until you remember you lost your mind and cut off all your hair.

    1. AG Moore

      Not everyone has to have hair blowing in the wind. When I had mind haor I kept mine up and or natural….or was too hot for all that.

  3. Quana K. Mason

    Maybe she cut her hair because she wanted to cut her hair just to try something different. Never be afraid of change, looks like she has a nice healthy head of hair on her head. The thing about hair is when it’s taken care of, it grows back healthy, stronger and longer. In the last 8 years I’ve done tge big chop three times, I’ve relaxed it and went back to natural 2 times, I’ve colored it and cut it into styles that I have grown to love for the moment. Now it’s growing back. So for all of you saying what you wouldn’t have done, take a risk, you just might enjoy the change. Ijs

  4. Janice Weems

    She has very healthy hair that many wished they have. It will grow back fast you can tell. That style looks good on her and it’s her choice regardless of how we feel.

  5. Tamika Amos

    Cut my hair and love it. Can’t imagine growing it back now. I’m having to much fun with it.

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