How To Do “Invisible Part” Weaves – Two Methods Of Installation

How To Do Invisible Part Weaves - Glue in and sew in methods

“Invisible part” weaves have been around for a few years now. The point of them is to use the specific layering technique to show your own scalp without actually leaving any of your own hair out to hide the tracks. The part itself isn’t invisible of course, rather the technique makes the weft or tracks invisible to make it appear that extension hair is growing directly from your own scalp.

I have seen some pictures of these done expertly by a professional which look absolutely flawless but you know that we have all seen ratchet looking ones on the streets too. There appears to be two methods that you can use to install your weave in this manner, the Glue In Method or the Sew In Method.

Having a leave out portion of your own hair is certainly the best way to make a weave appear as natural as possible but many may feel that the added manipulation on this portion of hair defeats the purpose of protective styling.

The two videos below are by no means the best examples of each method but rather a basic illustration on how each method can be achieved.

The “Glue In Method”

The results of the glue in method are certainly superior simply because you are able to place the tracks very close to each other so you end up with the most natural result.

Of course the big con here is that you have to use GLUE in your hair. A huge no-no when you are on a HHJ so my advice? Tred with care. The style may be cute but could also lead to a huge setback.

The “Sew In Method”

This is of course the safest method but where the method excels in preventing hair damage, you lose out in the final look of the style as it does not produce the most natural result.

Because you are kind of limited in the number of tracks that you can apply as it depends on the braid pattern that you use, this technique will likely produce a ‘gappy’ or choppy looking part. Of course if you are willing to create smaller braids, you will likely be able to apply more tracks layered on top of each other leading to a better result but it may still end up looking bulky with all the sewing involved.

Personally, I have to say that I’ve never been completely convinced by invisible part weaves, I suppose mostly because I’ve never seen a real life example that completely convinced me of it’s merits but the method does seem popular.

Also if you are using weaves as a means to an end (to grow your own), then an unconvincing part is a small price to pay to protect all your hair for the duration of the style.

Do you think invisible part weaves look natural?

Originally posted 2014-03-07 20:00:12.

About Alma Ruddock

I’m Alma Ruddock, the founder and editor-in-chief of I stumbled on a hair care forum back in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair, and quite possibly my life, forever! I immediately started to transition to natural hair and started as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to help others achieve their dreams too. My three passions are hair, art and entrepreneurship and I love to be able to bring my unique view on hair growth and successful hair journeys to our readers. I am an eternal optimist and workaholic. In addition to BHI I have founded quite a few other websites and businesses including Elongtress Hair Vitamins and Urban Gyal which all fall under the umbrella of my company Coils Media Ltd.

About Alma Ruddock

I’m Alma Ruddock, the founder and editor-in-chief of I stumbled on a hair care forum back in 2008 frustrated with my breaking relaxed hair and the information that I found there changed the fate of my hair, and quite possibly my life, forever! I immediately started to transition to natural hair and started as a way to help both myself and other women of color achieve their dreams of long healthy hair. I have now achieved my goal length and I continue to help others achieve their dreams too. My three passions are hair, art and entrepreneurship and I love to be able to bring my unique view on hair growth and successful hair journeys to our readers. I am an eternal optimist and workaholic. In addition to BHI I have founded quite a few other websites and businesses including Elongtress Hair Vitamins and Urban Gyal which all fall under the umbrella of my company Coils Media Ltd.


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  1. J
    J'Corion Sawyer

    A sew in invisible part is only for curly hair or if you’re just leaving a small amount of hair out

  2. Myesha Mee-Mee Baker
    Myesha Mee-Mee Baker

    It depends on who does it & how it’s done a lot of people don’t know how to make them look natural.The glue in 1 in this pic looks okay but the sewed in 1 looks hideous!I don’t like either of the styles in these pics tho because they don’t look that natural. I’ve seen some with closures that look very natural.

    1. Tiana Rose
      Tiana Rose

      I use glue when I make my wigs, idk about people who use it on their hair, there are other ways people! And if your hair is long enough you can sew it in yourself #youtube

    2. Vee Smith
      Vee Smith

      i use glue to add color tracks. i damaged my hair with dying my hair. i didnt know how to take of it, but glue does fine. its how u take care of it.

  3. Tasha Mack Scott
    Tasha Mack Scott

    Glue in look good it look just how it will look if u were to part your own hair . I think it should be called visible part cuz u can clearly see it. I love invisible parts tho

    1. Austinescapes

      The sew-in weaves can look natural, however, here the glue-in looks better for sure. I agree.

  4. Albertine Williams
    Albertine Williams

    the problem with the glue in is that as the hair continues to dry it pulls the hair tighter and the part gets wider. this is very painful. both look fake though. I would rather have leaveout for a natural part.

  5. I.c. Watkins
    I.c. Watkins

    No, they don’t look real and anyone who thinks they look good, think again. Not a fan!

  6. RaeAna Alexander
    RaeAna Alexander

    If done right an invisible part can be beautiful, even though you know it’s fake. But not enough stylists know how to make them perfect. I think the same thing about lace front closures.

  7. Harriett York
    Harriett York

    Never… Real part is never that clean…, not like someone took clippers and cut a line in you hair.

  8. Tanisha Eshe Brathwaite
    Tanisha Eshe Brathwaite

    Both of these weaves look nasty . Idk why people get invisible parts anyway . It makes u look like a cancer patient with a messed up weave!!! Gtfoh . Might as well leave your real hair out at the top flat iron it to perfection and call it a good one

  9. Avalon Irion
    Avalon Irion

    No, i personally think it looks awful. I catch my self regularly checking out these really fake looking parts and wondering to myself: why didn’t on of her friends tell her something??

    1. Sharhaj Miller
      Sharhaj Miller

      i know right? like geez, even if ur mirror fools u, you aint got no friends with eyes? who makes ur ur crew, hellen Keller an Ray Charles?

  10. Myblack Isbeautiful
    Myblack Isbeautiful

    The glue in look better . The sewin look bogus asl. Ion like invisible part. I rather do the overlayer. That looks more natural.

    1. Rielle Cristina
      Rielle Cristina

      @ Stephanie, from what I’ve seen people on YouTube actually make them themselves. It prevents things like heat damage because you don’t need to leave out any hair.

    2. Krystal ChocolateBarbie Lawrence
      Krystal ChocolateBarbie Lawrence

      important thing is….you have to make sure it matches your skin tone. I am darker so it was hard for me! Most people use makeup (foundation) to make it blend well and look natiural

    3. Denise Coty
      Denise Coty

      Hair and glue don’t go together. Never did. Ask all the bald headed sistas using glue. Braid and stitch is the way to go. You can make it look very natural.

  11. Sapphire McCalla
    Sapphire McCalla

    No, glue-in is a lot better than the sew-in, based on this photo. However lace closures are a whole lot better

  12. Edna Lewis
    Edna Lewis

    OMG!!! Someone I knew quite well had that type of weave and she had to have noticed I would be looking at her forehead! Where her part was, I thought she’d lost her hair!!! I didn’t know it was a type of weave until just now!!! So I don’t like it.

  13. Tina Triwmer
    Tina Triwmer

    At least someone have tried and therefore practice makes perfect. Not everyone can afford a lace front wig.. kids ofto go to skool and food ofto eat.

  14. Gail Pixley
    Gail Pixley

    I would like to see more natural hair ! Down with wigs and weaves ! Come on sisters !

  15. Zuri Moja
    Zuri Moja

    Weave dosen’t looking.natrual period unless you buy the texture to match your hair. It don’t.matter how you part if the fake hair is bone straight and you leave real hair out that isn’t it looks off especially if its different lengths.

  16. LaShaye-Shante Lynniece
    LaShaye-Shante Lynniece

    If it were not for weave how could we protect our natural hair… or do versatile things? I am not coloring my hair again bc I had to bc It again after 3 years because it was damaged. But Im keeping a sew in for a year so many hair can retain length. I’m not a fan of weave either… But hey.. a girl’s gotta do…….

  17. Lexx Flexx
    Lexx Flexx

    If you gonna go there i think you should have a real weave you know that blends with your own hair.

  18. Joi Elyse
    Joi Elyse

    The glue in looks a lot better than the sew in but if ppl want to keep their hair protected and also want a part in their head why not get it…

  19. Denita Brandon
    Denita Brandon

    The one on da right looks ah mess da one on da left looks gud just too far bak… I love mi natural hair bt i love mi tracks as well lol #IJBH

  20. Rhonda Love
    Rhonda Love

    They both look nice but the part is sooooo wide. Is there a way to make it more narrow

  21. Chessie Bestee
    Chessie Bestee

    I don’t see no reason for people to get upset. These days the weave is really. It’s not hair tail it’s not no synthetic it’s REALLY HUMAN HAIR. I don’t personally like the invisible part thing, it’s really suppose to be used for females who have a bad hairline but not everyone knows that then weave is a protective style for alot of us women. It’s versatile so you don’t have to mess with your hair for months. The maintenance is minimum and you can get it your real hair taken care of as needed..

  22. Princess Jessica
    Princess Jessica

    They actually have a name for this? I just always thought it wasn’t done well because quite frankly it looks awful. And there is nothing invisible about it.

  23. Sharhaj Miller
    Sharhaj Miller

    That is some ‘let my ppl go, Moses crossing, highway of the future’ invisible part on that sew in…nooo…the glue in is ok but ehh…ladies,invest in a lace closure..plz dont act a fool…looking like the Indy 5000

  24. Angela Walker
    Angela Walker

    How about wearing your NATURAL hair….then you wouldn’t have to worry about your part “looking” natural…it would BE natural! Geesh! #Gluewasn’tmeatforHAIR #Needle&threadweren’tmeantforHAIR

    1. Vee Smith
      Vee Smith

      we like to switch up our hair without putting stress on our real hair. #long hair and damage free

  25. Camille D Sale
    Camille D Sale'

    Some are very detectable while others look really good… As a stylist, I think the quality of the hair makes the overall hairstyle look more authentic regardless of the way is closed up.

  26. Imani Malika
    Imani Malika

    I don’t think this looks natural at all. I never do. Its cool to be able to switch up the style or protect your hair or whatever. I guess I’ve always just wondered why bother doing it when its so obvious that its fake? There are better weaves than others but its always so obvious to me. And don’t get me started on all the exposed tracks I see on a daily basis.

  27. Blessedfrom Above
    Blessedfrom Above

    The hair is manufactured… I’ve been to different places where the make the hair…the real hair comes from India and that’s very expensive…I like natural hair…there r ways to grow natural hair long…

  28. Quisha Quisha
    Quisha Quisha

    I never understood this concept. Invisible means not there or can not see. You clearly can see the part. Can someone explain this? somebody lol

  29. Stacy F. Morrow-Irby
    Stacy F. Morrow-Irby

    Do the parts have to be SOOOOOOOO WIDE?? I mean who actually has a part that wide. I love the concept but I hate the wide part.

  30. Laura Dosmeus
    Laura Dosmeus

    Why is it called “invisible part” when the part is visible -_- .. then again we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway..

  31. LaDeya Tiffonya
    LaDeya Tiffonya

    Mykia is a good stylist at the weave bar on Germantown and armat. . Phila pa.. that is all.. GOOD DAY

  32. Candace Reed
    Candace Reed

    When they look natural its ok. You wouldnt have 1 inch part with your real hair so why do it with waeve. SMH!!

  33. Dekie Diamond
    Dekie Diamond

    Most sew-ins with parts like that, come from two reasons in my experience… One being tha way tha hair is braided…. If tha invisible part section (braids) are braided very close in will look very similar to tha glued pic… Two is tha thinness of tha clients hair in tha section where tha part is located…..and side parts are worse because of tha soft texture of hair, plus a lot of people who wear weaves dont take care of their edges, resulting in thinning….but this is just my opinion….

  34. Tammie Faulkner Taylor
    Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    No. Maybe 1 out of a thousand. Same for those “illusion”hairlines. 99.99% of the time they look horrid. They lool like someone shaved or burned a super wide part into their head. Like those beauty supply lacefronts , I cringe when I see them.

  35. Tammie Faulkner Taylor
    Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    The issue is, when people wear them, they THINK theirs look like the one on the left, because all their friends tell them it looks good and natural but it really looks like the one on the Right.

  36. Tammie Faulkner Taylor
    Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    Wait until y’all see “illusion hairlines” . Some more hot ghetto mess that they THINK looks natural. Even worse than this “inVISIBLE” part tragedy.

  37. Jaee Trann
    Jaee Trann

    it all depends on how its done!! who cares if it looks natural or not kus we all know that ain’t they real hair! no hate..

  38. Tht Gal RiRi Lov
    Tht Gal RiRi Lov

    No but I have seen some that looks nice K Michelle straight end bob cut with invisible part looks natural

  39. Ni-Ni Henderson
    Ni-Ni Henderson

    When it is done right and with certain hair, it sure can look natural. People always think it is my hair whenever I do it…There are great examples of it done right out there…

  40. Ta-Tanisha Pollard
    Ta-Tanisha Pollard

    Those parts look horrible! Whose natural part is that wide to where it looks as though someone took some hair clippers and shaved a line in their head?!? #NoMa’am

  41. Lisa Wise
    Lisa Wise

    I dnt even care if they knw its fake as long as it look gud to me love hair natural or fake

  42. Lucia Yassin
    Lucia Yassin

    And why is it called invisible if you can see it a mile away? Lmao! Someone needs to look up the word invisible!

  43. Trice Ball
    Trice Ball

    weakest weave method i have ever seen… give me a good laugh every time i see it tho… that ish be like a 2 inch gap

  44. Mateland Mayes
    Mateland Mayes

    No. I’ve seen good weaves and bad weaves, but I’ve can always recognize a weave when I see one.

  45. Stephanie Montalvo
    Stephanie Montalvo

    They both look wack. Why is natural in the same sentence as weave. Let the weave be a weave and natural be natural.

  46. Jamila Kelly
    Jamila Kelly

    The glue in looks real o.O not the sew in though.
    They make really realistic lace front wigs that have invisible parts now that look amazing. Easier then getting a weave!

  47. Shavoka Shae
    Shavoka Shae

    That’s a terrible invisible part on the right, especially for it to be a sew in. The glue in looks really good though; and natural.

  48. Raven Marie
    Raven Marie

    Those are just bad invisible parts….I’ve see very good ones….but I think they’re ridiculous lol

  49. Katina Brewster
    Katina Brewster

    I can’t stand them they always look like someone shaved a part into someone’s head.Not a good look.

  50. Akilah Robinson
    Akilah Robinson

    Read the article first if you know then the sew in one is not going to look as natural as the glue in but the con is that you have glue all on you’re hair. Folks need stop over the stop with dumb comments I’ve seen way more ratchet hair styles then these two on Facebook with ten colors and pookie name in the back of they head.

  51. Brande Richmond
    Brande Richmond

    They look crazy to me always have, i wonder why they call them invisible parts for they have always been very visible and not in a good way to me

  52. Tasheema Reid
    Tasheema Reid

    The one on the left is a closure & the one on the right is an invisibele part that went totally wrong!

  53. Miranda Jett
    Miranda Jett

    I hated photos of invisible parts I saw in the past, because to me they just did NOT look natural at all and they were ugly just like the one on the right. It looks like I can stick my finger through it. Last week, however, I did get one with the invisible part. The young lady who does my hair does a great job, and I have been a client of hers for quite some time. This was my first time getting the invisible part, however. I must say, I was very impressed.

  54. Candice Lanton
    Candice Lanton

    I LOVE invisible parts because I know how to PROPERLY install them to look flawless….the glue is no problem at all. If you use grow protect solutions such as morning glory, you will have NO HAIR LOSS…

  55. Aledra Edwards
    Aledra Edwards

    The one on the left is an invisible part and not a closure… I know for sure cuz I’m subscribe to her YouTube channel

  56. Nellie Nelle
    Nellie Nelle

    No it doesn’t but you can consider doing an invisible part and.leaving out a smaller portion of leave out .

  57. Nicole Jackson
    Nicole Jackson

    ive had a sew in with the part in the middle and by no means did my hair look like that i guess its all in the persons skills

  58. Vedejah Scroggins
    Vedejah Scroggins

    No I think the top should be your hair and just weave the back or something I’ve seen weave like that and I couldn’t tell she had weave it looked good

  59. Tammie Faulkner Taylor
    Tammie Faulkner Taylor

    I’ve see plenty of “likes” & “I love your hair” on the most tragic wigs and weaves on the regular. I’ve come to realize, people will compliment you, no matter what. You can look like you should have a starring role on hot ghetto mess dot com and people will STILL be gushing on how good you look. Especially if they share similar mentality. Hoodrats with Blue contacts, plastic lace front with the moon/Barbie doll hairline, those ridiculously long, thick fake eyelashes and men (certain types) &even women still telling these women how good they look and STILL telling them “oooh, that’s so cute! Is that your real hair? You have pretty blue eyes! Are those contacts? Is that your own hair? No, it looks so real!”

  60. Tammy Jones
    Tammy Jones

    Glue in looks more realistic, and depends on the skill of the person doing it. Some look hideous lol

  61. Miko HairCare
    Miko HairCare

    No…. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of it & I would never wear it. My clients dint prefer this method either. It looks okay on film, but in person, no bueno :-.. at the end of the day nothing looks more natural than natural hair. A silk base or lace closure is the next best option.

  62. Taira Reed
    Taira Reed

    I hate when women walk around with their ‘not-so-invisible parts’. Like boo I have some bad news for you…ESPECIALLY if you paid for it lmao!!!

  63. Nakita Moore
    Nakita Moore

    Some glue-ins do if it’s done correctly. Didn’t know you could sew an invisible part.

  64. Chantell Immapeiceofwork Chew
    Chantell Immapeiceofwork Chew

    No they don’t look natural but what ever fits the goose fits the gander. What I am try to say is whatever floats your boat. I had one and I know for a fact that it doesn’t look natural on me. The part makes you look like you are bald head in the part area.

  65. Crystal Malea
    Crystal Malea

    Ridiculous come on now! If you’re gonna do a full sew-in or glue in at least leave a little of your hair out at the part!

  66. Lulu Stowe
    Lulu Stowe

    NO, NOO, NOOOO!! Girls please start leaving some of your hair out at the top where your part is. Soooo much better that way!!!

  67. Laquayva Anthony
    Laquayva Anthony

    What makes it look fake is the type of hair. It’s so bone straight and way too shiny. It has no texture to it. I hate when most women go for that slick ultra shiny hair. It doesn’t look realistic.

  68. Chanel Mk
    Chanel Mk

    Aww, I wanted to try it. My hair is all natural and I don’t want to perm it to leave some out. I guess it’s a full head with bangs for me.

  69. Beyonca De La Paz
    Beyonca De La Paz

    Looks like Moses parted the seas. Hate both methods because they ALWAYS do it so long and the part SO wide as if they welcome traction alopecia.

  70. Tynesia Jackson
    Tynesia Jackson

    I don’t think anything about a weave/wig looks natural. I hate seeing young women wearing wigs! Wigs were designed to make older women look younger & it does just the opposite for young adds years to their appearance. #awful

  71. Rita Gates
    Rita Gates

    Nope don’t look natural at all. Very few people have that type of hair texture even with a relaxer

  72. Kaprice IlmTwo D
    Kaprice IlmTwo D's

    This is a weave, but I leave my hair out on top the rest is sewn and I use heat protector when I have to flat iron but I pin on most days!!!!

  73. Bernadette Bela Floyd
    Bernadette Bela Floyd

    Smh you ain’t hating weaves and wigs… Get out the top of a sistas head like you paid or will pay for a makeover you need to makeover your heart ! Get a life ! Be happy !

  74. Coa Luck-Spicy
    Coa Luck-Spicy

    That sew in photo is some bs! Both look unnatural to me but the sew in part is awful! They both look unnatural because of the hair quality

  75. So Gone
    So Gone

    I don’t think either one is flattering the parts look horrible people forget that weave is a way to have a different hair style but fool everyone tthat its real…has that changed?

  76. Tangerine Washington
    Tangerine Washington

    If it is done correctly it looks fine. It’s called an invisible part because the hairpiece is supposed to be installed around a wedge of natural hair, which is then parted and blended with the hairpiece. You are never supposed to see the edge of the part hairpiece. These examples are both done incorrectly. When you wear a weave you are supposed to incorporate your hair into it; if you want to hide all your hair wear a wig or one of those weaves mounted on a mesh cap and sewn in around a braided perimeter.

  77. Amanda Nixon
    Amanda Nixon

    From looking at these pics I think the glue in looks way better..but that’s just mg opinion…

  78. Krystal ChocolateBarbie Lawrence
    Krystal ChocolateBarbie Lawrence

    Here’s my take on it. I say when you put the “not so invisible” part in your head you do it so it will look natural. & it really doesn’t no matter how big or small you may think your part is. Also when we leave our hair out at the top of our head when we wear a wig….We are slowly but surely damaging that section of hair because we have to keep messing with it so it will blend. I have just decided to stop doing sew ins and quick weave a whole head of hair (leaving my natural hair under a stocking cap to be protected…oh and please make sure we are moisturizing those scalps) The glued one does look better but for how long. After a few days it will loosen up and she’ll either have to put more tension on her roots by applying more glue….or she’ll have the wider gap. I mean for real people……Everyone knows that this is not our real hair so why do detrimental things to it that may make you lose your real hair? IJS…..I’ll post a few more pics of my pulled part in my full quick weaves (Oh, I am not a hair stylist. I just do my own….. 13 years of quick weaves and still holding strong)

  79. Titania Chambers
    Titania Chambers

    Actually the Lady on the left has a wig cap she made and it’s sewn in! Her invisible part looks as natural as can be for a weave! That’s one of the best parts I’ve seen besides my own so. . Stop hating! The lady on the right clearly went to someone who didn’t know what they were doing! Most professionals glue in the part! Gluing ; yes it can cause damage if you do not take care of your hair well.. For instance pulling it out, not using the proper products before you glue like protective gel ,(yes they have it) shampoo & conditioning your hair well, even oil sheen can prevent damage when taking out your tracks! Most of the women who are being negative weaves do not look natural.. But hey we’re all untitled to our own opinion

  80. Shafiq Abdul-Khaliq
    Shafiq Abdul-Khaliq

    Don’t look like her natural hair. If you’re going to wear a weave or wig make sure its the same type/ texture of hair thats already on your head.

  81. Andrea Fulks
    Andrea Fulks

    Im not a part in my hair (person or do I like wigs, it I will rock a nice weave from time to time, what happened to girls, women doing there own hair I remember in school we used to laugh at girls. That was wearing fake hair now it’s a epidemic, all we are doing iS making.g these Arabs rich, Japanese& chinese ppl rich and we broke a hell becuz they know we are gna do our hair becuz we fell right in the trap.. now we are gna fund our own disaster one day watch im just saying watch how they have us now, from 20 years. Ago

  82. Nay Landers Careless
    Nay Landers Careless

    Okay weaves take care of the natural hair from exposure to heat and the elements of the earth,, keeping your hair clean braided and moisturized not applying any stress to it,, its a very good way to protect the hair. DONT KNOCK IT JUST BCUZ YOU DONT LIKE IT everyone has there methods of protecting and growing their own hair. If it works go for it

  83. Tawny Nance
    Tawny Nance

    Part to wide…want to look more natural? Get keratin fiber power 1 -2 shades lighter than hair color to apply to scalp.looks more nature …check it out!!!

  84. Tina Daddys-Girl Jackson
    Tina Daddys-Girl Jackson

    I don’t understand this… I thought it your choice to where your you’re hair the way you choose right? Why is now that some women have gone back to their on happy nappiness…they are deeply hating on women that choose to were their hair straight or weaved? When most of all of us wore perms or weaves or wigs at one time in your life! AND IF YOU SAY YOU DIDN’T…STOP LYING! Enjoy yours and let others enjoy theirs! It’s still a choice RIGHT??? This is sooo petty and ridiculous!

    1. Frances Charlotte Dixon
      Frances Charlotte Dixon

      Agree with everything cept that “nappiness” comment. Natural hair and any other hair isn’t nappy and it’s plain rude to every call it so.

  85. Tina Daddys-Girl Jackson
    Tina Daddys-Girl Jackson

    I do it all! My hair is natural…but I got a wig collection out of this world! I love my twist, braids and weaves! May not do a perm again! But if you choose too….fine with me! Embrace your beauty my sistas on all levels!

  86. Sarah Green
    Sarah Green

    When you know better you do better. All that glue and tight pulling will have your edges looking like Naomi Campbells( bless her heart… Needed an example). That traction alopecia is a horrible thing.

  87. Sarah Green
    Sarah Green

    The Traction alopecia that these styles cause is a form of disfigurement that some women put up with to get that look at any cost. But it is their choice. What I hate to see is young girls and teenagers losing their edges over these styles. That is all.

  88. Neshay White Maxwell
    Neshay White Maxwell

    They both look horrible, idk who came up with this Hideous hair style…it makes me sick to my stomach…I wouldn’t be caught dead with an invisible part

  89. Lozette Clemons
    Lozette Clemons

    No that comes from having a person do your hair that don’t know what they doing. I’ve been wearing sew ins and braids with no break in between and my hair did not break out on my edges or thin on my edges.since October. Trick is don’t put to much tension on your edges and do not braid tight. But people think you should braid tight or it’s not done well. Secondly don’t leave your hair in to long. A sew in is not supposed to snatch out your edges if done properly.

  90. Charlene Dukes
    Charlene Dukes

    I’ve been natural for almost a year in a half. I wear weaves a lot with the invisible part. It’s always sewed in, no missing edges & my hair is extremely healthy. Some of the invisible parts look better than others. You can get lace closures that look natural.

  91. Dee Prescott-Carnie
    Dee Prescott-Carnie

    I don’t wear weaves anymore. They never look right and you can’t care for your own hair properly…I either wear clip in or lace fronts. That’s it.

  92. Anastasia MsOptimistic McCray
    Anastasia MsOptimistic McCray

    I’m so sick of hearing these comment’s about weave not lookin natural. A lot of you chick’s ain’t been natural forever so please don’t knock the method you probably once used like other ‘beautiful’ women to give yourself a glow. Perms included. I’ve bn natural for a while myself and I still get sew ins while my hair goes through its transitional phase and there is nothing wrong with that. Chicks sit down! Yea I said it:-)

  93. Merri Beth Rich
    Merri Beth Rich

    How about neither … Just go natural condition and moisturizer .. And treat ur hair like a fragile little plant … And it will grow (I just figured this out, did the big chop and rediscovered my natural hair is beautiful 🙂 )

  94. Ieashia Hopkins
    Ieashia Hopkins

    finally! I say this all the time and people just be lying online!!! Busted broads with 300 likes. Justa lyingggg

  95. Aisha Cake
    Aisha Cake

    I say do whatever the hell ya want. You want weave, braids, dreads or natural its your hair, your choice. Dont listen to ppl trying to tell you what to do. Do you. Do what makes you feel beautiful. Ive never worn a weave in my life but im not so arrogant i’ll knock ppl who do. Smh.

  96. Marie Ann Harris-Self
    Marie Ann Harris-Self

    Right on Aisha Cake!! Some people need to shut up and grow up. Use whatever to get the you, you want. Just do it and feel good about the fact that you are trying. Some don’t and they look like hell. Do whatever it takes to look good, for you……wigs, braids, clip ons, perms, press n curl, naturals, whatever. One style does not fit all!!!

  97. Karen Monroe Wilson
    Karen Monroe Wilson

    Pls forgive but isn’t it called invisible part because you can’t see the weft at the part not that the part itself is invisible? The glue method looks better

  98. Calandrial A. Afriyie
    Calandrial A. Afriyie

    These so called invisible parts are highly visible. I saw a girl in a store and I could easily see the tracks…just why? I would love to see it down nicely.

  99. Pretty Blacc Honey
    Pretty Blacc Honey

    the glue in look hella good better then sew in , but thats only because the person that did that really dnt no. How to do a sew in invisible part

  100. Trishana Cortez Way
    Trishana Cortez Way

    The only positive about the sew in is that the tracks will stay in place. Other then that it doesn’t look good. With the glue in it will look good for a while until u start to sweat out the glue and the part becomes bigger and looks ugly.

  101. Jennifer Crawford
    Jennifer Crawford

    The sew in looks awful! Why not just leave your own hair out at the top & have a sew in with natural part? The glue in looks better but it looks like a wig.

  102. Kelly Jamila
    Kelly Jamila

    lace front Wigs look mOre realistic AND pRobably cost a lot less then either of these monstrosities XD not to mention you can take it off whenever :p

  103. Bree Domingue
    Bree Domingue

    Coming from a stylist point of view, it all depends on the cut that helps make it look more natural. They are cool since they are temporary and your client wants a creative or simple hair doo.

  104. Tahira Buckman
    Tahira Buckman

    How the hell is that invisible?? People scalps be tellin all their family business! Jesus fix it now!!!

  105. Zuri Moja
    Zuri Moja

    Weave never looks natrual unless it is just a few tracks blending into the natrual hair. I can always tell no matter how nice a chick hair is sewn or glued, the texture of the hair is not her hair texture. Lol so it’s never a mater of what looks natrual because it isn’t our hair textures at ALL but how it is installed is what makes it look nice.

  106. Toshia Tbaby Furlow
    Toshia Tbaby Furlow

    They do look natural if done right. Everybody don’t know how to do the invisible part correctly therefore you’re going to see tracks. But from a stylist opinion glue in invisible parts look better because they aren’t as wide.

  107. Fallon Pryce
    Fallon Pryce

    My stylist convinced me to try this with my sew in. Once done it looked amazing and really did look like a natural parting in my hair. However my hair growth is so quick after 6 weeks it went from a tiny parting to once that was nearly two inches wide!! Looked awful and embarrassing. And after spending £300 on weave you want it to last longer than 6 weeks!!!

  108. Quniona Dallas
    Quniona Dallas

    I’m so glad I’m natural and don’t need weave. None of us need weave. Embrace your natural beauty.

    1. Shayla Hicks
      Shayla Hicks

      I soo agree with you!!!… Wish it would all come to an end!!!… If people want healhier hair, stop throwing tracks onto it!!! (my opinion)

    2. Courtney Davis
      Courtney Davis

      Weaves are another form of protective styling. It’s not a factor of “needing” a weave. It’s about protection

    3. Kourtney Brackens
      Kourtney Brackens

      I’m natural as we’ll for 3 yrs I started over but there is nothing wrong with wearing weaves as long as you maintain them and it is less work than my natural hair. I mainly wear weave in the summer because it’s hot as hell and take it out In September .

  109. Cee Primos
    Cee Primos

    No but who cares everyone knows folks who wear weaves and its no big deal. We all know folks didn’t grow a head full of burgundy, blond or jet black hair down to your butt overnight. #LongHairDontCare

  110. Ni-Ni Patterson
    Ni-Ni Patterson

    If the person installing it knows what they are doing it will look like your hair whether it’s glued or sewn in. These just are some terrible examples of what an invisible part should look like.

  111. Jonae Jonae
    Jonae Jonae

    I honestly don’t care for invisible parts, I’d rather have a closure or do a leave out. And just because someone wears weave, doesn’t mean they “need” it.

  112. Sarah Thornton
    Sarah Thornton

    Have done both n found that mixing the two works better for me. Sometimes I wear it as a protective hairstyle to keep me from cutting my hair.

  113. MrsTasha Douglas
    MrsTasha Douglas

    If you glue it in right using the double cap method or single cap and dimond bond protector that helps against damage on your hair and in stead of using the bonding remove I use manganese to on my track and set it for about 20 mins it not only conditions but it removes the glue so much easier with 80-90% less hair loss if done right with patience

  114. Myeshia VanBlount
    Myeshia VanBlount

    I like illusion parts better….and for the *natural* hair police many woman who wear weave *don’t need it* if done properly it protects the hair….let’s just embrace each other and differences that’s what makes us beautiful. doesn’t define you…like natural doesn’t make you better…..and neither buying 60 *inches* of Indian hair…God bless

    1. Marsha Blake
      Marsha Blake

      Yesssss…. It’s so annoying!!! It’s like they feel so proud over something so simple. You wear your real hair? Omg… Want a cookie? Lol. I wear my real hair too. Braided under my weave

    2. Marsha Blake
      Marsha Blake

      Yesssss…. It’s so annoying!!! It’s like they feel so proud over something so simple. You wear your real hair? Omg… Want a cookie? Lol. I wear my real hair too. Braided under my weave

    3. Marsha Blake
      Marsha Blake

      Yesssss…. It’s so annoying!!! It’s like they feel so proud over something so simple. You wear your real hair? Omg… Want a cookie? Lol. I wear my real hair too. Braided under my weave

    4. Marsha Blake
      Marsha Blake

      Yesssss…. It’s so annoying!!! It’s like they feel so proud over something so simple. You wear your real hair? Omg… Want a cookie? Lol. I wear my real hair too. Braided under my weave

    5. Marsha Blake
      Marsha Blake

      Yesssss…. It’s so annoying!!! It’s like they feel so proud over something so simple. You wear your real hair? Omg… Want a cookie? Lol. I wear my real hair too. Braided under my weave

    6. Marsha Blake
      Marsha Blake

      Yesssss…. It’s so annoying!!! It’s like they feel so proud over something so simple. You wear your real hair? Omg… Want a cookie? Lol. I wear my real hair too. Braided under my weave

    7. Marsha Blake
      Marsha Blake

      Yesssss…. It’s so annoying!!! It’s like they feel so proud over something so simple. You wear your real hair? Omg… Want a cookie? Lol. I wear my real hair too. Braided under my weave

    8. Marsha Blake
      Marsha Blake

      Yesssss…. It’s so annoying!!! It’s like they feel so proud over something so simple. You wear your real hair? Omg… Want a cookie? Lol. I wear my real hair too. Braided under my weave

    9. Marsha Blake
      Marsha Blake

      My opinion is black women always find a way to single themselves from other black women. Ie team lightskin/darkskin. Now team natural against weave. Who cares. We’re the only race so simple minded in that stuff. You don’t see white folks saying team tan and what not

    10. Kinda Hunter
      Kinda Hunter

      I agree Marsha, I’m sick of the negativity and division. I dot see my white friends saying “Ooo, girl you flat iron your hair, I wear my curls.” It’s just negative behavior too many Blacks embrace. I don’t think it’s healthy to wear weave “by any means necessary”, it shouldn’t define you. But others don’t need to make that definition either.

    11. Danielle Bragg-Eldridge
      Danielle Bragg-Eldridge

      I’m glad I’m not the only person who feels this way…we just keep finding ways to be negative…beauty comes in all forms, sizes, colors and if for some reason that’s not your cup of tea its cool but don’t judge because trust and believe you’re being judged and fall short in someone elses eyes…

    12. Cee Cee Hye
      Cee Cee Hye

      I am sick of this separation. Who cares what you wear on your head or what kind of hear texture you have. While others are laughing at the stupid divisions ..I am going to laugh too because it is ridiculous.

  115. Tonya Whiteside
    Tonya Whiteside

    The sew in would look more natural if there wasn’t such a big gap. I have never worn weave but majority of the styles are pretty.

  116. Imani Malika
    Imani Malika

    There are weaves that look natural?! Show me because I don’t believe you lmao. I’ve never in my life seen a natural looking weave. If you want to wear one, more power to you but don’t delude yourself into thinking it looks natural.

  117. Andrea MoonPearl Banks
    Andrea MoonPearl Banks

    Only natural will LOOK natural. If you want to weave it up, cool. To each his own. But it never looks real, I don’t care how well it’s put in. I guess if people didn’t go overboard with it…Jmo.

  118. Netta Dale
    Netta Dale

    I have never been one to wear weave. I can honestly say I’ve had a curly weave twice I have had braids. But just not a fan of weave. I’ve seen some beautiful women rock some great weave. But, what God gave me is just fine.

  119. Tamyla Thomas
    Tamyla Thomas

    Invisible parts need to be done really close together at first especially with a glue in because it spreads apart after a while

  120. Angelica Williams
    Angelica Williams

    Marsha Blake girl preach. I’m so tired of black people in general doing this. It’s bad enough other races don’t like us but what’s even worse is we don’t even like ourselves

  121. Jennifer Walker
    Jennifer Walker

    The way I’ve seen some ladies do invisible parts look like someone jabbed them in the middle of their head or something, not a huge fan.