Interview With Rachy Of UKnaturals

Interview With Rachy Of UKnaturalsOne of the perks of attending the Brit Beauty event held in the UK is the opportunity to meet some of the bloggers and vloggers we watch, learn from and interact with socially.

Naomi and Rachy are two such vloggers. They are the founders of the YouTube Channel UKnaturals that was created to give us a well rounded look on two extraordinarily different journeys from a UK perspective.

Because we couldn’t fit both of their fun personalities into one interview we decided to have a part one for Rachy and part 2 for Naomi. Here is what Rachy had to say about her journey, her hair and her work as part of the dynamic duo.

Rachy, briefly tell us about your hair story, what made you decide to focus more on your natural hair rather than straightening all the time?

I have always worn my hair natural, never wanted to relax my hair or ever been told by my mum that I had to, many others have done though!

I wore my hair in cornrow styles from little till about 12 years old. Then for my 13th birthday I got my hair straightened for the first time and I think that is when I got the ‘I want straight hair all the time bug’ because people would always say my hair was beautiful and pretty when straight, mainly because of its length.

At that time my hair was about mid back length. I continued to wear my hair straight from about 15-16 years old as that was when my mum allowed me to look after my own hair which I think she still regrets as I got heat happy and was straightening it all the time – About 2/3 times a week!! So crazy!!

I never knew how to wear my hair curly as whenever I washed it,it would shrink and frizz up and I just didn’t know what to do, so I just blew it out and styled. I still wanted to wear my hair curly and visited a hair salon which at the time didn’t know really how to care for natural hair and while I was there I asked them to style it to be worn in its natural state. That was a total total fail!! Funny enough they are now a specialized natural hair salon!!


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