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Introduce Yourself…

Hello…my name is Carmine, I am a DJ, located in Nashville, TN, and I have been rocking this pretty awesome afro for a while.

Are you relaxed, natural, texturized or texlaxed?

I rock it natural

What’s your story, how did you get to where you are?

Well, my last haircut was December 2012, right before NYE. Initially, I thought that I would just let my hair grow a little and rock that style for a couple of months, and then go back to what was my signature low cut with waves. I started to really like the afro, so after a while, I decided that I would not be cutting my hair.

Part of it is the rebel in me. A lot of people said that a black man can’t be seen as professional if they have hair, and I even thought this before I started growing my hair, so part of it is my way of bucking the system. lol

What is your typical weekly regimen?

It’s not a complicated process with me. My daily maintenance consists of wetting my hair, and adding shea butter for moisture sealant. About 6 months ago, I stopped combing my hair because I was experiencing a lot of breakage on my sides.

I use the finger comb method to shape and detangle. On wash day, I wash my hair with some regular Suave shampoo. I deep condition for about an hour after that. I usually deep condition with shea butter, or Shea Moisture Leave-in conditioner.

Are you happy with your progress so far?

I am more than happy

What is your signature style?

My signature style is my afro. I maintain a kinky look with it. Sometimes I rock some twists, but that’s usually only for a few days at a time.

How do you ensure that your ends are protected from the elements and your hands?

Crazy enough, I wear my wave cap for protective sleepwear.

Do you have a goal length or are you more concerned about the health of your hair?

I have embraced the fact that my hair isn’t gonna grow at a rate that I think it should, or how other people’s hair is. So I’m more concerned about the
health of my hair.

Is there anything that you hair hates?

Combs!!!lol. No really, my hair is REALLY thick and kinky. I have broken at least a few combs in my hair. I also get a lot of breakage with combs, no
matter how much I moisturize.

Do you have any favorite products?

Raw shea butter. That’s really all that I use right now. Pretty much, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

Where can we find you online?

I have a natural hair page that is for both the sistas and the brothas. Also, checkout my dj page.


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  1. Carmine Matlock
    Carmine Matlock

    Thanks for sharing my story. I could imagine that you probably don’t get a lot of men on your site, but out texture of hair isn’t limited to a gender, so we are all a part of this movement.

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