Jamaican Black Castor Oil Vs Clear Castor Oil

Jamaican black castor oil vs clear castor oil

Whenever I visit the family in Jamaica, before I leave my mom knows she has to take me to get two things; a bottle of honey and a rum flask of castor oil.

You know you got the good stuff when the only thing they can find to put it in is an old white rum bottle. I never distinguished between Jamaican black castor oil and the clear kind until I started my hair journey; I have always just known the ever potent dark colored version.

If you talk to an older Jamaican person they would probably be quick to tell you too that you can use it for a variety of things including, rubbing your joints if you suffer from arthritis, to induce labor (which I personally would not recommend), and it is believed that it can prevent cysts and lumps if you massage your breasts with it.

My Grandmother will also tell you that if you use castor oil on your skin you can prevent eczema, psoriasis, pimples and other skin ailments. They would hardly ever mention hair which I thought was quite interesting, but none the less we now know it’s great for our tresses too.

To determine the difference between Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) and the clear version, it will be necessary to give you a short history lesson.

Castor oil is originally from Africa. As it is with many other things, the slaves brought the seeds over to Jamaica where the oil was extracted and used for all the things I just described.

Raw unadulterated castor oil is very rare but is still being made in some areas of the island today, and is not black in color, it is actually yellowish. Squeezing the seed at high pressure to extract the oil is called cold pressing, and when it is done in that manner it allows the properties of the oil to remain intact versus using heat which degrades the oil.

Earlier I mentioned the castor oil in the rum flask, and one of the reasons I mention it is because the Tropical Isle brand that we are used to purchasing is the closest to that version that you can find anywhere.

According to their website, the reason the oil is dark is because the seeds are roasted, and the ash from the process is added into the oil taking it from that yellow color to in some cases extremely dark.

Originally posted 2014-01-12 15:00:45.

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About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    1. Rets Tolentino

      hello, i want to try JBCO.. where and how can i purchase this product? im from Philippines hope you can help..

    1. Shawnee Wiley

      You can find the jbco at your local beauty/hair supply store. The regular castor oil at your local grocery store…Good luck!

      1. CinnaLocs

        You can find it at the hair supply store. However, like mentioned above it has additives and is very diluted. (Read the ingredients) Its best to go on amazon.

    1. Michelle Nesbeth

      Yes, and this is after using it once a day for a month. (BC on the left) Notice my edges and sides are thin. (1 month post BC on right). My hair is full and edges filled in just after a month of using JBCO daily. I swear by it.

    2. Michelle Nesbeth

      @ Denise, I use it with a mixture of other oils to decrease the smell. I use it as a sealant with the LCO method.

    3. Tiffany Laurice Cummings

      Yes yes yes,,,,i only wear quick weaves while im transitioning,,i oil my hair good before installing and i do a hot oil treatment every two weeks,,, hair has grown,,,

    4. Loda Lorain

      Black jamaican cashier oreo grow my hair back with in 3 months of using it my hair was pulled out from the root so my edges were bald black Jamaican castor oil grow my hair back I didn’t think it was going to grow back I’ve never tried the clear though

  1. LaShaye-Shante Lynniece

    Jamaican black. Its great makes my hair soft w/o that greasy feel. And I love the smell.. i use the coconut. I’m going to try the lavender and it does makes my hair feels thicker.

    1. Olive Skovski

      Yes I do it when I deep condition. I mix up JBCO, pure coconut oil, shea butter and olive oil. Mix it all up with my hair mayonnaise n conditioner and honey…

    2. Patrica

      Oh yes, I do. It’s great and easier to apply that way. Add a drop of rosemary and peppermint oil and you reach the stars in no time.

      1. Kim Coleman

        I just start using JBCO trying to grow my thin sides and to grow my hair out. How do you apply it to your hair?

        1. Cre8ive

          I use it as a pre-poo on my hair and a sealant on my ends after moisturizing during the week. The night before wash day, I pour on my scalp between parted sections, add it to a section then chunky twist. Then I sleep in a plastic bag over night and wash in the morning. As a sealant I use sparingly on my ends after moisturizing with aloe vera gel.

          Good luck!

  2. Sarinity Savoy

    Yes it do thickens you edges and it promotes a more full growth in those spots to well it did for me

  3. Keesha Duncan

    Jbco love it! My edges are growing back…and the rest of my hair is growing like weeds….I’ve never tried the regular.

  4. Tequila Berryhill-Edwards

    JBOC while my hair was braided just took them out glad to know it doesn’t weigh the hair down or is very greasy cause my hair is very thin

    1. Doreen Patterson

      You sound like that you maybe allergic to it. so you need to stop using it. I’ve heard and read the same comments before.

  5. Christenlle's Prosperities

    JBCO it’s the only thing that works since my hair is so thick and kinky curly the zig zag wateva it penetrates easy making my hair really soft

  6. Tricee

    I would love to try this.. Where can I buy or order JBCO from???

  7. Felecia Duff

    Jbco a little goes a long way. Had my bottle for a year and it barely looks like i Used it

  8. Wincie Collins

    Clear Castor Oil has grown my hair like no other. It’s more natural without extra chemicals or dye in it. If you ever decide to flat iron your hair, using clear Castor oil it straightens your hair like a perm. It’s amazing!!! I’ve found the cure to grow and strengthen my hair. Clear Castor Oil all the way!!!

    1. Wincie Collins

      No… Go to your nearest Whole Foods Store. It cost less than $10. The price is worth saving your hair. I wish you the best. Love and God Bless You. 🙂

    2. Wincie Collins

      @ Michelle and Sharon. I don’t doubt JBCO works for you but I’ve tried everything under the sun and I have had the best results with The Clear Castor Oil. It works for my hair. Never said, JBCO had chemicals or dye in it. I prefer what’s best for me. I wish you the best on your hair journey. Love and God Bless You. 🙂

      1. daphysmiles

        you IMPLIED that JBCO had chemicals and dyes. caster oil isnt naturally clear so its technically not pure either if its clear

        1. Alma Ruddock

          No I think she said that SOME brands of JBCO may have added dyes so to read the ingredient list to be sure that you are getting the right stuff. And yes, completely clear castor oil is also highly processsed, the yellowish one is the one being referred to as “clear”.

    3. Niqua Wright

      The original castor oil which is black, has no chemical. However, when extracted it comes out that dark colour… .It has to go through a clarification process to allow to become clear my friend.

    4. Niqua Wright

      These products are best bought organically from jamaica or purchased on online stores such as amazon, or ebay.

    5. Wincie Collins

      @Phindi. Clear Castor oil is orderless and 100% pure. So pure you can use it on your skin.
      @Niqua.. Please read my comment carefully. I never said, “JB” has chemicals or dye inside of it.
      Clear Castor Oil is organic. I purchase mine from the Whole Foods Store. I don’t order online. Clear Caster Oil is 100% pure and you are able to use it on your skin too. JBCO, is ment for your hair. I don’t think JBCO would be wise to try it on your skin. I enjoy orderless natural 100% pure remedies that are “best for me.” What’s for me my not work for you. I’m happy you find JBCO as a product for you.
      I’m old school and I love my Clear Castor Oil.
      God Bless You on your hair journey. 🙂

    6. Prú Sashà

      @Sara Lee yes you can order it online from this website. http://Www.Drvita.com they sell only organic stuff at very cheap price from coconut oil to conditioner to shampoo amd other stuff. I bought my 32oz castor oil bottle from there and it wasn’t up to $10 .

    7. Prú Sashà

      Amd honestly they both work. There’s np difference between the two except the color but at the end of the day they both produce the same result. I use clear castor oil and my hair is fuller and seems to grow a lot faster.

    8. Wincie Collins

      I personally don’t order anything online. I purchase My Clear 100% Pure Castor Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, etc. less than $10 at The Whole Food Store around my area. Thank you so much for the information online Pru. 🙂 God Bless You.

    9. Wincie Collins

      @ Pru…. The other products didn’t work for me. I’m truly happy with my Clear Castor Oil. I Love it!!! So 🙂 !!!!

    10. Wincie Collins

      @Shasha.. Your welcome.. I use castor oil and coconut oil on my hair. Mostly Castor Oil.
      @ Nicky… Thank you. It’s amazing!!! 🙂

    11. Sweetness Montoute

      My mom uses the black one and it goes with her well.and for the first time she can keep her hair relaxed and nit complain her hair is breaking

    12. Wincie Collins

      That’s wonderful Sweetness. 🙂 After my Big Chop last year and haven’t had a perm in my hair over a year. My hair is truly healthy and growing with the clear castor oil. I haven’t seen any breaking and my scalp is healthy. I don’t have dry scalp and I Love It!!! If your mom loves the black one than I’m truly happy for her hair journey. 🙂 God Bless You.

    13. EmpressAuset Love-Locs

      I’ve never even heard of the clear caster oil until now so I can’t say which is best…can’t really understand why some people say they ‘prefer’ the JBCO when they’ve never tried the clear one….anyway, thanks for the info Wincie Collins I will try it. I particularly like the idea of it being odorless and can be used on the skin.

    14. Wincie Collins

      Thank you, EmpressAuset Love-Locs. I’ve tried every product and the winner in my book is The Clear Castor Oil. I Love it on my hair and I use it on my skin everyday too. It works for me and I hope you are able to try it too. I hope you have a local Whole Foods Store around your area. I promise you will see a difference when you use it the first time. It makes your hair and skin so soft. I’ve found the cure to my hair journey and I pray you will continue your successful hair journey too. Love and God Bless You. 🙂

  9. Wincie Collins

    Clear Castor Oil has grown my hair like no other. It’s more natural without extra chemicals or dye in it. (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY…. NEVER SAID JBCO HAD Chemicals or Dye in its ingredients) FOR THOSE WHO ARE REPLYING TO THIS COMMENT… 🙂
    If you ever decide to flat iron your hair, using clear Castor oil straightens your hair like a perm. It’s amazing!!! I’ve found the cure to grow and strengthen my hair. Clear Castor Oil all the way!!!

  10. Lateka Starnes

    I have used JBCO on my daughters hair and great results. I just started using it myself so far so good… Will try the clear also.

  11. J

    I use the cold pressed castor oil and my hair loves it. I get it from the vitamin shoppe and it last for a month and a half.

  12. Ashley Kelly

    I use pharmacy brand with other oils or by its self as a sealant works great. Jbco made me itch something crazy.

  13. NaKisha Harvey

    You can buy any type of castor oil at Sally’s beauty supply store. I’ve used both but I like the clear best

  14. Jamilah Henderson


    1. Jay Jacque

      I get an applicator bottle (about 12-20 oz) I mix JBCO, clear castor oil and coconut oil. all equal parts. So if you have a 12oz bottle you would use 4 oz of each oil.

    2. Jay Jacque

      The applicator bottle makes it very easy to apply to your scalp and you can get one from the a beauty supply store for cheap.

  15. Vivian Jackson

    I’ve used both and the jamaican castor oil got my edges look like a thick ass lace front!! LOL

    1. Vivian Jackson

      When I was trying to grow my edges back (after postpartum shedding) I applied it directly to my edges every 2 days. I was back on track after 3 months.

      Thank you.

    2. Keisha Owens

      Vivian Jackson the thickness is unbelievable! So the Jamaican works best for you? I love your hair

  16. Vivian Jackson

    I’ve used both and the jamaican castor oil got my edges looking like a thick ass lace front!! LOL

  17. Laquicia Dinish

    The darker the oil the better it works for your hair and eye lashes to make them natuarly longer. Clear is better for your skin as a moisturizer. Red castrol oil is best for baths.

  18. Julissa Sookram

    Always wanted to try jbco. But regular co is a godsend!! My hair LOVES this stuff. Great sealant. My hair is content for days.

  19. Pam Idgafam Jankowski

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a biracial child that has extremely dry hair? I have tried Liv, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and nothing seems to stay in her hair. I can grease her hair in the morning and by the time she comes home from school her hair is dry and brittle. She is 10 and past the braid stage and Im stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Ta'Leah Kendzior

      My kids are bi racial blk and asian. Oil doesnt moisturize it only nourishes. Oil is more like a vitamin. I use oil on my kids hair first and then use beautiful textures(its at walmart and beauty supply stores) its in an orange container with a purple lid.

    2. Nari Ley

      Olive oil moisturizer by organic root stimulator and water at nite and braid hair to lock in moisture and a satin scarf should help

    3. Tiffany Laurice Cummings

      U can use the jbco as a hot oil treatment,,,,when u wash her hair,,,it will help,,and id definitly use the jbco daily when styling,,goodluck

  20. Itz P Lo

    I use Palmers coconut oil with vitamin e on my daughters hair it had made a complete difference its stronger, growing thicker and Fuller and not a frizzy.. But still willing to try these if will give her smooth curls?

  21. Truly Blessed

    My daughter has really dry hair n its to the point where her scalp is so white. Its bin like this for some months now.her hair is also breaking off..I was using the sulfer 8 shampoo n greese n for some reason its not working. So do you all think jbco will b my best bet

    1. Tanya Ferguson

      I think it will work.. But try mixing it with pur peppermint oil. .. When I brought my JBCO @ shades of afrika.. the owner mixed about a tablespoon or two into the bottle. Since then my scalp has been flake free. However, I do recommend getting a prescribed shampoo called ” ketoconazole” this will for sure resolve the dandruff issue. You’ll see results in one wash! I hope this helps.

    2. Blessedfrom Above

      I have done so much research on growing hair and hair loss…jbco is very good along with other oils…also get some leave in conditioner…I also have a line of natural hair growing products…

    3. Khalilah Pullin

      My daughter’s hair was just like that and I used baby shampoo, and olive oil, I learned less is better sometimes

  22. Itz P Lo

    Oh and it don’t leave her hair greasy and oily.. i love cuz then her hair has more bounce.. I use to use vitamin e..

  23. Nicole Cristalen

    Pam Idgafam Jankowski have you tried the Mixed Chicks hair care line? It works really well. If not, check out their website. I LOVE IT!!!!

  24. Ricky S. Octavia

    Black jamican castor oil…does wonders on my hair!! I mix mines with extra virgin olive oil&apply on my edges&scalp.

  25. Alexandra Telemaque

    Pam Idgafam Jankowski that’s black hair for you. Forget grease, it only coats the hair. My child is biracial and what I use is Sheamoisture curl and style milk WHILE the hair is damp.

  26. Labelle Lafleur

    I used it everyday but I used the haitian costor oil it’s even stronger. You can used it for almost everything it’s an healing oil also.

  27. Jamila Kelly

    Its on Amazon. I didn’t like the castor oil..not sure what it was supposed to do to help my hair because it just made my hair sticky

    1. Michelle Nesbeth

      You probably used too much, because a little goes a long way. I would not rub it in my hair on daily basis if it is relaxed. I would probably use it as a hot oil treatment weekly instead. Being natural, I am able to use it daily.

  28. Jada Di'Empress Fountain

    Truly Blessed I would recommend seeing a dermatologist for the white scalp if sulfer8 isn’t working. Or you could try a scalp renewal serum, kind of expensive ($21) at local beauty supply.

  29. Tajah Ellerbe

    The clear castor oil is actually better but I have a bottle of jbco so I’m gonna use that up first

  30. Teronica Guyton

    I love the jbco..I purchased mine from Sally beauty supply. ..they also have it in lavender and coconut scented if you can’t get with the smell of the original jbco

  31. Karen J

    I get mine from my sister back in the West Indies – she makes it. Never tried the store varieties. Makes my hair soft and great for hot oil treatments. A little goes a longggg way (my hair is fine).

  32. Roberta Hosey

    I use it for my edges. I like it. Tried it for my daughter s hair but stopped. It caused her scalp to be too flaky. She has eczema. So I just use coconut oil for her. I buy it from Target. Its solid. I rub it in my hands to melt it.

  33. Alberta Greenaway

    I get my castor oil from Dominica I used it in my son’s hair when it was very long and black, curly with waves, I grew up using it in Dominica love it

  34. Regenna Gatewood Reid

    Truly blessed i used to have same problem with my scalp after seeing numerous dermatologists grease was making it worse it was hard to grasp because we have always used grease lol so i stopped with the grease amazing difference as for dry hair moisturizing conditioners work wonders

  35. Patricia Malcolm

    for the person that says she’s allergic to something in the Jamaican black castor oil she’s buying the wrong product is I’m Jamaican and if you use the real Jamaican black castor oil there is nothing else in it but

  36. Katrina Palm


  37. Michelle Sawyer Mickey

    They add an ash to the JBCO, that’s were it gets its dark color. Google the process for the two and they’ll tell you which is better. The clear is better processed.

  38. Tracey Mccorey

    @ Truly Blessed info works wonders but before all of that please do an acv wash in her hair. My daughter had the worst dry scalp I ever saw. It started when she was 4 and was so bad nothing worked not even things the dermatologists prescribed. Then I discovered Apple cider vinegar. I just mix it with some water and spray her scalp once a month before I wash it. She hasn’t had dry scalp in a year…it really works

  39. Charnique Williams Neka

    I read an article that said the black castrol has the ash from the burnt beans mixed in it to make it black . And the clear is better. My grandma always used the regular clear and her natural hair is down her back, it’s the only thing she uses….very old school

  40. Angel A

    I use both but I prefer JBCO. I use JBCO on my scalp, scalp massages,to seal my ends and add to my butter. I also have the clear on hand for back up in case I run out of JBCO.

  41. Mya Henderson

    My hair is always dry no matter how much I put in it its very thick but growing slowly now im three months prego. .. which one should I use?

  42. Ashlee Aimee Mckeiver

    Clear, the jb is just too hyped up for me. I don’t jump on every wagon. And I knew about castor way beofre I went natural.

  43. Jeaneen Alise

    I’ve tried both and I prefer JBCO. I mix it with Basil, Rosemary and Peppermint Oil… I apply it ONCE per wash cycle (so once a week)

  44. Auty Chanel

    Jbco, I have the lavender infused one & I love it. It makes mu hair soft & excellent wen I want to oil my scalp.

  45. Yina Elejalde

    I can’t use ANY OIL in my natural curly hair 🙁 I break up all over back,face even my scalp. My body don’t like Oils

  46. Madge E Ellis

    I’m also from Jamaica and strangely the only thing my mother used castor oil for was for my hair. In those days my hair was long, thick and “unruly”, and despite me started having a perm at age ten it was always thick and healthily because my mother would use the castor oil to oil my hair and scalp. Hated the smell but my hair was gorgeous until I started caring for my hair myself in college n vowed never to use that awful smelling oil in my hair again. Lol. Man was I wrong! Since I started my natural hair journey 22months ago my holy grail has being Jamaica black castor oil and coconut oil (which was another staple for my skin and hair as a child). My hair is thick, mucho healthy and has grown significantly. Yay JBCO!

  47. Jamila Kelly

    Michelle Nesbeth what exactly does it do to your hair ? I mean I read good reviews about the JCO that’s why I got it. Hot oil treatment like..warm it , leave it in then rise ? I’m not exactly hair savvy @[email protected]

  48. Kenya Williams

    Black castor oil is the best. Even the clear one as well. It works well when you warm it a little and place it in the scalp!!

  49. Margo Williams

    The true difference between clear castor oil and black castor oil is the process by which it is made. Natural castor oil colour is somewhat yellow or lighter depending on the bean. Clear castor oils are cold pressed-which means no heat is added,they are squeezed at very high speed to extract the oil.The process of the black castor oil is that they parch/roast the beans and they grind it and then boil it to extract the oil. From a scientific perspective clear castor oil would and should be better. I am from jamaica and mostly here is the black castor oil are made and that is what i use&it does grow my edges. But i did pick up a bottle of that now brand when i was in the states last year i will try it to see if there is any difference. I think either one is good& you can buy anyone that makes you save money or the one that works with your hair.

  50. Shalice John

    I love the JBCO! Even though it is really thick as opposed to the other castor oils. I love to incorporate it into my hair products. The best by far!!

  51. Prú Sashà

    And honestly they both work. There’s no difference between the two except the color but at the end of the day they both produce the same result. I use clear castor oil and my hair is fuller and seems to grow a lot faster.

  52. L Denise Patterson

    Use both. JBCO on my scalp and lashes. Now foods or another brand to add to my deep conditioners and other preparations.

  53. Nikita Rogers

    I’m sworn by clear castor oil mixed w/olive & coconut oil for my hair… Good Lawd! It’s the truth…
    I’ve also replace my normal facial cleansers with castor oil & my skin’s like butter…. not to mention the $ I’m saving!!!!!!


  54. Nikita Rogers

    I’m sworn by clear castor oil mixed w/olive & coconut oil for my hair… Good Lawd! It’s the truth…
    I’ve also replace my normal facial cleansers with castor oil & my skin’s like butter…. not to mention the $ I’m saving!!!!!!


  55. Shevel Thomas

    In the article it says “while info might not be as practical for everyday use” are u guys trying to say it should not be used everyday?

  56. Richie Richards

    same damn thing.The only difference is one is over process.That oil has been going into my hair since I was a child….and Jamaican castor oil has no dye in it.That’s how it looks in it natural state.The overprocess one is clear. I am Jamaican so I know the difference….the bean use to grow in our backyard.

  57. Dominique Smith

    The Black Jamaican Castor oil has done my hair JUSTICE while I had my sew ins installed! I’d mix that with organic coconut oil.

  58. Rosa Johnson

    Truly Blessed, try rinsing your daughter’s scalp with aloe vera juice or rubbing it with aloe vera gel like you would with a hair grease.

  59. Hundene

    I have been using the plain castor oil for 4 months now and my hairline has improved greatly. I don’t use it everyday as I sometimes don’t remember to but I have had major improvement along my hairline. I am hoping to try the black one when this bottle is finished. I also love the roasted aroma.

  60. Natasha Coppedge

    For those of you that use the jbco how long did it take you to see results on your edges. I have been using it for about 2 months now. And I don’t really see a difference. I have never had and issue with length retention but I wore my edges out during my transition phase in 08 by wearing a scarf every day all day for nearly a year. What little hair i do have grows in length but doesn’t thicken up. I am currently trying the green house effect with aloe vera juice, olive oil, grape seed oil, and jbco. And I had better results in the beginning than i do now. As with most products and routines i try. Any thoughts?

  61. La'Keya BeautifulBrown Treasure Randall

    They both actually work well. I didn’t hear anything about jbco until going natural but when I was perming I used regular castor oil in my hair and it grew like Crazy but back then I wanted it short!

  62. Tracy SgtWife Phillips

    Does regular castor oil cause dryness to the scalp for anyone else? I use Extra dark JBCO but being the PJ I am Im trying to use up my cold pressed castor oil so I mixed them. Now seems like my scalp is dry.

  63. Joann Wellington

    Been using JBCO since April 2013. Hair has grown a good 3 inches. I used it when I had a hair weave in & it worked like crazy. Trimming the ends helped alot too.

  64. Joann Wellington

    Amazon. Had it within a week. & it doesnt Take much. Just part hair & Only apply to scalp in 4 section. Thick parts because your scalp does sweat. So it really doesnt Take much. Wash hands before you touch the rest of your hair. It will distribute thoughout the hair itself. Love it.

  65. Marilyn

    I have been using both for about four years. I used the lavender JBCO to grow in a thinning patch due to hypothyroid. It also worked on my edges and eyebrows! I also get thicker results when using both- I always keep both on hand.

  66. KJ Russ

    I use the clear. I’m on a tight budget, so I stopped using JBCO and opted to buying $2 drug store castor oil. I’ve heard other ladies say that it has worked for them, so I decided to try it. And guess what? It does work. I’ve had steady growth and the severe itching I had for years was gone.

  67. Kristin

    I ordered my castor oil off of amazon. It’s not JB and it’s “tan” in color and cold pressed. I love the results! I use it on both my daughters and my hair. At the time I seen the JBCO but I simply got more for my money with the other and I’m glad I did!

  68. Tebo


    I live in South Africa and we do not have JBCO here. You would have to order it on Amazon then have it shipped over. We just have the regular yellow, thick castor oil which is what I have started using. Before starting on my HHJ I only knew castor oil being used as a laxative.

  69. Rukiyat G

    Looks like I’m in the minority here, but I love the regular, cold-pressed castor oil! It has less of a pungent smell than the JBCO so I can use it in my daily scalp massage oil. It’s convenient for me to pick up a bottle at Whole Foods or order online from the Vitamin Shoppe. I tell everyone I know to use it, whether its the JBCO or regular. Happy healthy hair journey 😉

  70. Toni

    I first tried the jbco, but I couldn’t see myself comfortably using it often as I would like because of the smell. Then I read a few articles and found out that the yellow/clear one is more ‘pure’ and decided to give it a try.

    I currently mix the clear castor oil with apricot oil and apply to my hair and scalp at night when I need a little moisture and it’s been working really well. I like that it is basically odorless and doesn’t overpower the other delicious smelling products I use. And the apricot oil helps it absorb really quickly. It works for me. My hair always feels soft afterwards.

  71. CBCLady

    JBCO hands down! I haved used clear cold pressed castor oil and did not see anything different with my hair (thickness, growth, ect.). When I began using JBCO…. BOOM!! I have growth, thickness and moisture retention after sealing. Oh! And not all JBCO brands are the same. I have tried 3 different JBCO brands and I found Tropical Isle Living as mentioned has given me great results. Quick results to top it off. JBCO is my MUST HAVE oil. :o)

  72. Gwendolyn

    Every time I go to get my brows done they (- -) mess me up. I found that using the Black Castor Oil I get the growth back quickly.
    4-6wks smh

  73. Liliane

    I have only used the clear (well it’s a yellowish color actually), and so far it has worked well for me. I mix with coconut, jojoba, avocado oils and a drop of essential oil (peppermint, rosemary or ylang ylang). I use the clear castor oil on my edges before bed and it works wonders

  74. Lana

    Personally I’ve used both. Mostly due to a scalp condition that occasionally thins out a dined sized area at my crown. Both have filled in the hair. For me, it didn’t seem to make a difference. When I use the clear castor oil, I always purchase organic and cold pressed. It’s penetrable making it ideal for a ton of applications. My lifestyle:Organic, Fresh, Fair trade and cold pressed, pure ingredients that offer maximum benefits

  75. Karen Baker

    Wow, I really like some of these comments, useful tips and advice! This site is a wealth of knowledge! I have used both the JBCO and the clear castor oil, ( The NOW product as pictured), purchased from my local organic health store. I ordered my JBCO from Sunny Isles website. They seem to carry many hair products and I like them. The main reason I went to my local organic health store is because I purchase Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil, Glycerin, Aloe Vera Gel and other health/hair products and I had run out of JBCO.
    Upon using the NOW clear castor oil, I use it every other day for my edges and I have noticed after several weeks, that my edges are coming back! When I used the JBCO on my entire scalp, I noticed that my hair was getting thicker (and the smell doesn’t bother me at all). So I would alternate and use the JBCO as a deep conditioner and use the clear as a moisturizing and sealing treatment for my ends.
    I am seeing progress and all I can say is, use whatever is best for your hair and scalp. I read where some of you have purchased your castor oil at Sally’s. Our local Sally’s Beauty Supply does not carry it so that’s when I checked at the local Organic shops. I may have to go online at Sally’s website and see, buy why…I can buy it locally for a lot less. I thank you all for your advice and tips and thoughts. I will continue my hair journey (been natural for 14 months now and loving it!), my goal is to obtain a healthy scalp to grow (at least) shoulder length hair. I’m past chin length now…wish me luck!

  76. Danielle Goodwin

    I used both and prefer the regular castor oil. I didn’t see anything different with my hair after using the JBCO.

  77. Connie Hale

    I have used both. However, I prefer JBCO; it worked wonders on my hairline and thicken my hair strands!

  78. Mabel D Brandy

    I use both. It’s summer so I use JBCO now, the regular is too heavy for now, I’ll use it more in the winter.

  79. Donna Chesser

    Original the one God made. A stupid title doesn’t convince me. Why pay more money for a stupid lable!

  80. Crystal Birdsong Williams

    I was wondering this too. I started using jbco a month ago and just realized that my hair has grown significantly! But I wanted to try regular castor oil just to see if there is a difference…

  81. Goldie Munnings

    News Flash ladies putting grease oil and any products to make your hair grow are lies ok hair nails and skin grows from the in side out not out side in ok

  82. cindy raoul

    Does everyone realize that JBCO not just a Jamaican thing and that most caribbean island have black castor oil..and that saying JBCO is just a branded name. It just kinda irks me constantly seeing people refer to black castor oil like it only comes from Jamaica.

    1. Cbclady

      You sure can! I learned about JBCO from a relaxed lady with mid-back length hair. Sunshyne at Hairlious.com swears by it and I can understand why. It’s my must have oil.

  83. Andrea

    I like both. I think the jbco is slightly better for moisture retention and sparking regrowth and the clear better for shine. Clear is cheaper if you are on a budget. Both are sold at my health food store and jbco also at Sally’s.

  84. Juliet Sowell

    Do you all also enjoy the smell? Is there another option without the heavy fragrance of it??

  85. Stacey NM

    I notice that the clear castor oil is frequently sold in the hair section of South Asian stores. Its texture and effect on my hair seem to be similar to that of JBCO without the smell or the colour.

  86. Diandra Noelle Gwyn

    I recently purchased a bottle of Jamaican black castor oil for the first time. Hopefully it’s what everyone makes it out to be lol

  87. Angela Lawrence

    Jamaican Black castor for me oil helps hair maintain more moisture and gives hair a nice shine also works well as a hot oil treatment.

  88. Justina Stacks

    Ok I’m gonna read it. I wonder if the white one is lighter cause the black one is sooo thick and stank

  89. Claudine Jones

    The black is black only bc the ash from the seed being roasted falls in and that’s also where the smell comes from. Lol

  90. Tiela Lewis

    I found that the black seed cumin oil works better for me. For hair and as a vitamin supplement.

  91. Kaydeen Gordon

    I’ve used the black castor oil periodically throughout my life as my grandmother used to make it the old fashioned way in a wooden martar. Still use it when I need to thicken my hair although I have really thick hair.#iamajamaican

  92. Syreeta Samuels

    I prefer black castor oil, it grow my edges and my hair back thicker than it ever was also my skin have a natural glow

  93. Mona Asil

    Let me get m’y original luil maskreti from Haïti it gets no better tan dat

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