What Are Lace Wigs, Lace Front Wigs And Full Lace Wigs?

A lace wig is a hairpiece in which hair is tied by hand to a lace base. It is valued because of it’s ability to accurately depict real growing hair and depending on the type used, it’s ability to show the appearance of a scalp. It is valued for flesh colored variety of laces are almost imperceptible from real hair and scalp and as such it is used extensively in the entertainment industry and by the wider public.

Lace front wigs are wigs which are put together like standard wigs at the back with the front few inches of the wig being made from lace to simulate the scalp where the client would part their hair. Full lace wigs are those in which the entire wig is made from lace and as such allows for parting in any area of the wig and can be pulled into high ponytails and up-dos. 360 frontals, lace closures and lace frontals are all part of the same theme in which only certain areas of the wig are constructed with the lace base. Usually this is to drive the cost of the wig down.


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