Are You in a Styling Rut? 3 Ways You Can Fish Your Way out

high pony tailStyling ruts are not fun, but they happen to the best of us. As a matter of fact they can sneak up on you and you wont realize you are in one until someone calls you out.

“Girl let me play in your hair a bit, you always wear the same old tired bun”

You know when someone shows genuine interest in your hair and offers to comb it for you, things are really bad. If you know you are in a style rut and need some ways to get out of it, I have 3 tips for you.

1. Get a really good trim

Sometimes we tend to wear the same style because we do not like the way our hair is falling, or looking and this might be because our hair is not in the best shape.

I do not know what it is about a good even, fresh trim but it gives your strands new energy and that energy spreads to your attitude about your hair and styling it. A good trim can make all the difference.

2. Go to a fancy pants salon

There is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself every once in a while, pick a salon and go get your hair done. Your stylist can style your hair for you, and even give you a few new options to try when you are at home. Not to mention a little pampering will go a long way even after you leave the salon.

3. Use social media sites like Pinterest

Pinterest is filled with pictures of women literally enjoying their hair in normal settings that can be very inspiring if you need some “hairspiration’.

Looking at pictures will breath life into you and just might be the thing to snap you out of the boredom you might be feeling.

One thing that I have noticed is that Pinterest has integrated Youtube onto its platform, so if you see a style you like, and the owner happens to have a video attached, you can also get the tutorial as well.

Check out Tumblr and Instgram as well; just be careful: we do not want you just looking at these sites all day and not playing in your own hair. Hope these tips help; now hop to it, and get out of that style rut!