Relaxer Sales Decline Once Again But Wigs And Weave Sales Remain Strong

hair weave extensionsWigs And Weave Sales Are Still Going Strong

On the flip side of things, while we talk about the decline in sales of relaxers let’s talk about the increase in sales for the weave and wig industry. Stats please?

Jamaica’s importation of wigs and weaves is set to hit $1 billion this year based on growth over the last four years. The island officially imported US$7 million ($735) million worth of the product in 2012, up from $3.3 million in 2008, according to trade statistics.

Small numbers for a small island? But a significant idea of exactly what the trends are looking like. In the United States alone, without pulling any further statistical information, China is literally smiling from ear to ear when they look at their ever increasing levels of exportation of synthetic and human hair, which is doing wonders at helping their economy.

Weaves are big business as we all know but the point is there is no one to one comparison, a decline in relaxer sales could very well mean an increase in weave and wig wearing rather than an increase in natural hair loving.

It Is Great News Overall For Natural Hair Advocates

But seriously does the decline in sales of relaxers mean that the natural hair community is bigger? Honestly that is virtually impossible to determine numbers wise, but common sense tells us that the sales decline in relaxers is due to natural haired beauties increasing  in sheer numbers and that is a great thing. Our own survey of BHI readers shows that a good 70% of us are either fully natural or transitioning to natural hair.

As more women choose to embrace what they have naturally the more chances we have for our young girls to embrace what they have too. I think it also follows that we will be less likely to have deal with discrimination as we have seen recently with women being fired from their jobs for having natural hair or little kids being told that some natural styles are not appropriate for school.

If you are thinking about becoming part of the wave, now is your time, grab your surf board and stand up no more paddling. If you create natural products for a living, take the opportunity to create something we truly need, market it and really grow your business.

If you blog, share your story shamelessly, you could helps someone! And if you run a salon make sure you have stylists that are educated in natural hair health and styling and if you just like being a supporter then there are plenty of opportunities to do that too.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.

About Petra

Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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  1. Erika C Tyson

    I think it’s because even though more women are going natural some of us myself included still like to wear weave and/or wigs sometimes and lots of black celebs as well.

  2. Jai Ruggs

    I’m natural but I love braids. And a lot of women that transition wear wigs, weaves, and braids.

  3. Ebony Janell Thompson

    Can’t grow it, sew it! Lol its for protective hair styles, hell as long as they don’t use the creamy crack your natural to me, just did my sisters weave because she’s transitioning to natural but her hair is short and she loves long so she said she’s gone keep protecting it until she gets alil more length to her natural…

  4. Msredd Makinithappen

    Yep! Instead of putting all those harsh chemical on uur hair braid yours put sum weave in or wig then when u want ur natural style back take it off/out! SIMPLICITY!

  5. Ruth Guzman

    Ppl are using wigs n weaves as protective styles and an alternative to wearing a straight look without flat ironing. I flat iron my hair less often and just throw a wig on for different styles I want to wear. My hair gets to rest and I can unleash my beautiful, bouncy curls whenever I want. I don’t wear weaves but I will grab a cute short wig in a second instead of cutting my hair short.

  6. Jenny JackJack

    Relaxer sells may be down, but they will always sell it! I love my silky, long,healthy, relaxed hair and have no plans on ever going natural.

  7. Malissa Kelsey

    We’re becoming more educated. We hear all day long about eating right and taking care of out skin & body, but the hair is overlooked. We don’t hear about the importance of healthy hair until it starts falling out and not growing back.

  8. Vevai Marvelous Myers

    there’s so many bad weaves/wigs out there that I want to vomit. no, I don’t wear a natural but I am wearing my real hair . our features just don’t go with some of these weaves/wigs we are wearing. I am tired seeing us with those weaves to the butt that is tangled.

  9. Amera Dntcare Hatcher

    Less ppl relaxing their hair as the naturals build stronger but protective styling isn’t going anywhere for naturals and relaxed girls… iMo

  10. Michelle Thompson

    I think when people want a straight look, they don’t want to alter their natural hair texture or deal with the harsh chemicals that relaxers provide so they get weaves. Relaxers overtime cause too many problems

  11. Cheneye Cousins

    Lol from what I have observed majority of the youth and adults destroy their hair then to cover it up put a weave in. It is not about protective styling, which would be the obvious answer in a forum such as this. Treating natural hair properly is something that is learned and many women just don’t care to learn and why when they can go down the street, buy 18 inches of the finest and not worry about it.

  12. Nikki Daniel

    I’m wearing wigs right now on my journey to bsl then i may relax if I can’t find someone to do a correct blowout for me

  13. Michelle Thompson

    Especially once people realized they could achieve that silky smooth texture without relaxing their hair with the Dominican salon, black salon, or a really good flat iron

  14. Keya Brock

    I like to change it up plus weaves that I done right are great protective styles

  15. Cherissa Cassamajor

    Because the sistah are coming to there sences with what happen with the creamy crack…… But yet still some are still scared to so there natural or the are Transitioning …… But at least its a good sign…Stay strong my sistah

  16. Chrisetta Woods Guthrie

    I wear wigs to protect my natural hair. I still take care of it, but I try to handle it as less as possible right now until I am ready to flaunt it and get my mind right to deal with it every day. Natural hair is work and it has to be cared for and prepped every night or else my day won’t go as planned.

  17. Blenda Life's Good Patterson

    Great news for those of us who still use relaxers. My hair is thick and as long as I want it to be, and I still have my edges. I know how to use it without over-processing, irritating my scalp before and during application, using it too often, or leaving it on too long. Plenty of people only went natural because of their misuse of relaxers, too tight braids, rough methods of removing braids and glued in weaves, trendy thing right now, and so much more. Stop blaming products and your terrible removal techniques for your lack of knowledge about how to properly use or do things as it pertains to your hair. The hair you see, no matter what state it’s in is DEAD, so as long as you know how to properly take care of it, everything else is irrelevant. Do what you want to your hair, as long as it is your choice and not because hair Nazis told you that you are denying your “blackness” if you relax your hair…

    1. Megan Foreskin

      It wasn’t a Nazi that told me anything,it’s common sense, i think. black people were not born with straight hair…

    2. Lisa Natalie Johnson

      I think we should be able to wear our hair as blackwomen , processed, colored or not. To each his own. Lot’s of white, Indian and Asian people get their hair permed and/or straightened. Relaxers contribute to fibroids and I only found that out after major surgery, but seriously, soon there is going to be a strict list letting us know if we are black enough if we don’t wear our hair a certain way. I have never seen people cut each other down so much, geez!

  18. Tonette Laleta Shakur

    I wear wigs and weaves. But I don’t relax my hair. With all the different weave methods women don’t have to relax their hair any more. I keep my hair braided up. I love that I can wear my hair in different styles and colors and not add chemicals to my own hair.

  19. Davetta Wilson

    I love my wigs always have I can have whatever look I want when I want don’t do weaves that much I have to do sew in & I can buy 2 fabulous lace front wigs for what one decent sew in cost

  20. Shemeka Griffin Adams

    I think that’s an excellent start. The chemical process of relaxing the hair is damaging to our health. So good. We can’t forget that it is a huge step simply to do that. Most black women have never seen their true texture so making the decision to stop relaxing is a big leap of faith. I believe like with all things we have to meet people where they are & not batter them for not being where we think they should be.

  21. April LovingMyself Wimple

    Relaxers sales may be going down but I am still going to use them. I used to wear wigs and weaved but I love my own hair better. Natural is not for me. However I dont use relaxers a lot. My relaxed hair is healthy and strong

  22. Lozette Clemons

    Natural styles are a whole lot of work so putting in a sew in or a wig on just gives a break especially for people that work. I know that’s why my sister do it that’s in the marines. And her natural hair is down her back unlike its good for protective reasons.

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