Would You Let Your Little Boys Hair Grow Out? – 14 Cute Little Boys With Awesome Fros [Gallery]

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  • I have nothing against it I think it’s cute but my son doesn’t like long hair he is 8 and mixed with curly hair he grew it out once because he wanted a mowhawk haircut but I personally glad he don’t like long hair I wouldn’t want my son to have an extreme amount. A small fro is fine but not so long he looks like a girl. Again nothing against others.

  • I personally don’t like it but I think it’s cute on other peoples kids…:)

  • I love it im growing my boys curls out

  • LOVE IT!

  • Yup.my son is two almost three with never having a cut

  • Yep, and wouldn’t care!

  • Yes.

  • Tina

    Awe too cute!!!! I especially love the one with the father and son. Now that’s is too cool. “I wanna be like daddy”

  • Yes of course!!!

  • Yes but it’s too much work for me lol.

  • No

  • No. Regardless of the texture, I’m not a fan.

  • Yep im trying

  • No…….

  • Yes why not my son hair is out

  • Of course

  • Awww thanks!!! Yes girl, I am trying to get those little rascals in somewhere!!!

  • Mystarkid.com

  • I did, all 3 of them but it’s time to GO! Too much work.

  • Yup my son has a huge afro

  • I will braiding his hair up.

  • No. My son has curly hair and I do not let it grow long. I’m not a fan of braids for little boys nor do I want a son with a pony tail. Save the long locs for girls.

  • Of course

  • Absolutely not. Too many children are already confused enough these days. So many men are trying to be more beautiful than women. It starts as children. It’s not cute for a boy to look like a girl, having longer hair than girls.

    • Thank you so much for your post… I thought I was the only one with this mindset. Again… THANK YOU!!!

    • ladee neenah

      I disagree. The same hair grows from their heads that grows from ours. Why is it ok for us to want our hair to be long and healthy but not for a boy or a man to have the same thing. I don’t believe the confusion you were referring to has anything to do with the lenght of one’s hair.

  • Yes but my boys like it cut in curly bob…

  • It’s ONLY hair….has nothing to do with his character.

  • Sure why not. Just make sure they let you help them maintain it.

  • Yes!!

  • Certainly !!

  • Lol right!..bald bi***es!

  • Lol

  • No because I already have a daughter who’s hair I have to keep up.

  • I want to grow my sons hair but doing my daughters hair is already a hassle and that’s just dr tangling not even styling.

  • I have a little girl with a head full of hair also! I’m not gonna lie it’s a lot to do my hair plus both of my children’s hair but trust me you’ll get use to it!!! Now grow that baby’s hair!!!!

  • Yes but it’s hard maintaining it as my son hates when i do his hair

  • My son has long hair and he loves it.. We cut it once and we said never again but it is a lot to maintain!

  • Yes I did.

  • Did it. Had to cut it once the process to care for their hair became miserable for everyone involved. But man were their locs gorgeous. They still are, really, just shorter and easier maintain.

  • ladee neenah

    Yes, my son’s hair is growing out from his mohawk cut, he’s 15 and we alternate between close cut and long and curly. My man’s hair is halfway down his back and I love it. Neither of them look feminine and I have no problem making sure it maintained.

  • No. My husband and I agreed that my son’s hair would be cut once he reach 1 year. Set a standard in your household it stick to it. Plus I was tired of people thinking he was a girl.

  • Yup

  • Yes and i have. The story of samson in the boble inspired me.

  • Aliyah

    Yes I would let my son if I had a baby boy in the future grow his hair out. My man is growing his hair out. Length does not determine your sexuality or gender . I know bald girls and low hair cut girls who look feminine and beautiful .