20 Pictures Of Edges That Are Laid For The Gawds [Gallery]

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Lol.for the who.

Get a good edge control and wrap ur head at night

Yasss gawddd

I guess for most of them, laid edges means intense baby hair…

And by whose standards are those edges Laid? & what the hell does that mean anyways? Why do “we” want type 1 or 2a hair line????? That is NOT our natural hair texture!!!!!!! I am a PROUD 4c with kinky coily edges & YES I love it. Why???? Because it looks like the rest of my hair. That’s why!!!!!!.

Lol that’s what i just told my stylist…I’m like I’m not really into “laying” my edges. I’m like it like silly…the rest of my hair isn’t like that

Sleek edges sometimes mean heat, lottsa product and brushing for ages really not worth it. I too prefer my hair to look coily and coarse all over. I lay them down once and if a few hair strands pop back up im happy with it.

Im tryna figure out how everyone got baby hair edges tho ive tried everything

Not everyone has them. But try using a tooth brush and lightly brushing your edges downward. If you see little short hairs then you can work with that. Use some gel to slick those short hairs down and use the toothbrush to gently swoop them.

Girl I have so much it’s like wolverine. I can give you some


Not everyone has em. Apparently its important in society now haha use doctor miracle nape and temple moistuzier it grows em

For those who can, good for you! I don’t like lots of product on my edge line because I tend to break out! Having laid edges isn’t my focus but keeping them healthy! I don’t have baby hair and I’m not a 4c but in the 4 family! If my edges are smoothed down by some water, shea butter, curls passion fruit paste then I’m good! My edges we’ll never look silky and I’m cool with that!

Most of the time I prefer not to lay my edges down with edge control cuz I’m lazy an sometimes it doesn’t last all day so what’s the point

I have thick hair and it takes a lot of effort for me to create sleek edges. None of the photographs were inspiring to me.

I can’t with this article. I just simply. Can. Not.

This is why folks have NO edges because they trying to lay them to the gawds. I can’t. ✋✋✋✋✋✋

I like some nappy edges every now and then edges has gone out of control

I let mine run free

Exactly like that’s all people care about

Sorry but my edges must be laid at all times. Lol Yes gawd!

Is it that serious smh #toomuch #waterandJBCO

Its because not everyone has the sane type of hair and use just water and go

All edges are delicate and that extensive amount of heat will surely cause breakage and damage its just a matter of time.

None of these people have kinky 4c hair. How about you show some people with 4c hair trying to lay down their edges!! Not ones with biracial type hair. This article did nothing for me.

Their type of hair will lay with water! Wth I use edge control and my edges be controlled until I walk out the door!! Lol

Right. Even tying it down with a scarf my edges curl right back up.

Yes. Lol

You ain’t lying!

EVERY article will not apply to EVERY natural. We have different textures, and that’s OK. Aren’t different hair types one off the cool aspects? Don’t see more of your texture? Make suggestions to the editor, send in pics of your hair, etc.

I give up, nothing works after the gel has dried 1-2 hrs later, its back frizzy

I am not into brushing my edges or trying to control them. They were made to be wild. I let my run free. I don’t even brush my. I just pass my hands on them and walk out the door

I have fine hair, and when I put edge control on 1…. It curls….2… I break out!!!!
So I. Just leave my hair alone, it lays fine for me, but I would like to have that sleek look to, but I am happy with what I have

Haha! This post is cute. But, not every post is going to apply to you. If you want to see 4c hair with laid edges, it’s the internet, go find it. Don’t down naturals, or relaxed, or chemically coloured, or whomever because they don’t have your hair type or down the post because it’s not all about you.

I think its deeper than this.

Ya’ll say anything on this page .. Laid to the gawds?? Smh women are really using this language the feminine men use nowadays..

Lol some of these edges

I like my edges some what natural. I don’t need to be laid..

None of them have a course type hair and some looked processed. Not feeling it.

Its easier if the orb hair is processed in don’t see why its so important to look biracial like are people that out of touch?

I still don’t get the 1a, 4c hair types like who made that up sighs

Its been around for ages

My edges won’t lay

Fine hair = no layed edges to the gawds

Honestly, I get edges like this using the ecostyler gel…Some of you should give it a try if you struggle with frizzy edges and want to achieve this look. Its like the best gel in the world, no other gel works for my hair….

Does it flake?

Not at all girl. Got no alcohol or none of that in it. I use the green one, they have many different others.

Yes i use the green one and love it

Wtf everyone’s hair is different why is all these pictures one hair type

Why our edges got to be “laid”? Stop holding on to European standards of beauty. Embrace and love yourself. Smh.

Culture conditioning

Eco styler gel and a toothbrush! Yes sir! All I need

If i use water for my edges can i be featured?


There edges pretty but I love my edges more .My edges are gorgeous and unique to me . Plus I can lay my edges down as well with only water ,my fingers , and some edge control, and I’m 3c/4a. I don’t think edges need to be laid though to be beautiful . I love when my edges are frizzy , puffy , and messy as well . All types of afro hair is gorgeous !

Tonight is special so this will give me a new look. I really love fashion !

Every last one of these had a good grade of hair what about the ones with kinky hair?..

There is no such thing as good hair. But I do understand that those pictures did not include people with tighter curls. In order to keep your edges sleek you need to use a scarf to keep it down once you put product on it.