Shrinkage Never Ceases To Amaze Us – 11 Pictures Of Natural Hair Shrinkage That Will Blow Your Mind [Gallery]

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Tricey Monae

The beauty about our hair… So versatile. Can be curly, straight, wavy, kinky, braided, twists, coiled, afro style… Just love it.

Candy Dillard

I have major shrinkage too!

Nadège Lioness KoRe

How I wish mine will be long once I remove my weave

Maybell Lena Killion

I LOVE my natural hair, it’s amazing! Shrinkage doesn’t bother me. It’s so fun when I finally decide to have it straightened and it shows up at almost bra strap length! It’s exciting, gives me a little something to keep working for. The versatility of natural hair just leaves others in awe. What a blessing? Wish I had known years and years ago.

Ciani Nicole

Yes if only I knew I could walk out of the house with my own hair on my head years ago!

Jennifer Jen

Yes, I definitely have shrinkage!

Mirason M Gts


Christy Thornton

Shrinkage doesn’t bother me at all. I love my curls.

Tracy L Adams

So beautiful!!!

Antinea Nicole Ellis Johnson

Wow beautiful! But shouldn’t she have blow dried the hair straight first?

Ashley Elam Attenborough Rothenberg

No you don’t have to blow dry it straight first. Good way to experience heat damage. Never had mine straighten before I used a hot comb either.

Antinea Nicole Ellis Johnson

Oh okay I haven’t straightened mines yet. I just have a small fro.

Tuff Jamilla

It’s possible if you start taking care of it like I we talked about

Paul Bayley

Don’t mind the shrinkage, it’s fun to see the lenth twice a year when I flat iorn 🙂

Chandra Gray


Brenda Matthews

It’s like magic!

Tosha Holliday

Can I braid it? I really don’t want it down with sweating while working out and my surgery?!

Tuff Jamilla

Of course

MzBean K. Rickman


Shannon M Brown

This gives me hope!

Michell Sartorius

So true… the look on peoples face when it’s flat ironed

Yates Gale


Tina Loane Peterson

Wow. I never knew it was that pronounced a difference.

Fekisha Rene' VanWright

Your hair is beautiful woman. I love it just the way it is

Gabrielle Pittman

Can’t wait for my hair to grow lol. . I’m only 4 months post chop.

Chandra Houston

Shrinkage is why people think black girls are bald headed.

Damia Jackson


Shelby Kerr

That’s so my hair. It shrinks like 75%.

Latisha Monique Griffin

I can relate

Valorie Taylor

No more heat or chemicals for me!!! Never!!!

Katrina Chasingmydreams Oliver

The shrinkage be beyond real it’s unbelievable sometimes

Fekisha Rene' VanWright

Lol. S**t happens you know

Akeela Here

I had a dream I permed it last night for some reason. It was cute but I was trying to figure out how to tell you I did it.

Ashley Perez

That’s pretty awesome

Uchendu Amaka Stacy

I swear down…smtyms hrt breaking

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Cb Sampson

i love it cause you can have short and long hair at the same time

Latasha Edwards- Pascal

Me and my little girls hair is the same way….but we all have different textures. Mine is more loosely curled and the 3 of them all have various curl patterns. If I was to straighten there hair it would be ridiculously long. #love our curly tresses!


Uugh shrinkage at its best . Lmao I understand . I mostly protective style I wear cornrows but when I take my cornrows down its like neck length then I stretch it and it reaches my collarbone. I flat ironed it months before as well and it was collarbone length. #theshrinkageisreal