Shrinkage Never Ceases To Amaze Us – 11 Pictures Of Natural Hair Shrinkage That Will Blow Your Mind [Gallery]

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  • Ebony @Eclarke
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  1. Tricey Monae

    The beauty about our hair… So versatile. Can be curly, straight, wavy, kinky, braided, twists, coiled, afro style… Just love it.

  2. Maybell Lena Killion

    I LOVE my natural hair, it’s amazing! Shrinkage doesn’t bother me. It’s so fun when I finally decide to have it straightened and it shows up at almost bra strap length! It’s exciting, gives me a little something to keep working for. The versatility of natural hair just leaves others in awe. What a blessing? Wish I had known years and years ago.

  3. Paul Bayley

    Don’t mind the shrinkage, it’s fun to see the lenth twice a year when I flat iorn 🙂

  4. Akeela Here

    I had a dream I permed it last night for some reason. It was cute but I was trying to figure out how to tell you I did it.


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  7. Latasha Edwards- Pascal

    Me and my little girls hair is the same way….but we all have different textures. Mine is more loosely curled and the 3 of them all have various curl patterns. If I was to straighten there hair it would be ridiculously long. #love our curly tresses!

  8. Leah

    Uugh shrinkage at its best . Lmao I understand . I mostly protective style I wear cornrows but when I take my cornrows down its like neck length then I stretch it and it reaches my collarbone. I flat ironed it months before as well and it was collarbone length. #theshrinkageisreal

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