10 Men Who Wear Man Buns And Are Loving Them [Gallery]

  • man bun
  • man bun AA
  • Joshua Kiss – Copy – Copy
  • man bun 2 – Copy – Copy
  • man bun 4
  • man bun 5
  • man bun 8
  • man bun 090
  • man bun7
  • terrence-eady-hypehair man bun
  • wale-hypehair


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Char Le

this lil dude is too damn fruity for me

Muriel Royal

Sorry but this look only looks good on men with locs. My opinion.

Sarah Nicole

Mine too!

Terri Andrews

I think it look good on only sum men not on him

Aisha Wallis

I’m here for the man bun… Just not his. Something is off with his line up. ?

Jermani Baker

No. No man buns plz. Lol

Tanisha Banks

Is that his real hair???

Tajuana McCants


Shay Monet McCloud

Like the man bun better on locs

Larretta Brownskinbeauty

Not a fan of female hairstyles these dudes is wearing.??

Kristi Collins

No man buns only on #travisfimmel #charliehunnan..or skinny jeans!!

Lashonda Taylor

Something is off with his, but I like all the other men and their buns!

Tk Tatum Richey

I’m thinking he’s gay ever since the Bet awards and that outfit

Jamila Kelly

News flash! Man buns have been a thing for a loooooong while now and he must certainly did not start a trend XD

Jennifer Michel Sims

I don’t recall the article saying he did.

Jamila Kelly

“Austin debuted his man bun yesterday…and it’s trending. ”
It’s “implied” in the title of the article . My bad. I’ll be more specific next time

Dee Dee Martin

Um no looks a hot mess to me I think bubs are for females not dudes.

Dee Dee Martin

Yes agree.

Stacie Flin

This looks like a woman

Khaliah Sherman

I love me some august, but he should have said no to that bun

Amalfi Elizabeth Elibo

Not a fan of female things on males. I thank God I have a husband. I could not date any dude looking all feminine.

Marrissa L McPherson

This is gay not that it matters but I thought he was straight.

Moné Walker

Men have been doing this for years… no need to put a gender on it. If you have hair, you can wear a bun…

Jennifer Michel Sims

What’s off with his is that it’s too perfect. Man buds are typically loose and messy. His hair looks straightened, no flyaways. Just looks like he spent more time on it than a man should.

Rochelle T. Dalley



Nah he is too gay . I also think man buns look better on black men with locs and or kinky/curly Afros .

London City

Awesome post

Iesha Richardson

He fine ????