18 Beautiful Photographs Of Ethiopian Tribes Who Style Their Hair With Butter, Cow Fat And Even Spit [Gallery]

  • Afar Man
  • asdago hairstyle with hair pins
  • asdago hairstyle
  • butter and cow fat – peep the glasses
  • curled using a stick and butter
  • dayta
  • dayta1
  • Etheopian Tribe
  • sultan of The Afar Kingdom
  • Sultans of Afar people
  • gunfura hairstyle
  • gunfura hairstyles
  • Karrayyu tribe cover their beautifully  cut afro hairstyles, known as gunfura, with butter
  • hamer woman 2
  • A stone and knife to cut the hair
  • hamer woman
  • Hamer Women use butter and red soil
  • karrayyu tribe woman spit is a blessing


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Dianne Ellis

Beautiful ….

Dana J Williams

No need for sheen huh

Atifa Wynn

Their curls are POPPING!

Karlii Mae

U took the words slam out my mouth…I need their butter…..never seen a ringlet so crisp

Anna Ogonji Smith


Claudine Lausell


Lori Love Forrester


Natalie Pendleton

That description kinda makes me want to vomit

Kadishea Bell

Me too! Can’t stomach the pictures…

Erica Williams

They got the moisture and sealing down! Curls are poppin!

Yesenia Carrillo

Beautiful minus the saliva.

My Info

I am interested in a wavy natural hair style.

Cheryl Williams


Adiryah Yisrael Barak

Is that Ash on their head

Shalanda Lala

Spit? I’ll pass on the pics

Raven Shardai' Revels

You can’t see the spit. Go look. It’s nice to look at.

Cherique KaVonne Swanagan Smith


LaTieya Palmer

I don’t know about the spitting thing!!

Tasha Rowell

And their skin..flawless.

Felicia Thomas

Love learning about African tribes. This is awesome.

Julia Coleman


Kathleen Robinson-Hamm

Beautiful and very creative!

Denille Adana

Very different. Wonder what their pillows look like! Cultures are so interesting. #SkinFlawless

Demetria Cohen-Law

Very interesting how other cultures style hair and adorn themselves.

TN Houston

Striking features and beautiful skin.

Monica Thornton-Anderson

I just threw up…

Ashlyn Gazaway Harper

Why does their hair look so good though?

Jocelind Belmar

Cut with a KNIFE. It. Was. Perfect. Our barbers need to get ther fades down lol

Cb Sampson


Edrine Elidor Barkley

Wow I was just talking to my Ethiopian co-worker about that exact thing on Sunday. She still use butter to deep condition her hair.

Pamela Smith

Really? I wonder what kind it is. I must work really good.

Edrine Elidor Barkley

In salted butter is what she told me. You can leave it overnight on your hair and shampoo and conditioner in the morning.

Chivonne Williams

I need to that. His hair is everything!

Kia Kay Mongroo


Danielle Whatsgood Rice

They don’t put relaxers and harsh colors in their hair that’s why their hair healthy and beautiful

Jenny JackJack

Relaxed hair can be healthy too! I’ve been relaxed 22 years with long healthy hair !

Danielle Whatsgood Rice

Natural is better and that’s my opinion

Genesis White

Creamy crack chemical cancer causing crap! Not to mention who’s getting rich off of us destroying our hair. You’re beautiful the way God made you!

Sandra Brooks

Um, no

Pamela Smith

That red soil is cool. Must be like us using Bentonite clay.

Misti Lee

Wow I thought this was Kevin Hart acting up at first glance! Look at the curls though.

Lolita Brinson

Beautiful beautiful beautiful people

Vedejah Scroggins

Lol I like them just not the spit I can handle all the rest just not that

Crystal Fair

Curls look better than mines lol

Nataucha Gray

I need to try done butter on mine

Mia Lunn Holder

Looks like Ramen noodles to me.

Delphine Frederick

Too much butter or fat. Can only imagine how oily it would be and melts from the sun’s heat.

Caitlin Christion

My favorite was the red soil

Mrs'Leonard Nimoy

No it isn’t.

Marquita Lewis

Oh yes it is. Shrinkage is real. Dont be fooled….they have long hair.