18 Beautiful Photographs Of Ethiopian Tribes Who Style Their Hair With Butter, Cow Fat And Even Spit [Gallery]

  • Afar Man
  • asdago hairstyle with hair pins
  • asdago hairstyle
  • butter and cow fat – peep the glasses
  • curled using a stick and butter
  • dayta
  • dayta1
  • Etheopian Tribe
  • sultan of The Afar Kingdom
  • Sultans of Afar people
  • gunfura hairstyle
  • gunfura hairstyles
  • Karrayyu tribe cover their beautifully  cut afro hairstyles, known as gunfura, with butter
  • hamer woman 2
  • A stone and knife to cut the hair
  • hamer woman
  • Hamer Women use butter and red soil
  • karrayyu tribe woman spit is a blessing



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    1. Karlii Mae

      U took the words slam out my mouth…I need their butter…..never seen a ringlet so crisp

  1. Denille Adana

    Very different. Wonder what their pillows look like! Cultures are so interesting. #SkinFlawless

  2. Edrine Elidor Barkley

    Wow I was just talking to my Ethiopian co-worker about that exact thing on Sunday. She still use butter to deep condition her hair.

    1. Genesis White

      Creamy crack chemical cancer causing crap! Not to mention who’s getting rich off of us destroying our hair. You’re beautiful the way God made you!

  3. Misti Lee

    Wow I thought this was Kevin Hart acting up at first glance! Look at the curls though.

  4. Debra Smith

    For those of you with such weak stomachs, you use what you have. I’m sure they couldn’t run to the corner drug store

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