16 Illustrations That Demonstrate What People Hear When You Ask To Touch Their Natural Hair [Gallery]



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    1. Felicia Smith

      Who are you telling…..I will slap your hand so hard and I will tell you I am not your dog.

    2. Pamela Smith

      Pet me. I double dawg dare ya. That can of whoop ass will come flying out my back pocket!! I don’t even get why they would want to touch our hair. Haven’t they heard ????

  1. Nadia Boyce

    Just the quote ” it looks unprofessional ” I don’t like and I don’t get it. This grows from our head its all natural.

  2. Jestina Campbell

    These illustrations made me uncomfortable…. I get more black people wanting to touch my hair then white…. this was rude

  3. Roshunda Dawson

    They left one out… “It’s so soft.”
    Wth did you think… that it could possibly slice your fingers open? *Smh and rolling eyes*

  4. Carmen Martinez

    My response would be….Do you always dye your hair blonde,I know you white people here in america are not all natural blondes…

  5. Yoli

    Ummm…no. I do not think negatively of my hair so when someone says something, I do not assume or try to interpret the “actual” meaning. If someone asks how often I wash my hair I tell them “usually once a week”. I have later found out (because I asked them why they were asking and didn’t interpret) that most people who ask are European Americans or people with naturally straight hair…people who usually wash every day or other day. The people that asked were fascinated or intrigued and kinda envious that I can wait a week to wash and it still looks good. That is just one example but I think these illustrations are reaching. The majority of my interactions about my hair have been inquisitive and curious but respectful so I refuse to attach those negative connotations to my hair.

  6. Alicia Mighty

    My response: Don’t touch my hair (and it’s professional too)! Question: Is there a reason why the White woman is dressed in a flattering top and a pencil skirt while the Black woman is dressed in a t-shirt and an ill-flattering skirt?

  7. Shelly Forde

    But I have the same problem with people who have natural or chemically treated hair (where I live anyway). The illustrations make it seem only non-blacks do that. Trust me everyone does it!

  8. Valerie Johnson

    I have had my own people check me for weave tracks and some black teenage girls snicker saying look at that wig…sometimes ‘some folks’ act overexcited when you wear a different style…it’s the over excitement that makes you feel weird and different.

  9. Kenya Groves Wright

    Very childish behavior. Just be aware it’s not ( sanitary) to keep touching someone else’s hair even if it’s for a comical scene or just want to touch it period. It’s different for a beautician or hair stylist.

  10. Chelsea Sade' Taylor-Harper

    I like when people touch my hair. And it doesn’t bother me when they ask questions. My hair is different from theirs, I think it’s only natural to be curious.

  11. ladee neenah

    Get out of your feelings. If someone doesn’t know or hasn’t experienced something how else are they going to know if they don’t ask questions. Yes some people do it to be smart but some are genuinely curious. You don’t have to let someone touch you but it never hurts to educate. Jeez! We are so sensitive.

  12. Goldie Isme

    I don’t agree with any of these. I think they are biased and slanderous. Please stop feeding us negativity. It’s just another form of oppression to keep us down and to hate others.
    That being said, I normally don’t let people touch my hair when it is straightened because it is on the fine side and the oils from fingers will weigh it down. I don’t even touch it myself. I use a comb to manipulate it. However, they do and I don’t mind. When it is curly and lively, by all means get in there and feel the goodness. Most of the time, my friends, ask me and then touch it. I only hate it if it’s still wet and they touch it, but oh well. It’s just hair. Also, the people who are always running their hands up in my scalp are not white people nor strangers, which opens up the opportunity to have a conversation and talk about hair which is so fun!!! No offense, no sarcasm, just open hair talk. I like it! Also, I must admit, I’m always touching people’s hair myself. To me it’s the same when someone who is a seamstress asks to feel the material of the dress i’m wearing. It’s to help them learn. I touch people’s hair all the time, and for people threatening that I’ll draw back a nub, I still have both my hands so stop pretending that you’re a violent person. It’s unbecoming. I LOVE my hair and everyone around me, at work and elsewhere love it too. Since everything is black vs white(so sad) I should mention the white people at my job constantly compliment me on my hair. It’s the black folks(none in my circle, just being general and including myself) who judge other black people’s hair and say it’s unprofessional, etc. One other problem is that black people(that I know and from my experience and conversations) thought going natural meant they didn’t have to do their hair and then suddenly realized it took more work to go without a relaxer and care for your hair than with one. Being natural doesn’t mean not doing your hair. Please comb it and get it together. Your hair is beautiful, but if you wake up and just walk out the door, I’m going to give you the same look I will give a white person who doesn’t style their hair either. Everyone of every race, needs to comb, style and care for their hair.

  13. Suzanne Maxwell

    When I was little a girl said to me can I touch your hair, then described it like wool and laughed lol

  14. Tenille Albert

    Nobody but my hairdresser and my husband touch my hair. I’m very serious about people putting their dirty hands in my hair.

  15. Jennifer Pinckney

    How about don’t invade my personal space. Natural, extentions, hat, scarf, etc…respect this invisible 2ft □ surrounding me.

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