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Tzipporah Baxter

Introduce yourself and which salon if any do you work for?

I am well renowned in my city for encouraging healthy hair and protective styling. I have always been straightforward to any client understanding the danger zones of hair breakage and hair loss.

I grew up in Charleston South Carolina where I was born and raised always in my hair or in someone else’s hair trying to beautify yet gain a more and depth knowledge of why hair does the things that it does. I have always known that I was going to be a hair stylist or in the beauty industry someway or somehow.

I graduated from cosmetology school two years after high school. I knew in my mind that I wanted to change the game and hairstyling especially for those who do not like to deal with their hair because it is a passion truly. I am currently working on my masters an instructor’s license so I will be able to show and teach others how to maintain healthy hair.

How long have you worked as a licensed cosmetologist (or equivalent in your country) and where

Tzipporah Baxter

Stylist: Tzipporah Baxter

did you study?

10+ years

What is your specialty, relaxed, natural hair, locs or anything special?

I specialize in protective styling for natural relaxed and transitioning hair types.

What in your opinion is the most rewarding thing about working as a hair stylist?

Being a hairstylist was always my ultimate career choice. the most rewarding perks in this industry is meetings all

type of people of different culture hair texture and personalities.

I can’t to see firsthand how it feels to help grow a client hair and also to help maintain one of the most important asset our life which is hands down hair.

When you meet that customer that has not had a great experience with a previous stylist, how do you make them comfortable while in your chair?

First of all I make sure that whatever it is that went wrong had a valid or not valid explanation with that being said I make sure that whatever it is that they have experienced with a past stylist they wont have to go through again. I do everything in my power to make their experience at tzipporah braids the best possible.

If you could change one thing about the cosmetology industry what would that be?
I would definitely encourage more in depth classes and training in maintaining a healthy head of hair to avoid harsh breaking, damage, and potentially dangerous hair loss

Where do you see yourself a few years from now, what are your goals as a stylist?

I see myself as a traveling stylist helping the less fortunate people in this world gain more knowledge and reference to their hair so that they can know and understand that most damage to our hair is preventable if not genetic. I see myself making it clear to the world that any look can be achieved no matter what you have been through on reference to our appearance. I don’t need a chain of salons to do that.

How do you stay motivated and on top of your game?

The smile on my clients face and the joy they possess through out a 4 -12 week period of protective styling giving the hair a break from chemicals and heat is the ultimate motivation for me. Because in know they will be back and begin to enjoy what their hair is doing and how well it has become trained.

Here is a chance to sell you ‘the stylist’ and your business, tell us why we should utilize your services?
I use the “root twisting” method for the majority of styling from rope twist, faux locs, and Senegalese…it’s ultimately easy going on the hair, as to where three strand has the potential to break at the installation point. I am fast most styles take from 2-6 hours. I travel.for a minimum of 6 clients, always punctual and considering the comfort and safety of the client.

In which city/state do you mainly work?

How can we contact you for an appointment?

[email protected]


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