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Hi I'm Petra Lomax , a staff writer and editor for BlackHairInformation.com . I am Jamaican born and raised and moved to the United States in my early 20's. I have a BA in Political Science and International relations as well as an MBA and a Masters In Project Management. I love travel, culture and anything that has to do with creative media and business.


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    • zionita says

      They didn’t credit the style to Björk. They literally said, “reminiscent of Björk in the ’90s.”

  1. Dana London says

    Actually if u read the article they were discussing hair. In regards to fashion!!!!!!he bride-to-be gave a modern spin to the natural hair style with her intricately braided hairdo, reminiscent of Björk in the ’90s. Bantu knots could quite possibly be on trend as Valentino’s Pre-Fall presentation in January featured models topped with an array of knotty buns. Ppl need to stop being offended by everything!

  2. Dana London says

    The article was about fashion not history!he bride-to-be gave a modern spin to the natural hair style with her intricately braided hairdo, reminiscent of Björk in the ’90s. Bantu knots could quite possibly be on trend as Valentino’s Pre-Fall presentation in January featured models topped with an array of knotty buns.

    • Arry Marie says

      The issue is the fact that all of these styles are advertised as something new, and/or portrayed as something worth talking about only when a white celebrity does it.

    • Arry Marie says

      Not really. It’s only a problem if it’s cultural appropriation.
      Though I do see where turning things into a racial issue can be annoying, there are oftentimes legitimate reasons as to why it is seen as a racial issue.

    • Dana London says

      This is tho. So any other race or religions etc we should shun and talk shit about turn it into an ism, using their fashion etc. and always give a history lesson with! I think not… Anyone who is not Egyptian and don’t say I’m a defendant unless u are from Egypt wears a hair style clothes…. U think the Egyptians get shitty and make something out of nothing! I think not….. Every time you wear anything ethnic lets always put a history lesson with. Kim k wears a kimono do u see Japanese freaking when they she’s brought it back. Stop turning everything into nothing. Ignorance

    • Aisha WCarp says

      I guess if you are someone with no true identity, root or culture you will not understand what it means to preserve somethings that’s been passed down for generations.

  3. Tamara McClure says

    It is extremely offensive when we can’t get credit for our hairstyles, styles we have been wearing since then beginning of time, but we should be okay with Bjork, or whoever the hell she is getting credit for wearing the style in the 90’s. I also must say, “the style doesn’t look right on her because her hair does not have the kink or the curl to hold the style. Our whole gripe is CREDIT IS NEVER GIVEN TO US! There is no way Blac Chyna’s Bantu Knots should’ve been compared to what Bjork has upside her head. It would be a comparison if her Bantu Knots were compared to those of real Bantu Knots worn by African women whom invented them. “Knotty buns?”Oh please, Louise! Just that right there is offensive!!!

  4. Chanel Love says

    Why couldn’t it have been reminiscent of Jada Pinkett in the Matrix? Rihanna or any other beautiful natural Sista that hopes her Bantu Knots are dry in the morning?

  5. Dana London says

    Anytime u wear anything u must check the back round. I’m sorry ppl don’t do that…. Every time u put cat eye make up on with big lashes; was stolen from Egyptians. I think if wear that u should stop or give a history lesson with it….. Sound dumb. It is. Point proven.

  6. Tamara McClure says

    You’re not going to win this and we won’t see your point! No one is saying, “you have to check the background every time you wear something.” We are saying, “that style is not reminiscent of anything dealing with Bjork!” Why? Because Bjork, was not the first person to wear that style! Blac Chyna’s Bantu Knots should’ve been compared to an African American woman’s Bantu Knots! You sound dumb as hell, because you’re the only person on this thread that doesn’t get our point and you will never get it! Point Proven!

  7. Dana London says

    Tamara McClure unfortunently u have no point. Obiousky u are one who turns everything that’s nothing into something. Like I said u don’t see …. Every time u put cat eye make up on with big lashes; was stolen from Egyptians. I think if wear that u should stop or give a history lesson with it….. Sound dumb. It is. Point proven.

  8. Dana London says

    Tamara McClure as bjork was the first “famous person” to wear it out! Do ur reasearch (fashion wise) I find it sad when ppl such as urself turn nothing into something it’s not! If everybody did that, it would be 1800 again!

  9. Alta Smith says

    Dana, Egyptians are African. We are African. Credit given. Your point is not valid and you’re just like most of you. You won’t allow yourself to be educated. That would make your kind of ignorance the worst kind.

  10. Chellbaby Easley says

    Sorry Dana London but she is not the first famous woman to wear them, this was very popular in the 70’s and everyone from Chaka Kahn to Patti LaBelle wore them so please don’t keep thinking you made a point

  11. Stacey Lawrence says

    Bantu knots may have started in Africa and perhaps they should not have given her credit for starting them however she wore them back before black women got all Afrocentric and decided they wanted to rock natural hair or bantu knots. Back when she wore em everybody including black folk who had no clue they were even called bantu knots thought she looked like a fool so let’s be real.

    • Aisha WCarp says

      I feel highly offended seeing that every Sunday after washing my hair this was a ritual. Maybe where you are from Bantu knots are not very popular but in Jamaica that is not the case…. Oh, I almost forgot…. They don’t teach much African history here in the public schools, my bad

  12. Areille Allen says

    Lol Gwen Stefani wore Saris and Kimonos in the 90s but that doesn’t mean they should credit her when an Indian or Japanese person is photographed with one on. ?The look was inspired by a culture not some random singer that she’s probably never even heard of.

  13. Tamara McClure says

    Dana London nope! She was not the first famous person to wear that style out. There were plenty African American women to wear that style out, especially in the 70’s. No, you are the one who won’t allow yourself to be educated! I know our history, you don’t know a freaking thing about our history, our hair, or the hair of our ancestors. Just for the record Egyptians are people of color!

  14. Gene Cooke says

    These magazines do all this for “shock value” and it seem to work. It got us talking… It’s not up to them to teach our daughters and sons but us so they will know the truth.

  15. Areille Allen says

    Lol by “first” she really means first white person to do it because we all know its not discovered until they claimed it. You know who else wore the knots? Queen Latifah, Freddy in a Different World, hell it would have been more appropriate to claim it as Mel B’s Scary Spice style.

  16. Dana London says

    So every time blac China wears a blond straight wig or extension she should credit Swedish or “white” culture????? That’s where it came from as that’s not natural. You can’t say one thing n do another. Egyptians may b of color however everyone of color isn’t Egyptian. Every u say is n oxymoron as its wrong for others but ok for some.

  17. Dana London says

    U all are beyond ignorant I can see an issue however u only see 1 way. I see none of u with valid points when it comes to wearing which I’m sure u do as mentioned other cultures things. But that’s ok and this is not. Think about it.

  18. Dana London says

    Every one u go to swim and wear a sarong do tell ppl about the South Pacific culture! That’s wear it came from! Point is everything came from somewhere stop being so uniformed!

  19. Dana London says

    Alta Smith How? Lady! U have no rebuttes with any comparisons! You have no validity. How am I wrong with ever other culture who is not offended! Ie: other post. Why is it different! Give up no. You are totally irrational with no valid points or any thing other than just cause. Sorry lady in “court” u wouldn’t have a leg to stand on! Still waiting on ur valid points and real reference! Sorry not cause!

  20. Tamara McClure says

    Alta Smith Queen! She thinks that if we straighten our hair, it’s no longer natural. I was done with her then. She doesn’t understand that natural means “absence of chemicals.” Then, she’s trying to insult us by calling us “ignorant and uneducated.” Chile please! How in the hell are we ignorant and uneducated when it comes to our hair and our history? You know one is “butt hurt” when they try to throw around insults. She’s saying, “we don’t see the whole issue.” No, she doesn’t see the whole issue! Let’s go ahead and close the door on her, because we are the descendants of kings and queens. Royalty doesn’t answer to the likes of peasants.

  21. Dana London says

    Tamara McClure I guess u didn’t read the whole thing! And yes if u straighten ur hair why are u not giving credi. As its not natural or part of ur culture? As u said the knits need to b reference so where did ur streigh to hair come from? What culture. Not urs! What’s sad it u think it should work ur way only u can do it but no else. Sounds like u need enlightenment. As well as the queen n peasant thing just shows how ignorant u are. Lmao are u descendants!? Did u do genealogy? I don’t think so. Again where’s ur points. If u can’t have a intelligent responds it just shows how Un informed u are. U can think what u want however reality is u don’t know

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